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    Is it possible to increase the number of words which show in the excerpt for the About Widget?




    Yes, it is possible.
    Please go to page edit screen that you’ve selected on the page dropdown of the About widget.

    On the top right, click on Screen Option and check Excerpt which brings Excerpt area at the bottom of the edit screen.

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    Add your custom excerpt as much as you want which will be displayed on About widget.

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    Thank you but this is not working. I want to make the actual number of characters that the excerpt shows, longer.
    At the moment it shows about 25 words.

    I have used the About widget twice for two different things that I need to show on the front page

    Counselling and Therapy Costa del Sol

    If the word count was around 50, it would be so much better. Is it possible to change the actual length of the excerpt, rather than trying to add in words in the dashboard which isn’t working



    Hello, @info1323

    This feature is not available currently on this theme and will be added soon on Pro version of the theme.
    You can purchase for Himalayas Pro theme for this feature and much more exciting features.


    ThemeGrill Support Team.



    If you know how to access the theme’s files in your file manager. Locate the ‘inc’ folder. Inside this folder is a file called functions.php open this file and use ‘ctrl f’ and search for ‘excerpt’.

    You’ll see code that looks like this

    function himalayas_excerpt_length( $length ) {
    	return 50;

    Change the number to the length that you want and save. This will make the excerpt the length that you want.



    Thank you or your help 🙂 Yes I can do this. Will it remain the same then when the theme is updated or will I have to go back and change it again? I am on the free version but will likely upgrade at some future point. Does that make a difference?



    Hi info1323,

    The settings will not remain as same when you upgrade it to pro version.
    But don’t worry the excerpt length option has been added to the Himalayas pro so, it won’t be trouble for you regarding this feature.

    ThemeGrill Support Team

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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