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    The ColorNews theme is partly incompatible with galleries from the Envira Gallery Plugin.

    For example, the control elements in the lightbox view are not visible (and not functioning). The title of the pictures has a wrong / no styling at all. I guess those are issues with the CSS styling.

    If I switch the theme back to the default Twenty Fourteen theme the lightbox is working as expected.



    Hi, @thomas.koppensteiner
    Can you provide us URL for your website so that we can inspect it and give you a proper solution if it’s the issue with our theme? Also, we’ve not made our theme compatible with that plugin. Though, it should work fine with our theme.

    ThemeGrill Support Team.


    Hello @Ashish,

    my update on the issue – including answers for the Envira Gallery support:

    Test URL:

    * Diff between “ColorNews” and “Twenty Fourteen”:

    * Issue with “noscript” tag: (From the support)
    Something is on my page is breaking the “noscript” tag (probably not related to the theme)
    * Issue with jQuery (not found): (From the support)

    The support also mentioned that something (the theme?) is turning all the links for the icons (control elements) in the lightbox into input-buttons and this is why the icons aren’t showing up in the lightbox.

    Questions from the support:
    * Does the theme have a built-in lightbox script?
    * Is it using FancyBox 3?



    Hi @thomas.koppensteiner
    If you’re using Photo Gallery by Envira – Responsive Image Gallery for WordPress plugin, while testing gallery from this plugin with ColorNews theme is working fine. Please make sure you’ve set properly the plugin. Also, the screenshot you’ve sent to compare seems to have a different image gallery. Can you try the same with the same gallery? Thanks


    Hi @Ashish,

    finally, I could identify the cause of the issue.

    Next to the theme and to the gallery plugin the W3 total cache plugin is installed.

    If the “minify HTML” option is active the gallery doesn’t work if the option is deactivated the gallery works as expected in combination with the theme.

    Thank you for your help!



    Great to know that. Let us know if you’ve any other issues related to our theme. Thanks.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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