Zakra Theme Review 2021 – Is it the Best WordPress Business Theme?

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If you’re wondering whether Zakra is the best WordPress business theme for your website, then this Zakra theme review is just what you need right now.

Zakra is a modern free WordPress multipurpose theme that’ll help you create a beautiful and professional website in no time. It’s built with various niches in mind such as personal blogs, business websites, WooCommerce stores, and more.

Now, Zakra might be the perfect foundation to build your business website on as well.

That’s why we’ve prepared this detailed Zakra theme review so that you can decide if it’s the best option for your WordPress business website. So, let’s get started.

Introduction to Zakra Theme

Zakra WordPress Business Theme

Zakra is one of the best free WordPress themes that’s designed to make your website as beautiful and professional as possible. You can easily customize and modify the theme with the help of its customizer.

It’s a lightweight theme that’s built with a lightweight framework. This means you get a website with super fast performance. Also, it’s fully optimized for performance with proven results in Google, Pingdom, etc.  

Besides that, you get access to many free starter sites with Zakra. There are 65+ innovative demo sites that can be used for portfolio websites, business websites, WooCommerce stores, etc. You can also use them on niche-based sites such as Cafe, Spa, Education, Charity, Yoga, Wedding, Dentist, etc. 

Zakra Agency Demo

Moreover, Zakra is a fully responsive theme that looks beautiful on all devices, be it a desktop or mobile device.

Installation Process

To start off our Zakra theme review, let’s take a step-by-step look at its installation process.

Zakra WordPress business theme comes in both free and pro versions. You can easily install the free version from the WordPress dashboard or download it from Zakra’s official website. However, if you’re planning to install the pro version of Zakra, you’ll need to purchase it from the Zakra pricing page

Here, we’ll show you both of the installation processes for Zakra theme.

Install the Free Version of Zakra Theme

In order to install the free version of Zakra from your dashboard, you need to follow the steps that you use to install any WordPress theme.

First of all, log in to your WordPress dashboard and look for ‘Appearance’ on the left side of your screen. Hover your mouse pointer over it and click on ‘Themes’

Appearance to Themes

Now, you’ll be directed to the ‘Themes’ page. There, try to locate the ‘Add New’ button and click on it.

Add New Theme

After that, you’ll reach the ‘Add Themes’ page where you’ll see a ‘Search Themes’ box on the right side of your screen. Type ‘Zakra’ in the search box and you’ll see the Zakra theme appear in the search results.

Search Zakra

Now, simply hover your mouse cursor over the Zakra search result to see ‘Install’ and ‘Preview’ options there. If you want to preview the theme before installing it, you can just click on the ‘Preview’ option. Else, click on the ‘Install’ button and start the installation process. 

Install and Preview Zakra

After a few moments, you’ll see an ‘Activate’ button appearing there. Click on it to activate and start using the theme.  

Activate Zakra Theme

Hence, following these steps, you can easily install the free version of the Zakra WordPress multipurpose theme. 

For a better understanding, here’s a youtube video on how to install the free version of Zakra.

Install the Pro Version of Zakra Theme

As mentioned above, in order to install the pro version, you need to purchase Zakra Pro from its official site. This premium product will be available to you as a download. When you download it, it’ll be downloaded as a zip file. The zip file is a plugin file that you’ll install in the form of a plugin rather than a theme. 

That’s because Zakra Pro is a combination of ‘Zakra theme’ and ‘Zakra Pro Plugin’. So, you get the pro features in the form of ‘Zakra Pro Plugin’. It works on top of the free version of the Zakra theme and adds additional features and functionality. 

So, after installing the free version of Zakra, you need to install the ‘Zakra Pro Plugin’ you just downloaded in order to complete the installation of Zakra Pro. 

Simply find the ‘Plugins’ tab in the left menu of your WordPress dashboard and hover your cursor over it. Then, choose ‘Add New’ from the options.

Add Plugins

Now, you’ll reach the ‘Add Plugins’ page. There, look for the ‘Upload Plugin’ button and click on it. After that, a screen will appear with a ‘Choose File’ button. Click on it and select the Zakra Pro zip file that you downloaded earlier.

Now, to start the installation process, hit the ‘Install Now’ button. Then, click on the ‘Activate Plugin’ button to complete the process. 

Installing Zakra Pro

The next thing you’ll see a page where you need to enter the ‘License Key’. All you have to do is copy your license key from your Zakra account dashboard and paste it here. Then, click on the ‘Agree & Activate License’ button. That’s all.

License Key

Thus, you can install the free and pro versions of the Zakra WordPress business theme by carefully implementing the steps above.      

Zakra Features

Zakra WordPress multipurpose theme comes with a variety of features that makes it so powerful.

Naturally, you get multiple layouts and color options for styling your business website. But that’s just one of the many awesome features you’ll find in Zakra.

