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    Hello, I have a problem with this website: https://techpro.cz/

    The main image with the drawing of a city, is supposed to be stretched on full width of the screen. The problem is – sometimes it loads correctly, but sometimes it loads wrong: the image is small and nearly half of the screen is empty. This seems pretty random, just try it yourself – give it a few refreshes and you will get always different result (or try clicking on some menu buttons and then going back to index).

    The image is inserted as into a widget “Text” from Siteorigin PageBuilder, because it is a part of longer html code containing the clickable map areas.

    I noticed, that when the site loads incorrectly, the width is 1200px, while when it loads correctly, the width is 1903px (on my screen). I just have no idea, why it sometimes outputs 1200px (wrong) and sometimes it does it right?

    If I put the image as a part of “FT: Image” widget for example, it behaves correctly. But the problem is, I cannot adjust the html code of that (I need to add my lines with the map areas)….

    Any idea where might be the problem?



    Hi ondrej,

    Please, go to the options Appearance->Customize->Additional CSS and paste the CSS code below:

      width: 100% !important;
      background-size: cover !important;

    ThemeGrill Support Team

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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