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    Hi there,

    I built a site in 2014 with Spacious Free – beautiful theme BTW. I set it up with a child theme and it has worked well since then. We went through a series of updates earlier today, including the theme update for Spacious, and the site disappeared. The dashboard was still accessible, but the site itself was just displaying a white screen. I went back through the updates and was able to determine that the Spacious update was the culprit. I deleted the theme and reinstalled the 2014 version from my file and now everything is back to normal. Ideally, I’d like to keep the theme updated. Do you have any advice or fixes related to what went wrong?

    The site is here:




    Same for me. It’s due to a plugin conflict or update – been told I can fix it via FTP but no idea where to go for this ????


    Hello Kerry,

    Is this the first time since 2014 that you have done the theme update??
    If yes then this issue might arise because of a major change in the update.
    To fix this you need to create a new child theme for the new updated theme.

    ThemeGrill Support Team



    As I have the white screen of death I cannot get in to change anything. What do you suggest ?



    If you’re an advanced user and you’re comfortable using an FTP client (don’t worry if you aren’t; we’ll explain how to use one shortly) you should turn on WP_DEBUG to determine why your site is white screening. When active, WP_DEBUG mode displays error messages on the white screen that explain why your site isn’t working properly. You can use those messages as a guide in troubleshooting the issue.
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    Hello @Rebecca9,

    If you have created the child theme and the white screen issue was seen after the update then you have to create a new child theme.
    First delete the child theme using FTP client but make sure you keep a backup before deleting the theme just in case any thing goes wrong.
    You can find the themes in your root folder wp-content->themes.
    Please check after the child theme is deleted and you can create the new child theme accordingly.

    ThemeGrill Support Team



    Thanks you Nishan so much. Used FTP to delete and create new child theme. It took me ages as I didn’t know how to use FTP. Now I do! Trial and error and informative posts on the forum helped me to insert the correct style.css and functions.php (I hope).

    I’ve not got the ability to see the widgets when building my static front page (to replicate your demo static front page) Which widget plug-in would you recommend I download for this? I’m so nervous now about which plugins to download. The functionality I’m seeking lets me create rows and add widgets of my choice to the static front page.

    Also is there a function that allows me to keep the site out of the Punic view until I’ve set up and added all copy and images ?

    Oh one last question, which is the best plugin to have all google fonts ?

    Thank you so much for your help.

    Signed ‘A nervous beginner’



    Thanks dianemetcalfe01 too for your advice and help too <3


    Hello @rebecca9,

    You don’t need any plugin to replicate the static front page demo, you just need to set the page template of your static front page as Business Template under the Page Attributes from the dashboard. Although you can use Site origin Panels.

    You can use this plugin to keep the maintenance sign in the site until you complete your work.

    For google fonts,try these plugins.
    plugin 1
    plugin 2

    ThemeGrill Support Team



    May I ask a stupid question ?

    Do these plugins which you have kindly linked need to be downloaded and if so where do I out them? Will I find them if I search in add widgets on the main menu? I’m not at home right now so can’t check.

    Thanks again Nishan <3


    Rabindra Tharu

    Hi there,

    yes, you can search the plugin through Plugins -> Add new, now find the plugin by entring the plugin name in search field and install it.

    ThemeGrill Support Team

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