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    Hi there,
    I am currently using the Masonic theme and wish to change (and possibly upgrade to Pro version) of Radiate, and want to check a few things first:

    1. Does Accelerate allow a full page header image (i.e. displays horizontally across ENTIRE page)? I have to use custom CSS in Masonic to do this, and as a result the image displays poorly in some browsers. I notice in the demo version, the outside edges of the photo are made up of pieces of the header image and it is not one clear image?

    2. Does the Site Title and Tagline display ABOVE the header image (I don’t want it over the top of the header image, as in Masonic)?

    3. Does the header image display on every page?

    4. Can the header image be different on every page? If it needs a plugin to do this, do you know which one is suitable?

    5. Where does the logo appear (is this only available in Pro version)?

    6. Are the 3 images/articles on the Home page part of the blog? I want the blog to be on the Home page, but I notice when you click on Read More for the 3 articles, it does not display the photo (as opposed to the articles below)? If these are part of the blog, is there a way of making the photo display when you click Read More?

    7. Is the theme compatible with plugin, ‘Elementor’?

    8. Can you have widgets at the bottom of the page in the free version e.g. Helpful Info with links

    8. And lastly, if I download the new theme, do I just click on the ‘change your theme completely’ link and select the new theme? Is there any information on what to save/check/do prior to changing themes? Will existing information on the site auto-populate (as much as possible)?

    Lots of questions! Thank you so much.




    Hi Gail
    Please check this:

    ThemeGrill Support Team.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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