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    I have recently changed my site over from Spacious Pro to Colormag Pro. All is well, except for some small (reduced) images in style 6 and 7 widgets which differ in size and aspect.

    I checked the image dimensions:
    150px * 150px for the small images in TG: Featured Posts (Style 6) widget as well as for the TG: Featured Posts (Style 7) widget too bundled within this theme.

    So my new posts now create 150 x 150, but the existing posts are using a size from Spacious Pro, which is rectangular and probably about 150 x 100. So, I’m getting a mix of square and rectangular images.

    How can I get the new images, and the existing images created in Spacious Pro to be the same size and aspect ratio.

    Thanks in advance.


    Bishal Napit

    Hi, Derek.

    Can you try the plugin: ‘Regenerate Thumbnails’ available via the WordPress plugin directory and regenerate all of your images using this plugin and check? Thanks.



    Hi Bishal,

    I’m running Regenerate Thumnails and I can see that it is correctly resizing all thumnails to 130 x 90, which is the default setting from the theme.

    But is it possible to change the default thumbnail size in Colormag to 130 x 70? This would be a better aspect ratio for my images, which are all 750 x 350 in full size.



    Hello Derek,

    You can create a child theme as instructed below and change thumbnail image size if you’ve some programming knowledge.

    Or, you can contact our customization team.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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