25 Best Job Board WordPress Themes & Templates 2021

Best Job Board WordPress Themes

Are you searching for the best job board WordPress themes for your website? Looks like you’ve ended up in the right place because we’ve prepared a list of awesome WordPress job portal themes for you.

WordPress offers numerous job portal themes for you to use in your business. Every theme comes with its own set of features. You might prefer one theme over the other because of certain features, even though they all deliver great job board websites.

It can be quite confusing to decide on a theme when you have so many options to choose from. That’s why we’re here. In this article, we’ve picked out the best job board WordPress themes this year.

We’re sure you’ll be able to decide which one is the right one for you by the end of this read. So, keep reading!

How to Choose the Best WordPress Job Portal Theme?

There are some important features you should look to when searching for the best WordPress job portal themes. Here are 4 features we believe will help you do that.

  • Front-end Submission: Look for themes with front-end application forms since they provide a better user experience for both recruiters and job seekers.
  • Job Alerts: Choose themes that use dashboard notifications and emails to alert job seekers of new jobs as well as let recruiters know about new applicants.
  • Search and Filter: The best job portal themes have advanced search and filter features. This enables people to search for jobs and applicants based on location, degrees, and more.
  • Customization Options: Pick themes that give you plenty of customization options so that you can make a theme look and function like the job listing website you’ve imagined.

Now, without further ado, let’s explore the best job board WordPress themes and templates you can use for your website.

25 Best Job Board WordPress Themes & Templates

1. Zakra

Zakra Job Portal Theme

The Zakra Job Portal theme looks clean and elegant in terms of design. In addition to the pre-existing functions, you can add more features with WordPress plugins like WP Job Manager.

This is a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly theme built with customization and page speed in mind, making it one of the best of its kind out right now. What’s more? You can even try the free version of Zakra before choosing a plan.

Key Features:

  • Easy Customization with Elementor
  • Job Details Page
  • Google Maps for Job Location
  • WooCommerce Plugin Integration
  • Related Jobs Section

Price: $69 for Personal Plan (With 1 year free support and updates)

2. Jobify

Jobify Job Board WordPress Themes

Jobify is currently the most popular job board WordPress theme in ThemeForest with more than 13,000 sales. It’s not surprising when you look at all the features Jobify offers. It has a stylish and user-friendly layout with a location-based search.

This theme is integrable with the WP Job Manager plugin. You can add any custom functions that your site needs with the plugin. Just like Zakra, Jobify is also optimized for page speed and search engines.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with WP Job Manager 
  • Search and Filter Options
  • Live Drag and Drop Editor
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Front-end Submissions for Recruiters

Price: $69 for Lifetime Purchase (With 6 months free support)

3. JobCareer

JobCareer Job Board WordPress Theme

JobCareer is one of the best job portal themes for WordPress by Chimp Studio. It shares similar features with Jobify like being SEO-friendly, fast page speed, easy customization, and responsive design.

This theme comes with several other special features like job and email alerts, google maps, and resume builder. But, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It provides so many more functions without having to integrate WP Job Manager.

Key Features:

  • Location-based Search
  • Supports Add-ons like Resume Manager
  • Front-end Submission
  • Free Job Submission
  • Social Media Login

Price: $69 for Lifetime Purchase (With 6 months free support)

4. Divi

Divi Job Board WordPress Themes

Divi is another multipurpose theme that provides a huge range of layouts to match your business. One of them is “Job Recruiter”, available as a premade layout. Its unique and beautiful design catches one’s eyes immediately.

On top of the basic features, Divi boasts of the drag and drop page builder that helps you visually edit the theme. Customization is also much easier with the click and edit feature. So, you’ll be able to get your job posting site up and running in no time.

Key Features:

  • Front-end Submission
  • Job Listings 
  • Optimized for Search Engines
  • Employers and Candidates Pages
  • Responsive Editing

Price: $89 for Yearly Access Plan (With 1 year free support and updates)

5. Astra

Astra Job Board WordPress Theme

Multipurpose themes like Astra work well because they’re highly customizable. This theme has a wide range of templates suitable for every kind of business. You can pick any template and customize it into a job listing website.

Astra is lightweight, fast, and responsive. Besides, it works with Elementor to make customization easier.  It also has built-in plugins, drag and drop builder, and live-editing.

