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    I recently realised that my site was loading very slowly and when I spoke to my host they said that the number of requests the website was making to the host before the first byte had even loaded was 215 (which they said was way too much). I spoke to someone else who said it looked to be down to the theme. Has anyone else had issues with slow loading and are there any ways I can speed it up please? I like this theme and want to keep it ideally but need fast loading.
    my site is




    Hi @huntgareth,

    The theme does not create too much issue regarding site speed. However, maybe you can follow this link below to make your site faster than currently.




    Hi Rajesh,

    thanks for the reply and the links. I’ve spoken to my host again and I’ve also implemented many of the changes recommended on the links you gave me (e.g. I have used cloudfare CDN, I have removed a hosted video and replaced it just with youtube and reduced some images). But I still haven’t got much content on my site and while I may have seen some speed improvement the site is still loading quite slowly (particularly on mobiles).

    To prove my point…on Google page insights my site gets a score of just 9 out of 100 for mobile browsing (extremely slow) and 56/100 for desktops (not fast at all but at least not terrible). Is there any reason why it is so slow for mobiles? When I try to load my site from a mobile it hangs for about 8 seconds without doing anything (just a white screen) before finally loading… i bet that in locations with poorer internet it takes much longer than this meaning that nobody will ever see my site before giving up.

    Is there any way to improve this? Google page insights mentions render blocking code. I really love this theme and don’t want to give it up but i need it to load faster than this so people can view it. Is there a way to use lazy loading maybe with this theme too?

    Thanks in advance…any tips would be much appreciated.


    Bishal Napit


    Maybe you can try the minification plugin available via the WordPress plugin directory to combine the JS and CSS files for your site. And if you are referring to the home page being slow then, we could see that you are adding Facebook Like widget as well as YouTube video, which is external library and hence, it can take time on site load since too much external http hits for those will occur. Hope you are clear on these. Thanks.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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