Suffice Free vs Pro

Spacing (Margin and Padding)Limited
Hook for Developers
WooCoommerce Compatible
Page Builder Support
Gutenberg Compatible
Dynamic Customizable Areas (Menu, Widget, Text/HTML)
Widgets Area (Sidebar)
Header FeaturesFreePro
Sticky Header
Sticky Header Settings
Header Content Left
Header Content Right
Contact Info
Contact Styling Option
Header Menu Styling
Social Icon Styling
Top Header Styling
Header Layout Style
Header Action Box
Cart Icon
Site Logo
Bottom Header Sytling
Transparent Menu Font Color
Header Action Icon Color
Footer FeaturesFreePro
Footer Widgets
Footer Widgets Column
Footer Bottom Right Content
Footer Copyright
Footer Styling Option
Footer Widget Area Option
Footer Widget Title
Footer Widget List Item
Copyright Bar
Copyright Styling Options
Menu FeaturesFreePro
Main Menu Style44
Offcanvas Menu Slide Direction
Main Menu Styling Options
Sub-Menu Styling Options
Offcanvas Menu Styling
Offcanvas Sub Menu Styling
FullScreen Menu Styling
Menu Typography
Sub-Menu Typography
Container LayoutFreePro
Wide Layout
Boxed Layout
Layout Style
Blog Page Layout
Archive Layout
Single Content Layout
Page Layout
Search Results Layout
Preloader Options
Preloader Styles36
Preloader Settings
404 Layout
Page Title SettingsFreePro
Page Title Bar
Swap Title and Breadcrumb Position
Page Title Typography
Page Title Color Options
Page Title Background Image
Blog/Article SettingsFreePro
Blog Post Style
Content Read More Tag
Featured Image on Blog Archive Page
Blog Post Single Options
Blog Meta Options
Global StylingFreePro
Site Identity
Theme Skin
Site Title and Tagline
Color OptionsFreePro
Predefined Color Scheme24
Primary Color Options
Secondary Color Option
Background Color
Paragraph Color Options
Header Color Options
Content Color Options
Footer Color Options
Breadcrumb SettingsFreePro
Breadcrumb Styling Options
Widget SettingsFreePro
Widget Title Ribbon
Widget Animations
Widget Styling Options
Widget Title Styling Options
List Item Styling Options
WooCommerce SettingsFreePro
Upsell Products Number
Upsell Products Per Row
Menu FeaturesFreePro
Social Menu
Footer Menu
Body Typography
Header Typography
Post Title Typography
Layout SettingsFreePro
Left Sidebar
RIght Sidebar
Full Width
Related Posts SettingsFreePro
Related Posts
Related Post Style23
Related Post From Categories
Related Post From Tags
Related Post Carousel
Number of Related Posts
Coumn Spacing between Post
Related Post Column
Related Post Carousel Autoplay
Related Post Carousel Navigation
Sidebar SettingsFreePro
Sidebar Background Color
Sticky Sidebar
Search SettingsFreePro
Search Result Style
Featured Image for Search Results
Suffice ToolkitFreePro
ST: Blog
ST: Button
ST: Call To Action
ST: Google Map
ST: Counter
ST: Featured Posts
ST: Iconbox
ST: Image
ST: Logo
ST: Portfolio
ST: Pricing Table
ST: Slider
ST: Team
ST: Testimonial
ST: Title

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