7 Best WordPress LMS Plugins to Sell Your Online Courses in 2020

Learning is one of the processes that we carry out on our life almost each and every moment your own. There are many services that provide us with facilities for learning as well. Online courses like online tutorials, presentations, lectures, quizzes as well as classes can be extensively found on the internet. Similarly, there are a lot of websites that provide these features as well. They use the Learning Management System or simply LMS on their websites to make them more efficient.

The online courses like these have been rapidly growing in the web as well. Similarly, it is widely used on WordPress too, as a major part of the internet consists of WordPress. You can find a lot of these online courses through LMS on WordPress websites as well. In this article, we will show you the best WordPress LMS plugins that you can add on your online course websites.

The online courses can vary widely on the internet as well. It may range from simple tasks like how to dive in a swimming pool to full courses on extensive classes by many renowned University professors. There are lots of WordPress educational themes and plugins found on the internet as well. However, the following WordPress LMS plugins will be suitable for any of your informative or learning websites. But, before you get started you have to keep somethings on the mind.

What to look for on a WordPress LMS Plugin?

  • Course Structuring: You need to make sure that your WordPress LMS plugin should have a good course building mechanisms. It won’t be efficient if it doesn’t have a good course structure on the plugin
  • Quizzes and Tests: They are one of the best methods to know how much you have learned. So, a WordPress LMS plugin with this feature will definitely be a good help for your learning website. This is much desired by the students to learn something online.
  • Automated Emails: Automated Emails might sound like a minor functionality to have on your website. But, it can bring about a huge change in time management from your side. You can save a lot of time if you need to send the same emails to a large number of users. So, having it on your WordPress LMS plugin can do real good for you.
  • Course Progress Information: This feature can be very useful no matter what type of learning website you have. The learners of your website must be sure of their progress and what they have learned. So a WordPress LMS plugin that provides this information can be well appreciated by all the users and learners of your website.

The Best WordPress LMS Plugins:

Considering all the important features that a WordPress LMS plugin should have, we have made their list for your learning website.

1. LearnDash


LearnDash is one of the most popular and beloved WordPress LMS plugins. It has a lot of features and elements that have helped it to be renowned in its categories. Its key features are most likely to help you provide the best professional online courses for your learning website. With the help of this plugin, you can easily sell your courses. The options to set the price and choose pricing model is easily available with this plugin. They are also very easy to customize and can be published effortlessly.

You can also provide drip-feed content to your learners. The content they need will be automatically delivered to them according to the allocated schedule. You can even reward your learners through this WordPress LMS plugin. The learners can be rewarded with certificates, points, badges, and so on. This can also help them encourage to learn more.  

Key Features:

  • Engagement Triggers
  • Control Enrollment
  • Payment Gateway Options
  • Renewal Reminders
  • Community Forums

Price: $159

Download + Demo + Details

2. LifterLMS:


If you want a WordPress LMS plugin to grow your Learning website further, LifterLMS can be more than enough for you. It is a powerful plugin specifically developed for learning websites. The features included on this plugin are also targeted to these learning websites. You can easily engage with your students by helping you create a numerous number of interactive courses. It also has membership options for your learners. This can be helpful to provide them with regular updates as well.

This WordPress LMS plugin has awesome security services for your content as well. It enables you to lock down content for your website users and learners. The contents will be accessible to them only when the time is right for them. With the help of this plugin, you can easily manage your learning website as well. All this can be done from a single simple WordPress website.

Key Features:

  • Income Generating Options
  • Multimedia Lessons
  • Course Builder
  • Quizzes
  • Student Dashboard

Price: $99

Download + Demo + Details

3. WP Courseware


The best way to customize anything on a digital platform is through drag and drop. This is exactly what WP Cousreware is made for. It is a WordPress LMS plugin that is developed to make your it easier for you to customize your WordPress LMS website. You can create many courses without any hassles with the help of this plugin. You also get very good course protection with the help of this plugin as well. The content can be restricted to registered, enrolled, and logged in students as per need.

