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    Hi I set up my site yesterday, only to discover that the menu doesnt work when accessing the site on my iPhone.
    The site is here

    Counselling and Therapy Costa del Sol

    Can you advise if i need to make a change to a setting, or if there are too many items on the menu, can I set up another menu below the header?
    Thank you



    Hello, @info1323

    This might be caused by plugins you’re using.

    So, you can try deactivating plugins one by one and check if your issue resolves.

    Also, if you’ve changed any theme’s file, please revert back.

    If it still persists, please let us know again.

    ThemeGrill Support Team.



    I deactivated all plugins and tested it – did not work
    I made sure all plugins are updated – did not work
    I removed some old menus – did not work

    I currently have 3 menus
    One longer menu with sub menus. When that is set to Primary, nothing happens at all when I click the menu link on my iPhone

    I also have two shorter menus with just 3 or 4 items.
    These are placed in footer widget 1 and 3 as custom menus

    One is set as the footer menu

    Both of these work on the phone in the footer area

    When I use either of those shorter menus as the Primary menu (to test if a shorter menu is needed) the menu does work on my phone, but it simply scrolls straight down and up again, so cannot be read.

    I note on the desktop that there is a / at the end of the menu links which doesn’t seem to lead anywhere – is this relevant?
    I am at a loss as to how to get this theme to work on my phone? Its a great theme and I dont want to have to get rid of it.



    I have also tried switching to 2015 theme and the menus are working fine for that on my phone – but back to Himalayas and the menu is not working on my phone




    Go to Appearance > Menus and select primary menu to edit and add ‘#’ on URL field to Your Questions Answered menu item.




    Thank you. Unfortunately that is not working either. I’m thinking I may have to uninstall the theme and install it again and rebuild the site.



    Hi info1323,

    When we checked your site we could see that it is working fine, have you got a fix for that.
    Please, once confirm and get back to us.

    ThemeGrill Support Team



    Thanks, in the end I upgraded to the pro version which seems to have sorted the problem out. Not sure what it was. Thanks you for your support



    I have the same issue, drop down menu is not working on mobile or tablet.
    Website: mandala.ie
    Could you please inspect?
    I disabled all unnecessary plugins, no difference.

    Best regards,



    @info1323 That’s great. If you get any issue later, feel free to ask again!

    @dstoppa89 It seems you’re not using our theme. So, we are not able to support on your query.

    You can switch to our theme and ask again.

    Hope you understand. 🙂

    ThemeGrill Support Team.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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