Key Features:

  • WooCommerce Ready
  • SEO-friendly
  • Multiple Blog Layouts
  • Custom Layouts
  • Social Icon Widgets

Price: $59 for Astra Pro Plan (With premium support)

6. JobMonster

JobMonster Job Board WordPress Theme

If you want a fully functional job board theme with a clean and modern design, then JobMonster is the one for you. It has 9 home page demos, each focusing on different things like recruitment, career, hiring companies, resume, and job categories.

But, the one feature that stands out in this theme is the job search and filter function. You can search for jobs, companies, resumes, and candidates based on location and categories. It has managed to be one of the best WordPress job portal themes without needing plugins like WP Job Manager.

Key Features:

  • Front-end Management Dashboard
  • Apply via Facebook
  • Company, Job and Resume Listings
  • Company Reviews
  • Supports Google Map and Bing Map

Price: $55 for Lifetime Purchase (With 6 months free support)

7. InJob

InJob Job Board WordPress Theme

InJob is the perfect theme for a recruiting agency planning to build a job posting website. It promises a good user experience with front-end submissions and a separate dashboard for both recruiter and job seeker.

Candidates can join with social media and apply by on-site forms. They can check company profiles and perform a location-based search. The list just goes on. Using this theme, you save your time spent on integrating plug-ins and add-ons.

Key Features:

  • 7 Homepage Variations
  • Company Review System
  • Email Notifications and Job Alerts
  • Job and Candidate Suggestions
  • Approve or Reject Applications via Email

Price: $59 for Lifetime Purchase (With 6 months free support)

8. Avada

Avada Job Board WordPress Theme

Avada calls itself the ultimate website-building toolkit and it’s not all talk. Its visual drag and drop editor lets you design any kind of website you want, in this case, a job board site. If you’re looking for professionally designed demos instead, it has 79 of them.

Along with its search engine optimized and responsive design, it provides easy customization in layout, header, icons, forms, and footer. The responsive live editing is the cherry on top. 

Key Features:

  • 6 Premium Plugins Included
  • Pre-built Importer
  • WooCommerce Integration
  • Translation and RTL available
  • Free Updates

Price: $60 for Lifetime Purchase (With 6 months free support)

9. Total

Total Job Board WordPress Themes

Total is a multipurpose theme with dozens of pre-built demos to choose from. With its built-in demo importer, you’ll be able to get started with just a few clicks. It has more than 100 page building elements and a live theme customizer for super easy and fun editing.

Total is developer-friendly, providing theme hooks and filters to make basic or advanced modifications without hassle. On top of that, you can use the 600+ online snippets Total offers if necessary.

Key Features:

  • SEO-friendly
  • Responsive Theme
  • Live Theme Customizer
  • Developer Friendly
  • Built-in Demo Importer

Price: $59 for Lifetime Purchase (With 6 months free support)

10. Careerfy

Careerfy Job Board WordPress Theme

If you’re looking for a visually appealing job board theme for WordPress, then look no further than Careerfy. Search, filter, and front-end submission are among the long list of features it gives you. Moreover, jobs are searchable based on location and categories.

This theme is great for recruiting companies because it allows posting jobs for free. Zoom meetings are integrated to hold interviews with applicants on the website. And Careerfy does all this without the need for extra plugins.

Key Features:

  • Job Listings
  • Exportable CV Option
  • Live chat for Users
  • Separate Dashboards and Company Profiles
  • Imports from Indeed Jobs

Price: $89 for Lifetime Purchase (With 6 months free support)

11. Nokri

Nokri Job Board WordPress Theme

Nokri is one of the best WordPress job portal themes for employment agencies. Like Zakra and JobMonster, Nokri uses Elementor for easy customization of pages. You also have more options for filtering searches in categories like salary, gender, and currency.

However, the most interesting features of this theme are the video resume and paid packages for candidates. The video resume ditches the traditional text CVs to make sorting through candidates less boring for employers. Therefore, this can be the perfect theme for you to create job board WordPress websites.

Key Features:

  • Built-in Resume Manager
  • Monetization for Employers
  • Mobile App Available
  • CV Scoring Option
  • Job Alerts

Price: $69 for Lifetime Purchase (With 6 months free support)

12. Cariera

Cariera Job Board WordPress Theme

If you want stunning job portal themes for WordPress without the hassle of extra plugins, you can choose Cariera. It’s a WP Job Manager-based theme that has everything you could want. Advanced search filters, individual company pages, paid listings, bookmarks, you name it!

