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    With a Page builder I add a row and inside I add a FT Slider. I add 3 images of 1920×700.

    What I get is a full width slider but the lower part of each one of the three images is missing.

    If I choose a dark slider it is clearly visible that a slider itself does hold the whole space, but the image does not. So, the upper part of the slider is an image. The lower part of a slider is a dark area.

    Could anyone please help me with that? I’ve no idea what is wrong.

    Thank you,




    Hi, @maja.blejec
    Can you provide us URL for your website so that we can inspect it and give you a proper solution?

    ThemeGrill Support Team.



    Dear Ashish,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I’m working in a production environment but have a WP Coming Soon Page checked. I’m not the main developer. My friend is. I will ask her to “open” the site so that you could see it.

    In the meantime I would kindly ask you to tell me if there is some other method to show you the website.

    Our client will not be very happy to “open” the site for a day or two. The site really is in its production stage.

    Cheers, Maja



    While checking for the issue like you mentioned, I could not find one. So, I need to check your site to find out the reason behind the issue. Also, have you used recommended image sizes which is 1920*700 for FT: Slider widget

    And, can send us screenshot of the issue?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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