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    I am looking to replace all “Add to wishlist” buttons to “add to cart” buttons instead. Is this possible in eStore free theme?

    Also I would like to change the button in the slider widget from add to wishlist to custom button to link to specific category, so I am wondering if this is achievable?

    Thanks in advance for support.



    Hello, @martyalwaysready

    Since this needs lots of code customization, we cannot help you out on this issue from this forum.

    If you really want this feature, you can contact our customization team.

    ThemeGrill Support Team.



    I was considering purchasing this theme but won’t if it doesn’t support adding an item to the cart. It’s an eStore. Why wouldn’t “Add to Cart” be the default instead of “Add to Wishlist”? In looking at the demo there was no way to add anything to the cart so I can see the eCommerce portion of the code and see what happens when someone actually buys something, such as what payment and tax methods are supported.

    I almost understand that the “free” version might not have it to allow people to check out the code, without allowing them to actually sell things, but there’s no way to understand the paid version not having the “Add to Cart” code, after all people want to sell things not make it difficult to buy them. Looking at the current theme there is no way to actually purchase anything even though it’s a store.

    If you ever want to sell this theme you must modify the code to add the item to the cart otherwise it’s useless to a seller. It was a mistake to code it the way it was done. That’s on the developer, not the customer. Again, it’s an eStore template, not an eWish template.

    I hope you see my point and make the necessary modifications to make the template actually work as it should.



    Bishal Napit


    Have you checked out our theme demo here: In this demo, you can clearly see that the button is being added as required for the site to add the purchases to the cart. But, if it was in your case only, then, can you ensure that you have added the product price to view the ‘Add to cart’ button? We asked it since WooCommerce itself does not display this button until the product price is specified. Can you be sure on this? Thanks.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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