8 Of The Best WordPress Live Chat Plugin To Improve The Customer Service Department!


When it comes to customer services and providing the users with a great experience for your users with your company, the absolute best way is online. As it is the age of internet and technology, more people opt to search help online than the old-fashioned way of calling in. No matter what question it is, Google and your online website is the search spot your users go to. Some people might find it easier and even comfortable interacting through chats rather than talking.

But online supports come in different forms and includes all of the forums, FAQ’s, and even product documentation. However, these all might seem a hassle and people usually try to find online chats and social media sites to get their answers. And if your business websites do not have the option yet, What are you waiting for? Adding online live chat options on your WordPress sites is not only beneficial for your users, but it can also come in handy even for the website owners. But let’s talk about it in-depth so that you realize how a small element can make a huge difference.

Why Add A WordPress Live Chat Option On Your Site?

First and foremost, all of the business owners understand the importance of customer services and how it can affect any business. This is why there are rules like Customers are always right, or Customers come first. If you provide quality service, then there is no doubt that you will gain more loyal followers and clients. But with all of the customer services and support you already provide, why is adding Live Chat important? Well, let’s take a look at the key benefits:

  • Faster Answers and Services: From shipping to access to your products and services, customers want help instantly. And online or offline, live chats are the fastest way to answer and solve any relevant issues.
  • Efficient Service:  Most of the Live Chat service supports more than one conversations. Which means that instead of handling one query at a time, you can make do with several at the same time.
  • Minimal Disruption and Privacy: When it comes to phone calls, you need be in a decent place, a proper network and whatnot. Whether professional or personal, typing it out is so much easier to do.
  • Real-time Problem Solving: Multitasking is easier when it comes to online chats. Additionally, some plugins also support live screen sharing or broadcasting, which makes the process much easier.
  • Visitor Tracking and Initiating Conversation: With Live chats, the website owners are likely to have the access to monitor the active users on the site. This is easy to keep track and also initiate business marketing and promotions with ease.
  • Cheap and Easy: Instead of paying a monthly bill for phone calls, why not switch to a one-time solution with live chats? Most users usually prefer messaging anyways, so it is a win-win situation after all.
  • Multilingual: Most of the plugins also comes with multiple-language support which helps and automatically translates your conversation with your international users.

Best WordPress Live Chat Plugins For 2020!

Keeping all of the above-mentioned points in mind, today here at ThemeGrill, we have made a list of the Best WordPress Live Chat plugins that are definitely worth an investment. Do check them out and we hope you find the one that works the best for you!

1. WP Live Chat Support


WP Live Chat Support is an awesome free WordPress Live-chat plugin that is ideal for businesses of all scales. Although targeted towards the smaller scale businesses, the premium-like features it entrails is certainly worth a try. With this plugin, there are seemingly more possibilities then you can imagine. It includes 6 predefined live chat box themes that you can choose from. Additionally, there are also options for unlimited simultaneous live chats. For a more convenient experience, the offline messages can be stores and you can also get access to the history of the live chats within a few clicks. Another major plus point is that you can add gif files, animations, surveys and even polls with your chats. Making it even more efficient, you can also enable notifications for new messages, manage your device support option and even collect the emails and names of any new users.


  • Compatible with translation plugins for a multilingual experience.
  • Option for anonymity for your users.
  • Allow automatic live chat pop-up.
  • Draggable pop-up live chat.
  • Fully customizable and user-friendly.
  • No subscriptions required.
  • Option to enable the chat box for only registered users.

Download + Demo + Details

2.  Tawk.To Live Chat


Another awesome WordPress live-chat plugin we recommend is the Tawk.To Live Chat. Although free, this template is complete with all the features that will enable the users to monitor and manage your visitor’s queries in an easier manner. As it is highly flexible and customizable, this plugin can be customized to match your theme design. It features an advanced widget scheduler that you can use to schedule and manage your Live Chat options. That’s not all, it is responsive, retina-ready as well as cross-browser compatible. It supports an unlimited number of agents and live chats at a time so that the entire team can be dedicated to the chat with ease. Additionally, it also supports translation plugins that makes sure you have no problem when corresponding with your international clients as well.


  • Responsive and appealing design.
  • Visibility option settings available.
  • Option to add it as a widget on widget friendly areas.
  • Highly customizable plugin with colour schemes.
  • Attention-grabbing bubbles available.
  • Easy to modify the border-radius, position and more.

Download + Demo + Details

3. Tidio Live Chat


Tidio Live Chat is a fully responsive and retina-ready WordPress live-chat plugin that is aimed to provide the website owners with an easier way to communicate with their users. Extremely easy to customize, and free of cost, this plugin is surely worth a try. Even the installation process is easier than one might expect. The colour schemes, border radius and even the positioning can be modified according to your preference. For smaller devices like mobiles, tablets and desktop devices, you can also use their dedicated application. The widget also supports 183 languages which makes it easier for you to communicate with your international users. Offline messages can also be saved and you can enable a notification for your users to receive. For the convenience of the users, you can also choose from 2 different styles so that you have the option to choose the one you like.


