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    I’ve designed my website ( using the Spacious Free theme, but it it sooooooo slow (maybe 10s to appear when accessed from Google, and 10s each time each time I open a page).

    Has someone an idea on how I can solve this problem?



    Hi @fbressy,

    The theme does not create too much issue regarding site speed. However, maybe you can follow this link below to somehow make your site somewhat faster than currently.:



    Hello Rajesh, hello everybody

    I had already read this content. I think (hope) that the theme is OK, it seems all my plugins are OK (according to P3), I have compressed my images and I use lazy load, my hosting provider is considered as good, I installed a page caching plugin, and the situation was improved, but it’s still not satisfying me.

    I checked my page speed and it got a poor 53 mark on Google PageSpeed Insights and a C grade (73) on Pingdom Website Speed Test, and I don’t know what to do with the data both tools provide me.
    My website is still very slow (6-7 seconds to load a page) and I don’t know what to do more.

    How can I improve this?



    Hi @fbressy
    Can you try changing some setting on the caching plugin? There might be some option like CDN and other features for speeding up your site. You can also ask on their support for that.
    Actually this is a vague topic and site’s speed depends on so much of things, you need to research on this topic which we couldn’t help you directly.

    Also, you might get some information on those testing site about what is causing the problem and make changes on your site accordingly. Let us know if you get any fault in our theme specifically.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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