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    Hi all,

    so… I’m a total beginner when it comes to site building and found out that in order to use the demo version of Ample as a starting point I’d have to purchase the ‘Pro’ version, so I did that.

    So, now I’m trying to make this work. However, I consulted multiple videos and articles that tell me to import some XML file of some sort in order to get the content of the demo version imported into my installation. However, I can’t find any XML file anywhere in the .zip I downloaded through this website.

    Can anyone direct me to an instructional post or (preferably) VIDEO on HOW TO INSTALL THE AMPLE DEMO as a starting point for my website? This is getting seriously frustrating – been at it for about 8 hours now =.=; (mostly because I did not know I had to get the ‘pro’ version).

    Much appreciated!



    Yeah … this is really depressing =\

    So there is an XML file in the zip but it does not work to install the demo… Also it’s quite clear that non of the images used for the demo website are included with the download, so I just paid 70 euro’s for something that’s not even included in the download.

    Hope someone has a solution, else I’ll have to contact paypal to get a refund for something not being sold as advertised – unless I’m missing something.



    Ok… so I found out where and how to get the demo version installed: through theme grill.

    It seems as though I DID NOT need to buy a pro version of this theme to obtain the demo files, which really, really sucks as I don’t really need the other pro features. I ONLY purchased pro to get the demo files.

    So, I’d much rather made a donation instead of spending 70 euro’s on something I did not need. Really uncool way of presenting the product, specially tough for people just getting into this.

    Thanks though for an awesome theme I guess.


    Rabin Shrestha

    Hi Mike,

    The demo content provided on our sites are for Pro themes. We don’t provide demo content for free themes. If you try to use that demo content for your free themes then it will not properly work. No the images included in the demo are not provided in the demo content zip. They are automatically downloaded from our demo site when you try to install the demo content. There is no need to pack the images with the demo content.

    If you have any confusion on the demo import please do let us know. For more detail have a look here
    Also you can create support ticket here



    I Rabin,

    so, just to make 100% sure: there is no demo content for the free theme then, correct?

    I can only get demo content of a theme when I buy the pro package, and thus download the demo content of the pro version only.

    Meaning there is no downloadable demo content of a free version demo?

    Because to be fair I liked the live demo of the “free” version much better than the pro version.

    Thanks for your response!



    Rabin Shrestha

    Yes, there is no demo for the free theme yet. The demo that we have provided on our site is only for the Pro themes. If you try to use that demo on your free themes that it will not work and may mess up your site. If you want to replicate the free demo for your site then we can send us your site login credential via emails that we have sent you.



    Hi Rabin,

    that won’t be needed; I’m already well on my way.

    I do have another two questions:

    1) how do I add the “Business side bar” widget to other pages?

    I’m currently at the “about” page, for example, but I can only add widgets to various “footer side bars”.

    2) It appears there are only 5 “business templates”, and if I want to use one I already used it uses the same page or something? Like I can’t change the items on it because it will change them everywhere. What’s up with that and can I make more “business templates”?


    Bishal Napit

    Hi, Mike.

    If you want to add the widgets in the pages too, other than having the Business Template choosen for it, then, it is not possible to add those widgets in that page. But, you can give it a try with this plugin: and see if it works for you. It also utilizes the display of the widget only. Also, for the second issue, you can use any Business Template in your site for specific page, but, as you know it will duplicate the widgets for those pages. So, to avoid this, you can use the plugin ‘Display Widgets’, available through the WordPress plugin directory and make the required changes in the plugin settings and see if it works. But, if you have the JetPack plugin installed in your site, then, ‘Visibility’ settings will do the same trick. Thanks.

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