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    Some things I’d like to see improved (or optioned) in the new Responsive Menu Style.

    1. Keep the Menu bar going across the entire screen rather than the tiny square to the left. Much more intuitive for mobile users to see a large, easy to press bar that says Menu.

    2. Header text shows when the Responsive Menu Style is used even if Show > Header Logo Only is on.

    3. I like that the new style collapses the mobile menus but it actually makes it more difficult for the user. On a mobile device (not desktop) the visitor must press on the right arrow to open the Responsive Menu item. This isn’t intuitive. They can’t touch the text of the menu and have it open. Instead they have to figure out they need to press the arrow box on the right to expand the menu. But if no arrow box they can press on the text to open the menu. Confusing.




    Hi @mail149,

    We will discuss the above-mentioned options with our team and see what we can do in our next theme update? We are happy to hear your suggestions about the theme.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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