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Translated menu items are not showing

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    Everything is fine in Turkish which is the original site language.
    I translated all categories, all groups and some menu items, but I can see just the category names in English on the front page.

    Could you please help me to find where the mistake is?

    Here is what I have:

    Groups (Turkish):
    Group1 / id: 46
    Group2 / id: 38

    Groups (English)(Translated from TR):
    Group1-EN / id: 331
    Group2-EN / id: 329


    Categories (Turkish):
    8 categories, each has 1 item at least.

    Categories (English):
    8 categories translated from TR, each has 1 item.


    Items (Turkish):
    96 items, each has a Turkish category.

    Items (English):
    8 items, translated from Turkish and each has an English category.


    Menu Page (Turkish):
    Displays id: 46, 38

    Menu Page (English):
    Displays id: 331, 329, 46, 38


    As you can see in the links, Turkish menu page is great but in English menu page there is just the category names in English and no items in any category.

    What should I do to see menu items in English menu page?

    Thanks in advance…

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    Bishal Napit


    Are you sure that the items are translated in both of the languages used in your site? If not, then, can you translate those to both language and check if it solves the issue. Thanks.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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