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    Dear users, dear support,

    I have a page that is full of slow loading embeded interactive maps. Therefore, I would like to break the page into more pages, where I would have a “next page” button on the end of the page. OR something like “load more”. Is something like this possible in Spacious Pro?

    Many thanks,




    Hi @kerekes,

    You can go to the respective page in the dashboard and press alt+shift+p to insert the page break in the specific line and it will show the next page option on your site page.




    Many thanks man! It works perfectly. Anyway, now I would need to translate “Pages” to the language the page is running in. Is that anyway possible?

    Thanks, Dan.


    Nitu Shrestha

    Hi @kerekes

    If you are referring to translate ‘Pages’ string to your native language then, can you try the plugin: ‘Loco Translate’ available via the WordPress plugin directory to translate the themes/plugins as well as WordPress strings to your native language? But, if you are not talking for that then, can you clearly mention on it with link to screenshot as well as the site link too?


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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