  • 2 Unique and creative live chat design.
  • Option to send emails to the users.
  • Multilingual and translation ready.
  • Options to view the users who visits the site.
  • Dedicated application available.
  • Integration with popular plugins like MailChimp, SalesForce and more.

Download + Demo + Details

4. JivoChat Live Chat


JivoChat Live Chat is yet another amazing option if you are looking for an effective WordPress live chat plugin. It is powerful, versatile and one of the most popular plugins among others. It features real-time live chat options which enable the user to get connected within a matter of minutes. Additionally, you can also call the users and even connect your social links for an effective result. What’s more is that it also allows the option for tracking your visitors and initiating a chat with them upon conditions. Another unique feature of this plugin is that you can also see the messages that your users type in before they hit the send button. Additionally, it is lightweight and fast loading making sure that your website does not cause unnecessary lag.


  • Lightweight, fast-loading and completely responsive.
  • Automatic translator for multilingual experience.
  • Easy integration to your social media sites.
  • Instant call features for your users.
  • Pointers to highlight specific features.
  • Visitor monitoring and triggers available.
  • CRM, API, Webhooks and Mobile SDK integration.

Download + Demo + Details

5. LiveChat


LiveChat is another stunning addition to our free WordPress live chat plugin listing and we can say that it definitely deserves a spot. Allowing the users with an instant communicating with the on-site users and customers, this plugin is powerful and advanced. Aimed to escalate your online presence and sales results, this template offers tons of amazing comprehensive set of features. This includes proactive chat invitations, as well as multiple live chat sessions. Another plus point of using this plugin is that it also seamlessly integrates with a range of third-party apps and services. It also supports an in-built ticketing system that makes it easier to manage all of your user’s queries with ease. Completely responsive and retina-ready, this plugin automatically adjusts to every device screen size as well.


  • Email Marketing and live ticketing system.
  • Multiple live chat at a time.
  • Option to send out personalized messages based on your conditions.
  • Visitor tracking and Live Chat triggers.
  • Customizable Live chat widget.
  • Canned responses for popular questions.
  • Mobile Live Chat application available.

Download + Demo + Details

6. REV Chat


REV chat is another efficient and professional WordPress Live Chat plugin that allows the viewers to stay connected and improve their customer services. It is a multi-channel cloud-based plugin that provides the users with a real-time assistance option. Engage with your viewers, stay connected, answer queries and promote your services. It comes equipped with support for various channels like Voice/video chat, live website chat, and even options to connect your social networks like Facebook, Viber and more. Some of the advanced features of this plugin include Screen-sharing, Auto-triggers, Visitor analytics, customizable chat banner and more. As it is highly customizable, you can stylize the widget to match your theme design effortlessly.


  • Real-Time Visitor analytics.
  • Department Management options.
  • Screen-Sharing and social media integration.
  • Chat monitoring with multiple live chat support.
  • Mobile Live Chat Application available.
  • Co-browsing to use both live chat and WordPress together.
  • Responsive design structure.

Download + Demo + Details

7. Live Chat by Formilla


Formilla is a free WordPress live chat plugin package that provides the user with the most efficient way to communicate with their customers. While the free version itself is enough to make your task easier, it also has premium add-ons and features that you can benefit from. Talking about the free services, it offers a range of useful options for customizing as well as communicating with your viewers in real-time. It supports multiple live chat at one time and also provides real-time visitor monitoring. This provides the user the in-depth view into your active users and option to initiate live chats with them. As it is cross-browser compatible, you will have no problem going through the site no matter which internet browser you prefer. Additionally, to make sure that none of your users are left out, this plugin also supports tons of international languages. You can easily customize the text to your user’s preference and ensure a great customer support.


  • Smart Messaging option.
  • Pro-active chat with canned reply support.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Chat-broadcast for all your online agents.
  • Chat transfer for easier management.
  • Desktop notification and alert system.
  • Custom banners, colours and theme option.

Download + Demo + Details

8. Pure Chat


Yet another amazing responsive WordPress live chat plugin we recommend our users is Pure Chat. It offers an unlimited chat option that makes the process of managing and handling the customer queries super easy. Although not as advanced as other plugin we have mentioned on the list, this is ideal for those looking to start up live chat on their site without the hassle of other tools. It is user-friendly, well-coded and highly customizable. However, with the free plugin you do get email forms to send out when you are unavailable. Additionally, to keep track of your chats, you can also check out the transcript history. And to make sure you never miss out on the chats and users trying to find you, you can enable the option for triggers and notifications.


  • Highly customizable option.
  • Option for unlimited live chats.
  • Enable/disable notification and trigger option.
  • Supports three active agents at a time.
  • Pro version available.

Download + Demo + Details


And with our listing today, we hope you have found the best option to improve your customer experience. We have mentioned all of the free plugins that feature premium-like features just for you guys. And now that we have highlighted what a live chat plugin can do for your website, we hope you integrate one for your site as well. Feel free to let us know what you think of our list down in the comment section below. And if you like this article, here are some more that we think you might like.


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