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    Viral affiliate marketing is a term often heard of in the SEO circle. If you haven’t heard of this term yet, it is just marketing that has reached extreme level of popularity because people talk about the product or service tirelessly.

    Viral marketing can take form in topics discussed within the forums and blog posts and can also be word of mouth recommendations from people who gained first hand experience with the product or service. However, viral marketing can also take place in gossips, in bad mouthing and complaining about the products – so you need to practice more caution about how you go about lighting a spark that would start the viral affiliate marketing.

    Several ways to as give it a kick start are the following:

    – The fun element. Put something funny or hilarious on a blog post, forum or discussion group. You can also inject some humor in give away reports or e-books. If it’s giddily fun, chances are people would link to it and pass it around. Eventually, this linking and passing around would convert into traffic to your site and sales, as well.

    – The useful factor. Although it would take a little longer for it to go viral, this has the chance to last much longer on the good side. Tutorials, help documents, well-researched report, among others can do wonders in attracting your targeted traffic directly to your site.

    – The product review. It’s a good strategy if you yourself will take a closer look and try the product or service you offer to potential customers. If people will see you give an honest evaluation of what you sell them, they will flock to your website to your advantage.

    Common SEO Mistakes You Must Avoid

    The concept of Internet marketing is based on the traffic generated by the website so it can open doors for sales. Without it, your business will barely survive.

    The primary tool to generate targeted traffic is through search engines, especially the leading ones such as Google and Yahoo. It’s relatively way cheaper compared to full-blown advertisements and more effective too. When your website is visible in the online realm through search engines, you have a great chance to get many potential clients and see your business take off to a higher level.

    However, there are some marketers who commit mistakes when it comes to traffic issues. Here’s a list of some of them. Be careful and try to avoid these.

    Wrong Or Repetitive Keywords – Select the keywords you will use with extreme caution – as these will direct traffic to your site from the search engines. Aside from the wrong keywords, repetitive ones will only lower your page rank or even skip your site – so this technique is not actually a good idea.

    Unrelated Keywords – Some people think that they can drive more traffic by using keywords unrelated to the product or service they offer. Not only is this unethical, this is also labelled as a form of spam.

    Stealing From Other Websites – Getting icons, texts, images and other elements from another website, especially those from your competitors’, without permission is considered stealing. Search engines can find duplications and if they find out about it, brace yourself as your site may be banned from the search engines.



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