You can also provide drip content for your WordPress LMS website through this plugin. They can be scheduled according to the date enrolled or from specific intervals. The course certificates can also be provided with the help of this plugin. This can be useful to encourage more students to enroll in your courses.

Key Features:

  • Email Notifications
  • Course Prerequisites
  • Theme Compatibility
  • Instructor Roles
  • Recurring Subscriptions

Price: $129

Download + Demo + Details

4. LearnPress


LearnPress is one of the most downloaded WordPress LMS plugins of all time. You can easily create and sell courses on your learning website with the help of this plugin. It is rich in resources and features with just its free version. The premium version can lift your WordPress LMS website even more. Considering its awesome communication options with the students, you can add a ton of courses with the involvement of both the teachers as well as students.

It is one of the plugins that support WordPress multisite. So, you can use this plugin on multiple sites and network with a single WordPress installation. Similarly, it also consists of multiple courses and lesson settings. Here, you can set your courses as free or paid. You can even make some courses previewable before taking them if you want. In this way, your students can get a rough idea on what type of course it is.

Key Features:

  • Course Management Options
  • Unlimited Courses, Lessons, and Quizzes
  • Drag and Drop Builder
  • Enrollment Control Options
  • Frequent Updates

Price: Free + Premium Addons

Download + Demo + Details

5. GoodLMS


If you want a WordPress LMS plugin to provide you with the best features for your learning website, then GoodLMS will bring a lot of good features for you. It has an extensive amount of customization options for the backend of your WordPress LMS website. With help of instructor backend and student backend, you can manage the settings for the instructors and students respectively. Similarly, you can also arrange the settings for the payment options with the help of the payment backend.

You can also provide badges and certificates options for your students as they complete the courses. If you want to test them, there are wonderful demos available for them as well. You can get a good idea on how they work with the help of these demos. Then, you can install them and start working on your WordPress LMS website if you like them.

Key Features:

  • Subsections with Sub-Quizzes
  • Course Curriculum
  • Coupon Codes
  • New Process Line
  • Commission Rate Options for Instructors

Price: $32

Download + Demo + Details

6. Namaste! LMS


Namaste! LMS is a WordPress LMS plugin through which you can easily manage and create online courses on your learning website. You can create many rules for the course and lesson access with the help of this plugin. Similarly, these rules can also be assigned on assignments based on completion, test results, or manual admin approvals. So, along with proper management, you will also get full proof security for your educational resources through this plugin.

This plugin also has grades and points so that the students can keep track of their performance. Along with it, you also get a lot of payment and account options with this plugin as well. It includes charging users to sign up for free or paid classes. You can also enable school accounts on your learning website. In this way, you can sell your courses or classes to a group of students at the same time as well.

Key Features:

  • Access Limitation to Content
  • Options to Assign Teachers
  • Shortcodes Compatibility
  • Protected Files Management Options
  • Student’s WordPress User Role Options

Price: $67

Download + Demo + Details

7. Sensei


In martial arts, sensei is referred to as a teacher. But in WordPress, Sensei refers to a WordPress LMS Plugin through which you can be a teacher with the help of your learning website. It can be used to provide a lot of useful and professional online courses to your students with a very good user interface and navigation options. However, you need to keep in mind that it is an extension for WooCommerce. So, make sure that you have installed and activated WooCommerce in order for this plugin to work.

With the price you pay for it, this WordPress LMS plugin can provide you with seamless WordPress Integration options. It is as easy to use as the custom post types that you use on a WordPress website. This also results in easy content creation. The quizzes, tests, and lessons can be easily added to your learning website. It can also help in the efficient learning of your website users.

Key Features:

  • User Registration Options
  • Course Analytics
  • Question Bank Options
  • Quiz Grading
  • Social Media Friendly

Price: Free + Premium Addons

Download + Demo + Details

Wrapping Up:

With the help of these WordPress LMS plugins, we are sure that you will be able to create a WordPress website. We also hope that you will be able to create them effortlessly without any difficulties. It is most unlikely to have any problems while creating your learning websites as these plugins are very easy to use. They also have a friendly user interface to help you for better navigation and management of your learning website.

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