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    Hello there,

    Firstly, what a brilliant theme you’ve created!

    However, I’ve come across some kind of bug regarding the drop-down menu while using Safari. The drop-down menu seems to shift to the wrong menu section, appearing somewhere else (only to the left). As you can see in the screenshot, while hovering my mouse over the menu-item “Blended Learning” the drop-down menu appears under the wrong menu-section. The problem only occurs when using Safari. When using Firefox (on a mac) and Chrome (on a windows), the drop-down menu’s are situated correctly.

    The regarding website is: https://www.icto.humanities.uva.nl

    Could not find this problem somewhere else on this forum. In case I’ve overlooked something, apologies in advance.

    Hope someone can help?


    Hi, BS Last

    Thanks for your query

    However, we are unable to reproduce the issue in the safari. You can see the screenshot here. What version of Safari are you using? sometimes browser extension also causes the issue. How about you try disabling the extensions? Also, try to remove the caches.

    We have looked at our CSS code and no problems seem to be there.

    If you still encounter the issue, please feel free to reply back to this issue.

    Best Regards
    Sanjeev Shrestha
    ThemeGrill Support Team



    This issue is also occurring for me, however only with the Edge browser. From what I can tell it happens in the Edge browser when the Zoom is greater than 100%. It seems to function just fine in Chrome at all the zoom levels.

    I cannot be certain, but I don’t believe it was doing this before one of the last Spacious Theme updates. I discovered when doing some testing after the update and haven’t been able to trace it back.



    Hi jkrph,

    Thanks for informing this issue. We will fix this in our next update. Thank you for your patience.

    ThemeGrill Support

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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