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Beautiful theme, excellent support. Awesome theme with tons of flexibility.


Would recommend Radiate Theme for your website.

Radiate; Easy to use

I love the easy to use functionality which comes with this theme. It offers all I need for my site. Great support as well (also regarding the Free version)! Radiate is highly recommended by me!

@emfinn (emfinn)

Great theme!

Fast, clean and for free.

@tfr1 (tfr1)

Right on time

This is worth it. Easy to use. Lots of extras.

@jjamminjim1 (jjamminjim1)

Very easy to use, comfortable, high compatibility

This theme works very smooth and well with any plugin that I have used, I have no trouble with this WordPress theme.

Great Work you should continue such great work.


Vasileios Tyrmakidis

@tyrmakidisvasileios (Tyrmakidis Vasileios)


Looks pretty. Works fine. Solid programming, it seems to me. I especially appreciate that you can add your own CSS and how that editor uses colors, styling and auto-complete (suggestions). Makes adding your own code a breeze. 🙂

@aquestionthx (aquestionthx)

Its a great tool

i like it and i transfer some Websites with this tool to other domains and they are running!

@peterpb (peterpb)

Out of the box A+

Easy demo install. Totally recommend

@jmbdesigns (JMBDesigns )

Clever and clean

Really easy

@oliver68 (oliver68)

I love Radiate

t’s very easy to use. Formal theme.

@legalsh (legalsh)

Well organized Theme

Very nice theme. Easy to customize. THanks

@riceblues (riceblues)

ThemeGrill Support For Radiate Theme

Fast accurate response
Spot on
Cant say no more… they were GOOD!

lozzat35 (lozzat35)

Very efficient & nice

very cool, easy to install and to modify.

@thomasadick (thierry2965)

beautiful theme and great support

beautiful theme and great support

@vptzzwa (vptzzwa)

fabulous theme

Very good theme that offers many possibilities. easy to use. at least for me

@anjasemling (anjasemling)

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