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    Hello, i have a widget ST: Portfolio used on my homepage (www.psiutulekroznovsko.cz) and currently it is displaying portfolio items (dogs and cats) from all the categories. What I need is to exclude one category from the list.

    Just to explain: This is a website for animal shelter. I have 3 categories: dogs, cats and “found home”, which contains both cats and dogs who – surprise – found home. On the homepage I need to display few of the latest animals in the shelter, but unfortunately it is showing also those who already found home…



    Hi @ondrej
    I’m little confused here. Can you explain what do you want to show in each category? I guess you want to hide They found a home. If so, please add following code inside Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS :

    .portfolio-navigation .navigation-portfolio li:nth-child(3) {
        display: none;

    If you want anything else, can you explain in detail again

    ThemeGrill Support Team.



    Ok, let me explain in more detail:

    It is a website of local animal shelter. They care about dogs and cats. I have created 2 categories for portfolio – DOGS and CATS (each animal is then added into portfolio and given the correct category).

    Then on the index page I used the ST: Portfolio widget to list the 4 newest animals in the shelter regardless of the category (you could filter between ALL | DOGS | CATS). So sometime you would see 1 dog and 3 cats, other times just 4 dogs etc…

    But then they requested a new category “THEY FOUND HOME” where they move the animal that has really found a new home. But this then makes mess on the index page in the ST: Portfolio widget, because it should display just the newest animals in the shelter (so categories DOGS and CATS), not the THEY FOUND HOME.

    When I use your piece of css code, it just hides the “THEY FOUND HOME” category from the filter, but not actually the items. But I dont think this is fixable just by doing some css, because the widget displays the 4 items with newest date and that are unfortunately the items from THEY FOUND HOME category. So even if it did hide the items, it would still need to take the 4 latest items from DOGS and CATS categories…

    At the moment I can only think about one solution – use your piece of code to hide the THEY FOUND HOME category from the filter and then adjust the date of those animals to something like 2014 for example.


    Bishal Napit


    If you are referring to exclude the certain category from their to be listed out then this will probably require lots of code customization work, which could not get covered up via any support platform. Hope you can understand. Thanks.

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