WordPress Vs Blogger Vs Wix – Top 3 Blog Platforms Compared


Want to start your own personal blog?

You might have wondered:

“Can I create a free blog?”

“What is the best blogging platform?”

“Are there free blog sites to start a free blog/ website?”

If you have ever come across these questions, this post will be definitely helpful to you.
And, yes you can create a personal blog/ website completely free of cost using one of the free blog sites/ platforms. There are many blogging platforms but this post will talk about only the 3 most popular free blog sites.

Precisely, it’s the comparative review of the 3 best free blogging platforms which are used by millions of bloggers around the world.  You will learn how to start a blog on each platform, pros, and cons which will help you to choose the most appropriate blogging platform for yourself.

Choosing a FREE blog platform – Things you should know

First of all, choosing free blog platform is an easy but bold decision.

You don’t need to worry about setup and hosting which will be readily done for you. That’s not all you get a domain name too – all of them free of cost.

However, you cannot get a custom domain name (like mysamplesite.com) but a shared domain name (like mysamplesite.wordpress.com).

Actually, there are some limitations with free blog sites that restrict you from certain types of freedom. In actual terms, you have less control over your website, fewer customization options and you cannot monetize a blog created on free platforms.

Despite all, some of the free blogging platforms allow you to upgrade your website for professional use. You can create a custom domain name and also earn money from your blog if you are creating consistent content.

Therefore, you must choose a blogging platform according to the type of content you create now and in the future. If you think that you may want changes on your site or make it more professional, it’s good to choose a platform that allows you upgrading options.

You can have a quick look at the overall summary of the 3 free blog sites on the table below. However, it’d be better to choose one after reading the complete overview of each of them.

Best FREE Blogging Platforms: Blogger Vs WordPress Vs Wix

wpcom-best-free-blog-site blogger-best-blogging-platform-free wix-free-blog-site-to start-new-blog
WordPress Blogger Wix
Ease of use 8/10 9/10 7/10
User-friendly Yes Yes Yes
Mobile responsive Yes Yes Yes
Hosting FREE (WordPress.com subdomain) FREE (BlogSpot.com subdomain) FREE (Wix.com subdomain)
Site Address Mysamplesite.wordpress.com Mysamplesite.blogspot.com Username.wix.com/mysamplesite
Custom domain option Yes, On Premium Plans by WordPress Yes, Buy a Custom domain from third party domain providers Yes, On Premium Plans by Wix
Updates and New features Frequently Rarely Frequently
Support Good Okay Good
Social media integration Yes Yes Yes
Visit Visit and start a blog Visit and start a blog Visit and start a blog

1. WordPress

WordPress.comI’m pretty sure that you have heard enough about WordPress. It is doubtlessly the most popular blogging platform which has evolved as the most popular content management system and a powerful platform for all types of websites.

That’s not all…. WordPress is considered as the most simple and beginner-friendly platform. Anyone without coding knowledge can easily start a blog on WordPress platform.

Yet, you might get confused with two flavors of WordPress: WordPress.com and WordPress.org. In general terms, WordPress.com is fully hosted while WordPress.org is the self-hosted version that requires you to set up and host on your own. To learn more about the two forms of WordPress, read this article.

To start a blog on WordPress.org platform, you need to buy hosting and domain. There are thousands of WordPress themes free and also premium themes for this platform.

Focused on the normal users, I will discuss only WordPress.com platform here.

How to start your blog on WordPress.com?

  • Just hit the ‘Get Started’ button and you will come to the 1st step out of 5 steps.
  • Choose one of the 4 layouts provided: A list of my latest posts, A welcome page for my site, A grid of my latest posts, or An online store.  That’s all you do in step 1.
  • Step 2 – You can choose a theme. If you want to preview them, just right click on the theme you want to preview and take a look at the demo. Demo is just how your website will look.
  • Step 3 – It is where you can find a domain name. You will get a shared domain name like samplename.wordpress.com for free. Try out the name you want in the domain search box. If you want a custom domain name, you can still type there (You have to pay for this).
  • Step 4 – You can choose a hosting plan in step 4. If you choose the free plan, you will get a WordPress.com subdomain. If you want a custom domain name, you can pick any of the 3 plans available as per your need.
  • Step 5 – You will get a ‘Create your account’ form where you must insert your email address, username, and a password. Just hit ‘Go’.
  • Then, you’ll instantly get a confirmation link in your email inbox. Click on ‘Confirm Now’.
  • Now login with the username and password you set in step 5. Then start customizing.