Zakra Feature

So next in this Zakra theme review, let’s look at some of its key features:

  • Search Engine Optimization: It’s SEO-friendly, meaning it’ll help your site content rank higher on search engines.
  • Optimized for Speed: The theme code is frequently updated so that the site loads in a minimum amount of time.
  • WooCommerce Integration: Since it’s integrated with the WooCommerce plugin, creating an online store on your site should be a breeze. 
  • Easy Customization: You can easily customize the theme using Zakra’s Customizer and Individual Page Settings.
  • Multiple Demos: More than 50 innovative demos are available to help you create a website of any niche.
  • One-click Demo Import: You can import free pre-built demos with a single click.
  • Widget Areas: You get access to 7+ widget areas from header to footer.
  • Boxed and Wide Layouts: Choose from a variety of layouts for your website.
  • Major Browser Compatible: Zakra is tested with all major browsers.
  • Translation Ready: Translate the theme easily into your native language.
  • Page Builder Support: Zakra supports major page builder plugins like Elementor, Brizy, etc. for a smooth page building experience.
  • Advanced Typography: Different typography options like font-family, variant, font-size, etc. are available.
  • Incredible Support: Zakra provides free support to free theme users via the support forum whereas Pro users get dedicated support through emails and support tickets.

Additional Features from the Pro Version

  • Advanced Header Features like Sticky Header, Transparent Header, Header Top Bar, etc.
  • Advanced Footer Features like Footer Widget Layouts, Scroll to Top, etc.
  • Additional Blog Layouts
  • Additional WooCommerce Features
  • Advanced Typography and Styling
  • More than 100 Options for Customization
  • 30+ Page Settings Options

So, these are some of the major features of the Zakra theme. You can start enjoying these features as soon as you install Zakra and import one of its demos to your WordPress website.

Verdict: Zakra is a flexible lightweight theme with a large collection of powerful features, perfect for any kind of website, including business sites.

Zakra Starter Sites

Zakra demos are the readymade starter sites that you can import to your website and customize later according to your preference. When you import demo content to your website, you don’t need to build your website from scratch which saves additional time and effort.

Zakra Demo Options

There are a total of 70 starter sites in Zakra, out of which, 40 are premium demos and 30 are free demos. You can easily import the free demos from the dashboard once you install the free Zakra WordPress multipurpose theme. But you’ll need to buy one of the paid plans for access to premium demos.

Before importing, you can preview it and see if the layout matches the vision of your business website or not.

The available demo options can be used for different websites such as:

  • Blog – 60 demos (23 Free and 37 Premium)
  • Business – 57 demos (25 Free and 32 Premium)
  • ECommerce – 8 demos (4 Free and 4 Premium)
  • Non-Profit – 6 demos (1 Free and 5 Premium)
  • One Page – 3 demos (2 Free and 1 Premium)
  • Portfolio – 5 demos (3 Free and 2 Premium)
  • Others – 45 demos (17 Free and 28 Premium) 

Also, the demos can be edited using Gutenberg and popular drag and drop builders like Brizy and Elementor. That’s why you’ll see that they’re categorized according to their compatibility with the page editors.

  • Brizy- 2 demos (1 Free and 1 Premium)
  • Elementor- 63 demos (25 Free and 38 Premium)
  • Gutenberg- 5 demos (4 Free and 1 Premium)

If you don’t find a suitable demo site for your business, you can even suggest one according to your requirement.

Suggest Zakra Demo Site

Verdict: Since Zakra is a multipurpose theme, it provides a variety of free and premium starter sites suitable for websites like blog, business, portfolio, online stores, etc.

Customizing Zakra

Zakra WordPress business theme is highly customizable, which helps you modify the theme demos to your liking. You just need to follow some simple steps and you can easily customize the Zakra theme. 

Just hover your mouse cursor over ‘Appearance’ and click on the ‘Customize’ option. 

Appearance to Customize

Now, you’ll reach the WordPress Customizer page. Here, you can see various customization options like:

  • Global- to change container, colors, background, sidebar layout, typography, button
  • Header- to modify side identity, header media, header top bar, header main area, header button, menu
  • Content- to change page header, blog/archive, single post, meta description
  • Footer- to modify the footer widgets, footer bottom bar, scroll to top
  • Menus- to modify the menu name and its location
  • Widgets- to add the widgets to footer one, footer two, footer three, footer four of your website
  • Homepage Settings- to modify your website homepage
  • Additional CSS- to customize your website appearance and layout by adding your own CSS code
Customization Options in Zakra Theme

You can use these options to customize all the contents of your imported demo site except the Homepage. Since the Homepage of the Zakra theme is made using the page builder plugin, you need to use a different method to modify it.

If you’re unsure how, you can refer to this article on how to customize the Zakra theme to make it a Pro website.

Verdict: Zakra WordPress multipurpose theme comes with a variety of customization options using which you can modify every aspect of your website in minutes.


You’ll need to use various WordPress plugins on your business website during its creation and maintenance. That means we must also discuss Zakra’s compatibility with third-party plugins in this Zakra theme review.