Here’s one more feature that stands out: different list and grid job layouts suitable for your website. Intrigued? There’s so much more. So, go check it out.

Key Features:

  • Promotional Packages
  • In-site Notification System
  • Google Map Integration
  • Premium Dashboards
  • Application Manager

Price: $79 for Lifetime Purchase (With 6 months free support)

13. Neve

Neve Job Portal WordPress Themes

Neve believes in the mobile-first approach, making it accessible for everyone. Out of the long list of starter sites Neve has, “Job Listing” is the one you’re looking for. With this theme, you don’t have to start building from scratch.

Simple but functional, the design is clean with an SEO-friendly and lightweight design. You can build a fully functional job board website with all that Neve has to offer. Oh, and there are also the booster features included in their premium pricing plans.

Key Features:

Price: $86 for Personal Plan (With 1 year free support and updates)

14. WorkScout

WorkScout Theme

WorkScout is a theme that has it all. It’s focused on giving the best user experience to people who post jobs and people who search for jobs. Company profiles and CVs are displayed stylishly and neatly with separate front-end dashboards.

Emails don’t have to be the exclusive means of communication because WorkScout has a private messaging feature. Plus, website monetization is so much easier with package deals and various payment gateway options.

Key Features:

  • Application Deadline
  • Front-end Dashboard
  • Search Suggestions
  • Job Alerts
  • Social Media Login

Price: $69 for Lifetime Purchase (With 6 months free support)

15. Jobseek

Jobseek Theme

Like Cariera, Jobseek is built on the WP Job Manager plugin. That’s why it supports important add-ons like Resume Manager and WooCommerce Paid Listings. But, you will have to buy additional plugins separately if you want custom features.

Jobseek also has an amazing search and filter function along with map integration. On top of that, the front-end submissions and clean format of listings enhance the user experience.

Key Features:

  • Bookmarks and Job Alerts
  • Visual Composer for Easy Customization
  • Pre-designed Inner Pages
  • Add Contact Forms with Contact Form 7
  • Single Job Listings

Price: $39 for Lifetime Purchase (With 6 months free support)

16. Pet Sitter

Pet Sitter Job Board WordPress Theme

The name of this theme can be misleading. It’s a job board theme specially designed for one particular job, pet sitters. But, you can customize it and turn it into a website that has other categories of jobs.

Pet Sitter is one of the best job board WordPress themes you can find, in terms of both design and features. The theme feels bright and full of fun. Moreover, it has clear sections for job seekers and recruiters.

Key Features:

  • Search and Filter Jobs
  • High Customization
  • 100% Responsive
  • Compatible with Major Plugins
  • Front-end Job Posting

Price: $49 for Lifetime Purchase (With 6 months free support)

17. Jobhunt

Jobhunt Theme

Jobhunt sets itself apart by being a job board theme focused on appearance. And it does deliver with a stylish and modern design. If you want to change it, unique layout options are available for the home page, header, footer, and more.

MadrasThemes, the creator of this theme has kept the plugins separate from the theme. This means you can add functions using plugins like WP Job Manager and WooCommerce Paid Listings. So, how Jobhunt works is entirely up to you.

Key Features:

  • Unique Layout Options 
  • Advanced Search and Filter
  • One-click Demo Importer
  • Compatible with King Composer
  • Free Trial Available

Price: $59 for Lifetime Purchase (With 6 months free support)

18. Workio

Workio Job Board WordPress Themes

Even recruitment companies want an attractive website that can retain visitors. Workio theme is one of the best job board WordPress themes in that regard. The design is exceptional with more options for customization with 7 home pages.

Whether you want to display jobs, employers, and candidates in list form or grid, every layout is predesigned for you. There are more functions like job listings, application management, and job alerts, making it a great theme suitable for every type of job board website.

Key Features:

  • Application Tracking
  • Social Media Login
  • Location-based Search
  • Apply without Login
  • Support for Maps

Price: $55 for Lifetime Purchase (With 6 months free support)

19. Workup

Workup Theme

Here’s one of many job board WordPress themes with great design elements that are highly customizable. Just like Workio, Workup provides unique home page and inner page layouts that you can tweak according to your preference.

Besides that, there are amazing dashboards for employers and applicants. You can always use third-party plugins to make additional changes to how the website functions.