If you have any confusion customizing the theme, go the themes, find the theme you have used, open the description page where you’ll find how to customize the theme.

That’s all.


  • No setup required, free hosting and domain (WordPress.com subdomain)
  • Easy to use, beginner-friendly
  • Security checked by WordPress.com – Jetpack essential features
  • Hundreds of free themes


  • Limited options to extend or modify your blog
  • You cannot use custom plugins.
  • You cannot monetize your blog, cannot add ads and earn money.
  • Technically, you don’t have ownership over your blog as your blog works as one of WordPress.com subdomains. Your site can be suspended anytime for the violation of the terms.


You can create a simple and basic blog with WordPress.com’s free plan. And, it’s fine as you can upgrade your website to its premium plans anytime as your blog grows more popular.

Start a blog on WordPress.com FREE

2. Blogger

Bloggerdotcom-Create a unique and beautiful blogBlogger is yet another most user-friendly free blog sites to start a blog. Blogger is super-easy as it is a Google-owned platform which was formerly known as BlogSpot. With a quick and easy integration with your Google profile, you can instantly start a new website within minutes.

How to start your blog on Blogger.com?

  • Creating a blog on Blogger is as easy as signing in your email. Click on ‘Create your blog’, then insert your Google email address and password.
  • There you go – A small pop-up window will appear where you can insert title of your blog and set an address like ‘mysampleblog.blogspot.com’. Then choose a template as per the content you want to publish: Simple, Dynamic Views, Picture Window, etc.  You can change the title, address, and template later.
  • You are almost done with a new blog – you just need to create posts and publish them.
  • Click on view blog and you’ll see you blog already online. Up next, you may want to make some changes to the design of your blog. You were provided just a few templates while creating your blogger account but there are plenty of options now.
  • Go to ‘Template‘ option and you will see the template that is currently active on your blog. You will see how it looks on desktops and mobile devices. Just below the demo, you will find ‘customize’ and ‘edit HTML’ button for making changes to the active template. You can go for ‘Edit HTML’ option if you are HTML friendly.
  • Besides, you can also change the template. If you have used simple template earlier, now you can use any template from Dynamic Views, Picture Window, Watermark, Travel, etc as per your need. As you click on the template, you can preview how your blog may look like on the template. If you like, click on ‘Apply to blog’.
  • Furthermore, there are other easy to use options to customize your blog.


  • Blogger is simple – simplicity is the best thing about this platform.
  • No setup required, free hosting and domain (BlogSpot.com subdomain)
  • Security enhanced by Google
  • You can earn money via Google AdSense.


  • Limited options to modify and customize, limited templates
  • If your site grows and you want to upgrade, there are no options to upgrade – migrating to another platform is quite confusing.
  • You can no complete authority over your blog which is why your blog can be suspended anytime.
  • Less support, fewer updates and new features


If you want a basic, easy and simple blog without bigger future plans, it’s a perfect platform to start your personal blog.

Start a blog on Blogger.com FREE

3. Wix

wixdodcom-Free Website Builder-Create a Free WebsiteWix is yet another amazing blogging platform for creating stunning websites. With plenty of easy drag and drop templates and free site hosting, Wix is one of the best free blog sites to start a new blog. It is user-friendly yet it may take a while for the beginners to come through multiple features.

How to start your blog on Wix.com?

