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Overflow-x on Firefox

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    thank you for developing a nice responsive theme!

    I’m using it with WordPress 4.9.1 and Elementor 1.8.9.
    The computer screen resolution is 1366×768.
    Everything was going fine on Chrome, until I started to test the website on Firefox 57.0.1 for Windows.
    In some pages (not all), I can see an unattended scroll bar at the bottom of the window, due to an overflow of the page. The page width rendered by Firefox 1349px.

    I was able to temporary fix the problem introducing this custom CSS:
    html {
    overflow-x: hidden;
    Anyway the overflow is still there and I cannot undestand why.

    The website is:


    The error is present on the following pages: “Home”, “Funzionalit√†” and “Prodotti”.
    All the other pages are not affected by the problem.

    Can you please advice how to finally fix it?




    Hi conenna,

    It seems like Elementor is adding custom width of 13XXpx on every title section’s container while our container is 1100px which results on outgoing of certain elements creating vertical scrollbar. If you have set custom width of Elementor please revert it back. Also, make sure you haven’t changed content width.

    ThemeGrill Support


    Gaz Hall

    I was looking to fix a similar problem on my site: Thanks for the insight.



    Hi Nilan,

    thank you for your hint.

    I solved the issue.
    It’s a problem related to Elementor full width sections and Firefox.
    When this feature is selected, Elementor extends a 1100px section to full screen width, over the right screen border, and then shifts it to the left in order to fit its view exactly into the screen. Unfortunaltely Firefox is not able to understand that the section has been moved to the left and there is nothing more in overflow-x. Then it shows the horizontal scroll bar.

    The section involved was the bottom menu bar.
    The solution was to write all the code into the footer that is already full width.
    Then there is no need to be extended and shifted.

    Regarding the upper menu bar (title), I edited the CSS in order to have also in this case a full width sections.
    I still have to improve it, but these changes don’t cause the presence of the horizontal scroll bar.

    I hope this can help other people using your theme with Elementor and Firefox.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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