RestaurantPress Plugin allows you to create awesome restaurant menu for restaurant, bars, cafes in no time. You can follow the instruction below for more information on how to set up the plugin.


Installing your plugin is pretty easy! After downloading the plugin you should have file. This is a compressed file containing all off the required files.
  • Log in to your WordPress Dashboard->Plugins->Add New
  • On the next page, click the Upload Plugin button.
  • Choose the restaurantpress zip file and press Install Now button.
  • After installing, make sure you activate the plugin.

How to Add Menu Items

  • In your dashboard click on Menu Items->Add Menu Item
    • Give Menu Item name
    • Short Description of Menu Item
    • Click on Add New Menu Item Category and give it a Category
    • set the Item Price field
    • Upload an Featured Image for this Food Item
    • Click on Publish
Add New Menu Items
  • Repeat step first for other food items as well

How to set up Groups

Before telling you how to set up groups. Let us first tell what are Groups. Groups are simply a collection of Menu item Categories. It binds multiple menu item category under a single name. The advantage of creating group is that you can group different menu item categories and create as many group as you want. For example you want a special menu lists to be created for Christmas then you can create a new group called Christmas Menu and start adding food categories of your choice.
  • Go to Menu Items->Add Group
  • Give Menu a name. For example: Main Menu
  • Now under Group Data->General
    • Choose Layout type
    • Check Category Icon if you want to show category icon beside the Menu item category Name. Category Icon can be uploaded from Menu Items->Categories
    • Check Disable featured image if you don’t want to show menu item images.
    • Check Image Lightbox to show the food menu image on Light box
  • Under Group Data ->Grouping
    • Select Menu item Categories you would like to show under this Menu Group.
  • Click on Publish.
  • Now remember the group id. You can see the group id as shown below.

 How to show menu on your Post, Page

Now you have setup your menu items and groups. You can use the shortcode to show the menu in your page or post. First go to
  • Go to Page where you would like to show the Menu
  • Click on Insert Food Menu Icon on the editor
  • A Pop up box will appear asking for group id number.
Food menu popup
  • Enter the Group Id.
  • Click OK and the shortcode will appear on the page.
  • Publish your page and the menu will appear on your frontend.
If you have any confusion , find any bug then don’t hesitate to contact us