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    My set-up for ColorMag Pro had previously been set so that the Featured Image was not showing on Pages (Posts are still OK).

    One of the recent updates has apparently caused the Featured Images to show. Can someone help me get the Featured Image to be hidden on individual pages? Or something that will hide ALL Featured Images on all individual pages and posts?

    Here’s an example. I don’t want the first image to appear:

    Chloe’s SOS Fund (Saving Our Seniors)

    Thank you,



    Bishal Napit


    Can you once try the below CSS code in the Additional CSS Box provided via the Customizer Options and check:-

    .page #primary .type-page .featured-image {
        display: none;




    Thank you! That worked!


    Bishal Napit


    Do let us know if you have got any further query regarding to our theme. We will try to help you on those as far as possible. Thanks.




    we actually have the opposite issue. The featured image is suddenly gone from the pages.


    How can we reactive the featured image on the pages just like on the posts


    Also we have the problem that the title of the sidebar facebook widget is blank..

    just scroll down to the sidebar bottom, you can see the facebook widget but the title is not there or at least does not show.


    Bishal Napit


    The featured images for this theme in pages is never shown. So, if you have edited the theme code and updated the theme, then it is likely to be wiped out. So, can you do the customization work via the child theme for your site? Thanks.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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