What is VIP? And Is It Worth The Investment? Full Review 2020

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While we have always talked about what’s new in WordPress and what is trending, today we wanted to take a step back and talk about something that has been around for quite a while now. WordPress VIP, a premium option provided for the users of A topic of debate throughout the years, today we too wanted to join in the discussion and actually see if it truly is worth the investment?

Although released as a simple online blogging platform, it has managed to divulge into every online sector developing and constantly improving user experiences. Thus, WordPress is now one of the leading CMS platform now hosting almost 30% of all the internet. And when it comes to WordPress, there are plenty of variations and options for eg:,, self-hosted WordPress and our topic of discussion today: WordPress VIP. Now for a more thorough look into the topic, here is the Table of Contents we will be dealing with today!What is VIP & Is It Worth The Investment? Key Benefits and Additional Features Compared! Full Review 2020! Share it with your audience today 🙂 #wordpress #wordpressvip #wordpressvipreview… Click To Tweet

Table Of Contents:

Introduction & Background

Let’s start off by getting a better understanding of what exactly is WordPress VIP? To keep it simple, WordPress VIP is a managed cloud WordPress hosting services designated for huge scale business and enterprise firms. It is a high-end platform which caters to your needs with amazing flexibility, scalability, security, support, diverse technologies all to reach your business goals. The crucial difference, however, unlike and this platform runs on

Automattic first released it as a premium option for since late 2007. While already hosted millions of sites throughout the internet, WordPress VIP was launched to serve higher profile and traffic gaining site with additional flexibility and premium services. Basically, it is aimed at sites who gets several million page views monthly.

Benefits of Using WordPress VIP:

Now that we have cleared out what exactly WordPress VIP aims for, let’s talk about the benefits one would get when using it as their preferred platform. To sum up, here are the key points to consider.

1. Fully Managed WordPress Platform: VIP is a fully managed WordPress hosting platform which means that it takes care of everything from the hosting to the security to an unmatched performance. However, that’s not the only plus point. As it is aimed at higher scaled sites, it comes with tons of additional premium features to cater to the needs. To ensure optimal performance, it automates hourly backups and even updated for the core software. In addition to this, users can also view and manage the uptime and performance monitoring.


Not to mention the high-level security and scanning ensuring a reliable platform. The whole infrastructure is custom built and follows the WordPress security best practices. Any websites within this easily block all of the brute forces and any other security-based attacks as all of the codes are reviewed manually.

Another great thing about using WordPress.VIP is that it features amazing scalability which easily handles massive traffic spikes in a breeze. To sum up, it is a FULLY MANAGED HOSTING PLATFORM which takes care of everything for you and your site without you having to spend hours of time and effort.

2. Deployment Of Codes:

WordPress VIP follows the pre-deploy code review process. This means that every line of codes are vetted by the staff members before their deployment. But this has both its upside and downside. The upside is that since every line of codes applied for any changes will always result in quality coding and efficient. However, the downside to this is that sometimes this process may take time and delay the changes before officially going live.

3. Assessment & Planning:

Talking about a thorough assessment and review process, the VIP plan usually starts off with very detailed planning to ensure optimal performance. Once you decide to join, the VIP team will go through your website and discuss with your team in-depth planning and strategizing the next move. They also help you and your team decide the best theme or design to go with your company goals and requirements. However, if you already have your theme developed specifically for the project, they will access each line of the codes to ensure the compatibility and to ensure its coding and security standards are up to par. This also applies to every custom codes you have applied and also for any third-party plugins you decide to implement.

planning & Assessment wordpress VIP

4. Targeted Training:

Another great advantage to start with WordPress VIP is surely their amazing support and guidance throughout your journey with them. Once everything is ready to go, the VIP team dedicate themselves to train you and your teammates about all the possibilities with them. This includes the overall introduction and usage of the platform, security and the overall site’s performance. But that’ not all! The training also extends its reach towards the editing and publishing team so that they can achieve most out of the CMS and their effective publishing features.

