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    Hi I have your wonderful Ample theme, was so excited configuring it until I viewed it in a mobile.
    the site is and you will see there is a huge unnecessary gap where the mobile device removes the menu and deposits the three bar icon so people can expand to see menu. But in fact the three bar icon is virtually, completely hidden and to have no menu ability is a disaster for a website.
    Also, the internal pages page title bar is so huge it makes the top header look ridiculous and then the white space gap looks weird. Do you have any suggestions to make this fixed? thanks



    I had a big full width header displaying but was wanting to go live with what because it left a huge white space gap in a mobile, therefore I removed the header and put a little logo in instead; that fixed the issue of the mobile menu not showing. ….trouble is I would have preferred to have my header, not just a tiny wee logo.


    Sanjip Shah


    Just checked your site and currently it looks fine. We will have to look the issue so that we can inspect on it fix it. So, can you provide the steps to replicate the issue and we will have a look.

    About the huge gap appearing in mobile devices, we will take that as feedback and will be improving this in our version updates.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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