  • First of all, click on ‘Start Now’ which will direct you to a login page. As you are new to Wix, click on ‘Sign Up’ which you can find below ‘Log In’.
  • Insert your email address twice and set a password, insert it again to confirm. Now you can choose what type of website you want to create: business, designer, photography, blog, etc.
  •  You can select blog or any other, then you will be taken to a page with two website creating options: Create with Wix ADI or Wix Editor. Wix ADI is Wix’s Artificial Design Intelligence which can create a unique design for you based on the information you provided. While Wix Editor provides drag and drop editor. As a beginner, you can select and Wix ADI and proceed.
  • Then, you will come across a page where you can choose your taste: minimal, clean, serene, classic, horizon or chic. That’s all, Wix ADI will do the task for you – creates your homepage.
  • Now you have your homepage readily designed. To add custom content and customize further, simply click on the section you want to customize and a customization box will appear on the left. Customize as you want.
  • Next, click on the ‘Publish’ button which the final step to go online. It has two options: FREE Wix.com domain or a customized domain. Choose the free option and your website is live now. You can view your site online and the site address looks like username.wix.com/mysamplesite.


  • Beautiful designs created by Wix ADI or easy to use drag and drop site builder
  • Plenty of design templates available – about 500 templates available.
  • When your site becomes popular, you can anytime upgrade with the premium plan.


  • Limited features and customization options, you cannot change the template later.
  • Free Wix blog shows Wix ads on your site.
  • You have no complete authority over your blog which is why your blog can be suspended any time.


Wix is a good platform for medium-level users who have time and patience to create a website. There are a sheer number of designs available to choose from so that beginners may remain perplexed anytime. Besides, upgrading options make it ideal for business owners.

Start a blog on Wix.com FREE

Final Thoughts

And yes, all these three blog sites are cool enough to start a new blog.

If you are already using any of the platforms, feel free to leave a comment below.

Want to create a complete website, view the best CMS platforms compared.

Sunita Rai

Sunita is a WordPress lover, digital marketing, SEO, and blogging enthusiast. Apart from copywriting, she loves travel, music, and adventures. She is a passionate learner and a dreamer. Follow her on Twitter .

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  1. Really amazing post with much helpful information. Thank you very much for writing great stuff about web hosting services for us.

  2. Thank you for sharing great Inside from all Blogging platform. It is very well explained & shows path to decide right one with connecting to site as well.

    1. Hello Okonmah. All the platforms mentioned in the article provide free hosting and amazing layouts. Thanks!

    1. Yes, but you are still limited to what kind of monetizing you can do on their platform and it varies depending on the plan you have with them.

  3. I started with SimpleSites then switched to WIX. I am afraid I cannot compare it to either Blogger or WordPress (even though both were highly recommended), I never bothered after I discovered WIX. I really love my website and my blog page. I found it so easy to use, much better than anything I tried to use before. Updating and designing it myself, with all of their options available, made me want to get into coding and graphic design. I have paid for the premium user package because it was the only way to start my websites up the way I wanted. I am, however, having a couple of minor difficulties with my mailbox, and sometimes it takes a few clicks of the same thing to update the SEO – A big issue is that my site doesn’t look well on mobile view, and the WIX app is going to take a lot more time to understand as it’s so confusing – otherwise, I don’t think I would ever switch from WIX, mostly because of how long I am using it and the time I spent getting to know how to. Plus the sites you can create from it are genuinely stunning.

  4. Thanks for this great article! WordPress all the way! I prefer its versatility much more compared to the other two platforms.

  5. I have a question. I have used Blogger for years in my classroom, but I would like to take another step up as I find Blogger to be basic with hardly any updates. I like Wix a lot and may choose this platform as my personal blog, but someone informed me that to read the blog off your phone you must have the Wix app on your phone. Is this accurate because this may discourage a lot of people from subscribing.

    1. Hello Bob,
      Yes, it is possible to view the Wix blogs from your phone itself without the Wix app. However, some of them might be unresponsive when you view them from your mobile phone. Hope this helps! 🙂

  6. Both WordPress and Wix are good for web development and they have their own features and functionality. However, some terms separate them as a website builder platform like hosting, troubleshooting, themes, plugin, pricing.

  7. Good post. I test WP and Blogger. I choose Blogger, which is more intuitive and doesn´t have so many restrictions like WP. And, even with limitations in templates, we can find good and modern third part themes for Blogger, all we have to do is looking around. 🙂

  8. Hello Sumit,
    We are glad that you liked this article on the free blogging platforms. 🙂

  9. This information is very useful. I am looking for the differences between these three platform for a long day, Now I know the about it. As I work on Wix I need to know this information. Thanks again Sunita Rai.