Well, the good news is that Zakra is compatible with major WordPress plugins. As we mentioned earlier, it has seamless integration with WooCommerce as well as page builder plugins like Brizy and Elementor. It’s also compatible with the Gutenberg editor

So, you can start building your eCommerce site using WooCommerce along with the Zakra theme. There are a total of six demos that are specially designed for an eCommerce site. Moreover, you can easily customize the pages of your WooCommerce website that use the Zakra theme. 

WooCommerce Integration

Similarly, Zakra is checked and tested with the Gutenberg block editor. The theme is denoted as a Gutenberg WordPress theme as it works perfectly with the editor.

 Verdict: Since Zakra is fully compatible with WordPress plugins like WooCommerce, Elementor, and Gutenberg editor, you’ll have no problem while implementing them on your site.

Pricing and Plans

This Zakra theme review would be incomplete without exploring Zakra’s pricing plans.

To start with, Zakra comes in both free and paid versions. You can easily install the free version from the WordPress dashboard as mentioned above in the installation process.

Zakra Pricing Plans

If you’re curious about the paid version, Zakra offers four different pricing plans. They are:

  • Developer- $699 (Lifetime), $299 (Annual) [Best Value]
  • Professional- $649 (Lifetime), $289 (Annual)
  • Personal Plus- $299 (Lifetime), $89 (Annual) [Popular]
  • Personal- $199 (Lifetime), $69 (Annual)

With the Developer plan you get:

  • Unlimited Sites License
  • Premium Support & Updates
  • 25+ Free Starter Demos
  • 30+ Premium Starter Demos
  • All Zakra Pro Features
  • Companion for Elementor Plugin
  • Future Plugins

With the Professional plan you get:

  • 10 Sites License
  • Premium Support & Updates
  • 25+ Free Starter Demos
  • 30+ Premium Starter Demos
  • All Zakra Pro Features
  • Companion for Elementor Plugin

With the Personal Plus plan you get:

  • 3 Sites License
  • Premium Support & Updates
  • 25+ Free Starter Demos
  • 30+ Premium Starter Demos
  • All Zakra Pro Features
  • Companion for Elementor Plugin

With the Personal plan you get:

  • 1 Site License
  • Premium Support & Updates
  • 25+ Free Starter Demos
  • All Zakra Pro Features

You’re free to choose the plan according to your requirements and budget.

Verdict: Zakra is available in both free and pro versions. For the paid version, you can choose from the different pricing plans available according to your need. The Personal plan is the most popular among Zakra users while the Developer plan offers the best value.


Now, you must also be curious about theme support. Rest assured, Zakra provides wonderful support to its users, be it free or paid.

In case you have any confusion or issue while using the theme, you can always chat with ‘Zakra Theme Team’ online from their official page. They are always ready to solve your queries.

Zakra Live Chat

As mentioned before, the ‘Free Theme Users’ can visit the free forum and fill up their queries. On the other hand, the ‘Premium Users’ can create a support ticket and explain their queries. You can find these options on the support page of the official theme website. 

Theme Users Query

The theme also has a collection of well-written docs in their Knowledgebase to help you set up the theme and understand its features. You can always visit their knowledgebase in case you get any issues while using the theme.

Zakra Docs

You can also find a Bug Report and Feature Request form in the support section. Using it, you can report any issue that you’re facing or request features that you want in the Zakra theme. 

Issue Form

Hence, you’re guaranteed to enjoy a smooth user experience with Zakra’s support while using the theme. 

Verdict: The Zakra team is dedicated to providing excellent support to both free and premium users. If you get any issues while using the theme, the team is always ready to help you.

Zakra Showcase 

Before we conclude our Zakra theme review, there’s one more thing we must discuss. And that’s the topic of how well-received Zakra is and the customer reviews it has garnered over the years.

Well, Zakra is a popular theme with 60,000+ active installations as of now.

Zakra WordPress Multipurpose Theme Showcase

It empowers 100+ new websites like blog, portfolio, business, etc. daily. Some of the websites that use the Zakra theme are:

Since Zakra is used by more than 60,000 users, let’s have a look at all the reviews it has received till date.

As per the Zakra theme review in the official WordPress website, a majority of the users have rated it with 5 stars.

Zakra Theme Review

This goes to show how much of a crowd-favorite Zakra really is. Most customers are satisfied with the theme, so much so that they recommend it to other users as well. 

Verdict: Zakra is loved and recommended by most of its users. So, there’s no doubt that it has a high rate of customer satisfaction.


Zakra is undeniably a great theme that you can use in your business website. And this Zakra theme review proves it.

First of all, it’s rich in features and comes with amazing demo options for various multipurpose websites, including your business site as well.

Furthermore, Zakra comes with a lot of customization options to help you modify your website any way you want. It’s also compatible with Elementor and Gutenberg editors through which you can easily customize the look of your website.

On top of that, majority of Zakra users are satisfied with their user experience and recommend it to other people. This proves that the Zakra theme is the best WordPress business theme that you can use on your website.

With that said, it’s time to wrap up this Zakra theme review. We hope this helps you make an informed decision.

But before you go, we suggest you read up on the best finance themes and agency themes to explore more of your options. Also, we kindly request you to share this article on your social network. 


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