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    I think there may be a bug in the Page layout. If the whole text fits in the screen (i.e. if all content is visible without the need of scrolling) The page kind of jumps, and one cannot go all the way down to the footer. You can see an example in https://www.fernandocosio.com/wordpress2/?page_id=61 and https://www.fernandocosio.com/wordpress2/?page_id=65

    I am using a 13″ lap top screen. However if I use a bigger screen, the footer is not showing at the very bottom of the page but only at the bottom of the text and the footer shows in the middle of the screen. I hope I made myself clear I do not know how to explain it correctly.

    David Z.



    Hi davideugenio.zepeda,

    – For this page issue https://www.fernandocosio.com/wordpress2/?page_id=61 update will be released in few days.
    – And we need to make footer sticky for fixing this page issue https://www.fernandocosio.com/wordpress2/?page_id=65 because the content in this page was not enough so lot of customization code is required to fix this issue. Please contact to our customization team to fix this issue https://themegrill.com/customization/

    Thanks! 🙂


    As usual, many thanks for the support! 🙂


    Bishal Napit


    If there are any further query regarding our theme, then, please feel free to post them. Thanks.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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