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    I am using WP 4.6.2, with ColorMag theme 1.1.5 and the Social Icons plugin 1.5.0.

    I’ve added the Social Icons widget into the Header Sidebar and I click on Add Icon. But when I type into the field the wrong icon shows next to the field. The icon that shows is for Google (big white G in a blue box) and not the Google Groups icon (3 heads in a speech bubble) e.g:-

    <li class=”social-icons-list-item”>

    <span class=”socicon socicon-google” style=”font-size:16px”> ::before

    The span class should be “socicon socicon-googlegroups”, but I cannot change that. I know the icon is available as it’s here How can this be changed?


    Hello @helsey64,

    Thanks for bringing out the issue.
    This issue has already been fixed but the new version is yet to be released.
    So, please be patient.

    ThemeGrill Support Team



    Hello Team,

    I am also facing same issue with ColorMag version 1.1.9 could you please help me with this (Google + icon is not visible, instead a white box is appearing and when you click on it, redirects to Google+, but that empty white space in between of social icons is pretty annoying)


    Hello @blinkonlinemedia,

    I suppose your issue is not similar to that of @helsey64, your issue might be raised because of the language of your WP site changed into English(UK) so please change it into English(US) and see if it solves the issue.
    Alternatively, you can translate the string “Google-Plus” to “Google-Plus” which is changed to “Google+” which is creating the issue. String translation can be done using plugins like LoCo Translate.

    And if the issue still remains then, please provides us your site URL.

    ThemeGrill Support Team



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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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