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Beautiful theme, excellent support. Awesome theme with tons of flexibility.


Would recommend Himalayas Theme for your website.

Amazing support

support has been awesome every time i’ve asked a question

@ahreno (ahreno)

Great support

This theme has held up well over more than 2 years; it “plays well with others” when it comes to plugins, and it’s versatile enough to allow for updates and refreshes to keep my website looking contemporary. And when I’ve had technical issues or questions, the developers are great about responding quickly and problem-solving.

@annvb1 (annvb1)

Great design, flexible and user friendly

The free theme already gives many opportunities to create an unique design. Diving deeper into the options presented, e.g. front-page widgets!, even more great possibilities open to you. Learning curve is steep, but the more I explore, the more options arise. Thank you ThemeGrill.

@peterjaybee (peterjaybee)

Functional and beautiful parallax theme

For many months I was looking for a parallax responsive website that would be used for marketing issues. I’d just loved the parallax effect from advertisements in regular websites, and thus when I found out the name of this effect, I was resolved to find the most functional and esthetic theme. My search ended with this theme, the Himalayas. I found it a little bit hard to use it first, but then I got used to it. The forum works pretty well, and I also learned a lot from the answers from other clients. I just purchased another 3-sites license. I am very happy with this theme.

@orelweb (orelweb)

Easy and clean

Really easy to use and a nice clean result.

@jordvisser (jordvisser)

Great theme, great support!

This is a really powerful and well-designed theme – probably the best paid theme I’ve used so far. The support is also excellent – very fast and helpful responses. My website is now looking and functioning exactly the way I want!

@threepwood384 (threepwood384)

Nice and Clean

Using this theme for my first ever blog. Simple and visually pleasant. Shall stick with this for a while.

@hyoenakagiri (hyoenakagiri)

Awesome Template & Great Customer Service!

Thought this was a great and eyepopping template when I first saw it. So happy I took the plunge and bought the lifetime Pro version. Needed several customizations and tweaks. Got help immediately and the changes, tweaks, etc. worked perfectly the first time. Thanks team for the awesome customer service. Our new site will be fantastic!

@ssslakk7722 (ssslakk7722)

Love ThemeGrill

I have been using Himalayas and also some free Themegrill themes for years. I am not a technologically savvy person but still found all the themes a breeze to use. I loved (and needed!) the support, too. I have had such a good experience, I recently bought an all-theme, lifetime license. I can’t tell you how many wonderful comments I get on our Himalayas site. What capped it off for me was when a web developer (knowing my skill level) asked who was doing our web site. Can’t say enough good things about Themegrill.

@inthering2013 (inthering2013)

Great Theme

Love this them. Easy to work with, easy to customize. Thanks!!!

@lickitysnickum (lickitysnickum)

I love it so far

I needed some tweakable fullwidth theme for two my projects and i found this one more than good. I like that theme has many options how to tweak it, so only few need to be done other ways. I lack only detailed definition of layout of posts area + columns and for header + menu area, but its also easily solvable by css (div#primary, div#secondary, .tg-container… ), so, so far – good work, very good theme! Thanks, Peter

@travelitaeu (travelitaeu)

Years of satisfaction

I have been using the theme for years, for a photography site, with complete satisfaction.

@trdiaz (trdiaz)

Himalayas – top theme and top support

Been great for ages, then had a slight issue with it but as soon as I posted about it then WordPress got back to me with an update. Good service.

@jake1980 (jake1980)

Beautiful theme and great support!

I really like the theme, it works fine and looks beautiful. The support is amazing! You do a great job guys, many thanks!

sfoerg (sfoerg)

Easy, Beautiful, and Fantastic Support

Working with the team at Themegrill has been the best experience I’ve had in my years crafting websites. Although our hours are quite different (they are literally on the other side of the world), their tutorials are fantastic, their knowledgebase is full of useful information, and when I need help that’s more customized, I submit a ticket before I go to bed and wake up to just the information I was looking for. I truly couldn’t be any happier and recommend them without hesitation.

@marciamarcia (marciamarcia)

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