Key Features:

  • Add Jobs in Front-end
  • Social Media Login
  • Advanced Search Filters
  • WooCommerce Compatible
  • Shortlist Jobs

Price: $59 for Lifetime Purchase (With 6 months free support)

20. JobRoller

JobRoller Theme

JobRoller is best for anyone planning to start a recruitment business. The monetization options in this theme will help you sell job listings easily to companies. You can even manage transaction logs on-site.

Apart from that, this theme offers different features for job seekers and companies like resume submission forms, job listings, and searchable jobs, resumes, and applicants.

Key Features:

  • Paid Listings for Monetization
  • Supports Multiple Languages
  • Custom Email Alerts
  • Responsive Design
  • On-site Transaction Logging

Price: $69 for Lifetime Purchase (With 1 year free support and updates)

21. Babysitter

Babysitter Job Board WordPress Theme

Babysitter is a theme similar to Pet Sitter. However, there are small differences in terms of design. And of course, in the way you decide to customize it.

Like Pet sitter, it uses front-end submissions with clear sections for job seekers and recruiters. You can use the included plugins as well as other compatible plugins to create a job portal website in no time.

Key Features:

  • Google Map Integration
  • Custom Widgets
  • Compatible with Resume Manager
  • Preview Job Listings
  • Search and Filter Jobs

Price: $44 for Lifetime Purchase (With 6 months free support)

22. JobEngine

JobEngine Theme

JobEngine has a simple user interface. Despite that, the theme comes with all the necessary functionalities. First of all, the customization takes place in the front end so you can make do without any knowledge of codes.

The monetization offer includes pricing plans, packages, and ad spaces in widgets and sidebars. You’ll find that different payment gateways are integrated for smooth transactions. Therefore, this theme may appeal more to recruitment agencies.

Key Features:

  • Supports 10 Languages
  • Easy Monetization
  • Search and Filter Options
  • Mobile Version Support
  • Email Notifications

Price: $89 for Lifetime Purchase (With 1 year free support and updates)

23. Job Board

Job Board Theme

This theme by Templatic is what its name suggests, a job board theme for WordPress. The layout is simple and clean. It has basic features like a mobile-friendly design, front-end form submissions, and search engine optimization.

Not just that, you’ll also get features like monetization, location-based search, user dashboards, advanced filters, and Google map integration. So, regardless of what kind of job board you are trying to create, this theme will do the job.

Key Features:

  • User Profile Page
  • Compatible with the Best WordPress Plugins
  • User Dashboard for Logged-in Users
  • Built-in Blogs
  • Featured Companies Widget Area

Price: $59 for Lifetime Purchase (With 1 year free support and updates)

24. Jobs Directory

Jobs Directory Theme

Jobs Directory is another WordPress theme by Templatic for job portals. If we look at the basics, it comes with customization tools like the color customizer. The design is responsive so it’s accessible to mobile users as well.

Job Board and Jobs Directory are similar in terms of design and functions with slight differences. You can decide which one is better for your business by going through them both.

Key Features:

  • Job Details Page
  • Job Status Tags
  • Easy Monetization 
  • Advanced Search Filters
  • Email Notifications

Price: $99 for Lifetime Purchase (With 1 year free support and updates)

25. Robojob

Robojob Job Board WordPress Themes

Last on this list is Robojob. It’s a WP Job Manager-based theme which means you’ll be able to use many extensions to add features you want to the website. There are pre-designed demos to get you started as well.

Some of the noteworthy features are single job listings, location-based search, and unique header and banner styles. Similarly, Robojob offers a revenue system where the website charges companies to post jobs.

Key Features:

Price: $69 for Yearly Plan (With 1 year free support)


So, these are our picks for the best job board WordPress themes & templates. As you can see, they offer quite a variety in terms of design and appearance.

Regardless of that, they share core features like job listings, front-end form submissions, job alerts, and advanced search filters. And that makes all 25 of the themes listed here, suitable candidates to be your dream job board website’s foundation.

Now, choosing job portal themes is one of the many steps of building a WordPress website. For starters, consider looking through the best options you have for hosting your website as well.

We hope this article proves useful in helping you make a decision. Also, don’t forget to share this article on your social media.

Disclaimer: Some of the links in the post may be affiliate links. So if you purchase anything using the link, we will earn affiliate commission.

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