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    I am using the pro version on www.psychotherapie-km.com
    I am happy with the header image and slider on the desktop version, but on the mobile version it shrinks in a way that it looks weird, also the text in the slider (on mobile version) looses its aim.

    Is there a way I can modify the mobile view of the header/slider?

    1.) I would be happy to show only half of the width of the header image (posibly with a fixed pixel amount?)
    2.) Is there a way to have the height of the mobile header view increased (so its larger?, right now it shrinked unpleasantly)
    2.) Is there a way to get rid of the slider text-fields overall in the mobile version (so only the header image shows), but to keep it on the desktop version.

    I am not a coding person,
    have used the GUI on wordpress only so far. I could try to edit the code, but would need exact guidelines for this.

    Thank you in advance, Kathrin



    Hi, Kathrin
    You can add following code inside Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS :

    @media screen and ( max-width: 768px ) {
      #featured-slider .entry-container {
            display: none;

    Also, please consider asking query regarding Pro theme in Pro support forum in future.

    ThemeGrill Support Team.



    Thanks Ashish, this did the trick for my last option above – the boxes in the slider now disappeard overall. Its better now, but still not ideal. A mobile with with a image thats increased in hight or different handling of the text boxes would be the aim of a nice mobile view. I will try again in pro support forum / as soon as I can get in there …

    (now I cannot even submit this reply, it gives me a forum error saying ERROR Slow down, you move too fast. Probably cause I just entered another post in this forum, just as you moderators ask. But well. I just hang here and wait until whatever slow-down time you have in your forum policy … this support has not been well functioning overall, sorry)



    Unfortunately I just realized that adding your above css code screwed up the header image on chrome and internet explorer (the header image simply was not showing anymore in these two browsers, and therefore the slider with text-box was all over the place/overlapping the servies widgets).

    I am glad I tested it (usually I am only on firefox).
    Removing the suggested CSS from the customizer fixed the new problems :/

    Maybe there is another thing you could suggest to me for the probs I have in mobile view. Otherwise I guess Ill live with it.

    Thanks anyways!



    You want hide the text box in slider on mobile devices. Isn’t it? If so, the above code should work fine if you add it properly. While checking your site with the code, it works fine in Chrome here. If you’ve asked for something else, please explain it in detail clearly.




    Ok, I will try again (but the title of this post says what I want: its about the header image, not the box necessarily):

    The spacious theme suggests to put a horizontal / panoramic header image as a central aspect of the layout. So this is what I did. A big, wide jpeg.
    Now, I guess I am not the first one to be dissatified with the way it transfers in the mobile view. There, the big wide panorama just scales down in the portrait version of a mobile device. It scales down to such a small version, that the image itself, is un-readable/lookable. It’s tiny.

    THIS is my main problem.

    Additionally, the box on top of the header (the text box on the slider) is also scaled down and becomes absolutely unnecessary or even disturbing/irritating to a viewer.

    What I would WISH is a solution with a well put mobile view setup that includes both: well thought through use of header image AND box. But is is what Spacious pro is obviously simply not providing. So my ideas would be (and I lay in this):

    1.) That the original panoroma pic is simply not showing the total width, but cuts of at 50% width (so only the left side is viewable. Not ideal, but a better solution than the one u have now)

    2.) That the original panorama is substituted by an alternative image I might upload myself for the mobile version only.

    My 3.) request was, that IF nothing can be changed about the image size, then at least Id like to get rid of the box (thats now additionally making it aweful).

    You can take your time and answer to all 3 points if you wish. If you rather have me post three different posts here, also fine. Meanwhile, I will look into other possibilities (plugins, etc.), but I would think such a key design aspect as the header image should be of your interest.

    Thank you for you attention, I hope I was clear enough (I am aware, I am a lay here)



    Hi Kathrin,
    While checking your site, there’s no header image. And about text on slider, I’ve already provided CSS to hide them, which seems to work on mobile devices on checking your site. Also, if you’re trying to change image size of the slider, you can upload larger image for slider. Please send us a screenshot remarking your issues so that we could better understand your issues. Thanks.

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