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    My name is Brian Prendergast and I am not affiliated with Themegrill in any way except I am a user. I came across Themegrill by trying out their Spacious theme. I am a relative newbie to WordPress and found the videos really easy to work with. BUT…. Every so often my knowledge will fail me and I need to do something more. This is where this forum comes into its own. The support is fantastic. I have bought many themes from other companies in the past, and whilst they are good themes, unless you are a genius, they can be hard to figure out. These guys and especially ashishsthanp are so helpful and will get back to you reasonably soon, and if its possible, they will tell you.

    My particular story is that from asking multiple questions and getting multiple answers, we can now push the spacious theme even further. In it’s temporary area at this minute www.brianwordpress.com and in its permanent place in the future www.ajprint.ie we have shown that Spacious can have a fully responsive left vertical menu, which is what you need when the company you are designing for has lots of products. I haven’t seen this before with themegrills templates so I am delighted to have pushed the boundaries by asking for more, and the guys provided.

    So basically what I am saying is, one theme is 69 dollars, all themes are 249 at the moment. Once you use ONE of themegrills themes you will use them ALL, but the support you get is reliable. So I just thought I would share that as a big thank you. Cheers – Brian – PS I am changing over ALL of my sites to wordpress so you might get tips from looking at mine www.ashbournepc.com/portfolio they will be ALL done with Spacious!



    So far I’ve used 4, and I plan on using as many as possible: spacious, ample, accelerate and suffice.

    It’s also a big plus having so many theme options which have very similar underpinnings. It increases productivity.




    I agree, Brian. I have been using ThemeGrill’s themes for about two years now, and I find them very easy to use and customize. If there is something I can’t figure out, I have been able to get help from ThemeGrill’s support to make the changes I want.



    ColorMag and Freedom are my favorites!



    Yeah, ColorMag is my best!



    So far I’ve used Flash and Envince but I’m surely planning on using a lot more in the future!

    A big THANK you to ThemeGrill. You guys are the best!




    So far I’ve used 4, and I plan on using as many as possible: spacious, ample, accelerate and suffice. All these are best Themes I have ever used for my Sites. Recently I am using One of the on my website. https://framarootapkapp.com/ If you have any other option than you share it with me.



    Radiate ROXX… :-j





    Yeah, ColorMag is my best!



    I only bought ColorMag. Is there a way to upgrade to the $249 version?



    Hi @scottmanning13
    Can you contact our sales department here: https://themegrill.com/contact/ with the details of your query as well as order number of your purchase?

    ThemeGrill Support Team.



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    I can absolutely recommend ThemeGrill theme. Very good theme for everyone from beginner to expert. I use several of the themes and I am very pleased! They also have very good support when you need help!



    Just great, I use them all the time. There is nothing you can’t do with the themes. Also, the support is really cool, not quick but the answer tomorrow no problem.

    Keep it up guys


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