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Share your posts page with ease.



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WordPress 4.0 and above




16th May, 2016

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16th May, 2016

Share your posts page with ease on popular social networks.


Choose from 17 popular social networks

We have included popular 17 social network collection. Choose one that you need and let your visitors share your content with ease.

Show sharing buttons on location of your choice

Floating Social networks

Floating social networks can be shown either right or left of your screen. They are attached and fixed to the screen border. Select either square or circular design with or without vertical spacing betweens the network icons.

Above content

Show social network buttons just above your content and increase the chances for your content to be shared. Efficient for blog posts, pages.

 Below Content

Show social network buttons just below your content.  Effective for blog posts, pages that you want users to share.

Above and below content

If you want users to not miss the sharing buttons then what could be better than showing the sharing buttons both above and below your content. It can be efficient for long blog posts, pages.

Different Design Layout

Rectangular Design With Label

Clean, focused rectangular design with network labels.

Rectangular Design without label

Simple, Clean  rectangular designed buttons without network labels.

Rounded Design With Label

Simple, clean rounded design buttons with label.

Rounded Design without label

Simple, clean rounded design buttons without label.


Responsive design

Responsive design are the new trends in the web. Our social sharing plugin is fully compatible to any devices. Looks great in your phone, tablet and any screen sizes. If you don't like the social sharing button to appear on your smaller devices then we have the option to turn that off too.


Easy dashboard settings

Setting and options are straight forward with out any fuss. We have provided options panels that lets you to play around and make tweaks you need with simple click.


Sharing Counts

Use api provided by the social network to display the count. Ajax update for counts where API is not supported by the network.