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    Hi Folks! I have a static page like home page and I set up Notícias as a page´s post, but I was trying to put it on a business template layout with two coluns and a buttom with Leia Mais, no Read More. So I have 2 issues. One to set up this layout of business and other which is to translate this buttom. Can anyone help me out with that . I already tryed all the recomendations that someone told me or that I read in manuals but nothing is working, I just have the defaul layout of posts, one below another with big images and so… This is not what I want. Why is not working properly if I follow all the steps? I appreciate any help. Thanks a lot!

    In this address


    in LATEST NEWS FROM BLOG shows exactly the layout that I want.
    But is not showing up. What I should be doing wrong? Any comments or sugestions?
    Thanks a lot!



    This link show exactly my issue:
    I need to take of this title “ÚLTIMOS POSTS” and translate the buttom READ MORE to “Leia Mais”, but I can not find in the editor wicht template of those shows me where to make the change…



    Hi @robertaachysantos
    You can use Loco Translate plugin for this. Or this feature is available in Pro version of the theme. You can purchase Ample Pro theme for this feature and much more exciting features.

    Also, you can use TG: Featured posts widget to get LATEST NEWS FROM BLOG section you’re referring from the demo.

    ThemeGrill Support Team.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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