Plugin Developer (PHP) Internship

We’re looking for coding enthusiasts to take on the challenges of working with one of the nation’s leading WordPress organization, improving our products, and services while being backed by a world-class team of professionals!

Who are encouraged to apply?

Fresh graduates or students of 8 semester (If you are confident enough that you can manage full time 9AM-6PM from Monday to Friday)
Individual with technical knowledge and strong passion without any degree are also eligible to apply
Love to code more than anything else and are eager to learn new technologies and terms on daily basis
Good at communication, a team player with a bit of leadership skill (Time and experience will upgrade you to a new version)
Fast learner and a good mentor who loves to share new information with his colleagues
Willing to commit for at least 2 years

What we offer?

Theoretical and practical knowledge on various technologies: HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, WordPress
Certification and job offer
Dedicated and experienced mentors
Friendly team who are always ready to help
A serene working environment
In-house Table Tennis, Badminton Court, Carrom Board, Dart Board and Chess to play and enjoy the break time. (We conduct inter-office tournament time-to-time on different sports)
Lunch, snacks, unlimited tea, and coffee
Timely refreshment and outing programs
5 working days a week

What should you include in your resume?

GitHub link with projects you've completed
Recognizable photo

Things we expect you to prepare for interview

Basics of PHP or any programming language i.e Variables, Loops, Arrays, Sessions, etc.
Knowledge on Object Oriented Programming (OOP) concepts likes Access Modifiers, Namespaces, Abstraction, Inheritance, etc.
Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS with grasps on concepts like type of CSS Selectors, Specificity, Box Model, Flex & Grid, Media Queries
Knowledge of JS concepts like Events, Scope, Ajax, Promises & DOM manipulation
Basics of version control system like GIT

Bonus Point

Have done some practice projects and is uploaded on GIT (Team or college projects are not considered)
Experience with WordPress dashboard, plugins and themes
Knowledge on React concepts like States, Hooks, Es6 concepts, etc.
Can debug code and have basic knowledge about debugging processes

Note: We highly recommend you to learn topics as mentioned above and push things you practiced to GitHub.

Internship process

Our internship program duration is for 3 months. However, there will be a revaluation after the end of the 2nd month. Deserving and hard-working candidates might get a job placement before the end of the internship program. The program will continue as per schedule for the rest of the interns.

Remember! Only 6 seats are available among which a total of 3 worthy candidates will be selected.

Our projects

Real-world work on renowned project like: Everest Forms, User Registration
New exciting projects like: Masteriyo (WordPress LMS)
Future WordPress themes and plugins

Our plan for intern period

Introduction to company and WordPress
Getting familiar with our workflow with Git, Project Management Tools etc
How to gain insight in new things
How to communicate and work within the team
Deep understanding of PHP, Vanilla JS, HTML and CSS concepts
PHP for WordPress Development
Introducing our products
Important WordPress concepts: Gutenberg, Widgets, Customizer, Post Type, Using themes and plugins
Dive into product features planning, competitor analysis and team work
WordPress development concepts
WordPress plugin development
Debugging ideas
WordPress coding standards
WordPress coding security principles
Various projects to enhance webdevs skills
Tasks on real projects
Presentations on various topics as you learn things
Professional connections for lifetime
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