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    Just setting up here and loving this theme. Thank you.

    How can we get the home page and archives page to say the actual name of the page like all the others do? Then the top of each page will be consistent.



    Sanjip Shah


    For the home page the title will not appear. We have designed the theme that way. If you see our demo https://demo.themegrill.com/spacious/
    you will see the slider there and if the title is also shown there then it will look odd.
    However, if you want to show the title for the home page then you will have to edit some code. Open the header.php file of the theme.
    Find the following code in lines around 109.
    if( ( '' != spacious_header_title() ) && !( is_home() || is_front_page() ) ) {
    if( '' != spacious_header_title() ) {

    Hope this helps. About the archive page it will say archive, but if you view the category it will show the category name.

    Note: Any changes that you make to the theme file will be lost when you udpate the theme. So, please make a child theme for any code customization.


    I love you. Seriously. Thank you so much.


    Sanjip Shah

    You are welcome. 🙂
    We would really appreciate it if you could rate our theme at WordPress repo www.wordpress.org/themes/spacious. Thanks.


    I’m just about to do that. One more question. If I purchase the Pro Version, is it OK to use it on multiple sites and add in my own footer credit?


    Sanjip Shah

    Yes, you can use the pro version for multiple sites of yours. And also, you can edit the footer. In fact, the pro version has the option to edit the footer credit without touching the code.


    Thank you Sanjip. Your theme and support is fantastic.

    Two more questions then arise:

    1. With the pro version, will I need to create a brand new child theme or will the old customizations still work.

    2. Can you tell me what to do to get the blog templates to work on this site please https://appreciation.net.au/articles/
    I also want it to show the page heading like your demo does https://demo.themegrill.com/spacious/blog/


    Sanjip Shah


    In the child theme css file you have this lines code
    Template: spacious & @import url("../spacious/style.css");
    Replace it with the following if you are switching to pro.
    Template: spacious-pro & @import url("../spacious-pro/style.css");
    All the other customization you have done via child theme should work or there might be simple adjustment to be done.

    To set the blog templates as in our demo, you can follow the instruction here https://themegrill.com/theme-instruction/spacious/#blog.

    Hope this helps.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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