    1. Hello Jannatil,
      We are very glad that you found this article on the free blogging platforms helpful. 🙂

  10. I just have one comment. I have created sites on wix before and you can in fact change your template. It’s not the most beginner friendly but if you really want your blog to look a certain way, this is the easiest site to do it on if you have no coding knowledge (like myself haha).

    1. Hello Aiesha,
      Yes, you can change the template in Wix but you’ll have to create a new website or rebuild the entire one completely as it allows users to create as many free websites as wanted.
      Although, everyone have their own opinion. But, it’s great to know that you found Wix the easiest free blogging platform. 🙂

  11. Hello sunita,
    Thank you so much for such a beautiful comparison between WordPress, Blogger & Wix. Well I must say that it helped me in choosing a platform for my site so cheers i am now using wordPress for my site.

    Keep up the good work!!!

    1. Hello Rahul,
      We are really pleased to know that this article on free blogging platforms helped you choose one. 🙂

  12. Thank you for the useful information. I’ve chosen WordPress from this list as the cost-free option. It can be really a universal platform for bloggers, freelancers etc.

    1. Hello Stan,
      We are glad that this article was helpful for you to choose WordPress. 🙂

  13. I have used blogger for a while, had many views on blogger, I am deciding which is better though, blogger or wordpress, of whcih i used too, I’m not sure which i want to use ido wan to install videos! I have no verifiable site at this point

    1. Hello Les,
      Both the free blogging platforms, Blogger as well as WordPress are quite good enough. You can also install the videos in both of them. So, you can use either of them. But, since you have been using blogger, we would suggest you stick with it. However, you can switch to WordPress if you want more templates.

  14. After creating wix as a blogger,I find it very interesting and willing as it makes my job easier and more efficient

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  17. Awesome. I have been using wix since 2014. I think they are awesome. They maybe a bit pricey in terms of upgrading to a premium class but nevertheless, it is worth the cost. Thanks for a detailed insight.

  18. Superb. I really enjoyed very much with this article here. Really it is an amazing article I had ever read. I hope it will help a lot for all. Thank you so much for this amazing posts and please keep update like this excellent article.thank you for sharing such a great blog with us. expecting for your..

  19. Thank you so much for sharing this article. I am currently doing some research on social media on how to drive traffic to my website on Wix. I just wasn’t sure what constituted a blog platform. You have given me the confidence that my choice to go with Wix was the best one for me.Now I can continue my research with confidence as I build up my business. Thank you!

    1. I started off with Simplesite then switched to Blogger. I don’t think it deserves a 9/10 as I have a lot of problems with their functions mainly the link not working at all and I can’t upload more then 1 photo at a time. These features worked well when I first started 4 years ago but I am finding it getting very chunky to use now. It also is crashing a lot . Great for beginner to intermediate bloggers and very simple formats eg diary form. Quite easy to use. Analytics improving. Very few upgrades.

  20. I don’t know how up-to-date this list is, but I followed the advice of many to try WordPress and was really frustrated by its limitations in the free part. You cannot embed iframes which means no Youtube, no Tweets, no Facebook posts, etc. Javascripts are also out of the question. The variety of themes is lovely of course, and if you only plan to do text or photos it is fine. Blogger does not have that flexibility in themes but it also has none of those aforementioned restrictions, so I chose it instead.

  21. Cannot comment on WordPress since I’ve not used them in many years. However, I just tried Wix for the first time & I was not impressed. They limit your bandwidth to 500MB a month. For most people this is not a problem, but if your blog becomes even “somewhat” popular you will be forced to pay. Though they have more creative options than Blogger, I find their page designer rather slow & cumbersome. I’ll stick with Blogger which I find faster & easier to use.

    1. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. If you can manage some time, please try WordPress as well. Who knows you may love it. 🙂

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    I am not a developer or whatever it is called, and has only used Wix. I just want to ask how can you create a news site. like huffpost or similar? Thanks in advance

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