Key Differences Between Self Hosted WordPress & WordPress VIP!

To understand more of the features, let’s break it down into the key differences between WordPress VIP and a normal self-hosted WordPress site. If you want, we have also discussed the key differences between & that you can check out before moving onto the table below. VIP Self Hosted WordPress

Fully Managed Hosting Platform where servers host your blog for you without any hassle.

Self-Hosted Platform where the site owner needs to find and pay for third-party hosting service.
Security & Backup Unmatched security with SSL security and manual code review. Depending on the price up to unlimited bandwidth, storage, & CDN All of these depends on the hosting service you opt for. For extra security, you are free to get the help of third-party security plugins.
Themes A limited number of themes to choose from. Any custom theme or design will also undergo serious review before any changes go Live. Unlimited free & premium themes to choose from theme repository or other sites like Codecanyon & Themeforest.
Customizing Options Limited customizing options for users to maintain quality control and legality. However, users can add in custom CSS manually, which will go through the review process before going Live. With unlimited themes, there are unlimited possibilities of customizing and more freedom to do so. It includes Live Customizer which you can use to edit and view any of the changes you make Live as you go.
Plugins All of the third-party plugins all undergo serious pre-deploy review making it more effective and efficient. However, the extent of the numbers is comparatively less than the official repository. A huge range of third-party plugins both free and paid to extend features are available.
Pricing Range From $5000 to $25000 per month depending on the requirements of a site. Price depends on the hosting, domain name, premium plugins & themes enabled.
Additional Features Planning, strategizing and training according to a specific site’s needs. Features blazing fast speed delivered with the 20 data centers all over the world. Strict coding standards. Best suited for large businesses and extremely high-traffic websites. Suited for all level of sites. Extremely versatile with customizing options and easy to work with

Key Similarities Between Self Hosted WordPress & WordPress VIP!

Now that we have talked about the major differences, let’s talk about the similarities. While and might not have a lot in common, it seems that there are more similarities in these scenarios. This might help the users get the idea of what you get on both the platforms and compare the differences before indulging on either of the platforms.

Firstly, both these platforms provide the site owners the flexibilities to change their site’s domain to a custom domain. On both platforms, users need to pay an additional sum for this feature. However, it still is one of the key similarity.

The uptime of the self-hosted site usually relies on the hosting service they choose. However, it is likely that the users will choose one of the notable and reliable third-party hosts. So if we take note of that, then we can say that both these platforms provide a reliable uptime.

Talking about the popularity and notable client rosters then both these platforms have billions of users all over the world. Both these platforms have a great team dedicated to bettering the user experience and includes skilled professionals to deal with the development. Thus, based on the specific company needs and requirements both can be a secure and reliable platform to start a business or blog.

Pricing Of WordPress VIP!

This is still a mystery as to how it actually works, as there is no official pricing page for VIP. But according to some reliable sources, VIP Cloud Hosting ranges usually from $5000 to $25000 per month. This also applies for up to 5 sites with $5000 set-up fee. For this price, the site owners will have access to unlimited storage, bandwidth, CDN and even dedicated support. And because of this pricing structure and the services included, this is suitable for enterprise-level sites. Some notable names who already are a member are Facebook, Spotify, Quartz, USA Today and TechCrunch.


So with all of the comparison and overall reviews from all over, VIP is a pretty decentplatform aimed at high traffic sites. Although limited freedom with customizing and adding third-party themes and plugins, it ensures an extremely high level of security. Comparatively, the pricing might sound a bit expensive than other self-hosted sites. However, with the amount of flexibility and scalability, it seems fit that it costs that much. As it also handles maximum traffic spikes with ease, this is the best fit for sites with at least several million page views per month.

This post is solely dedicated to help users find the correct platform and in no way is meant to recommend one over the other. 🙂

Thus this, concludes our post today about WordPress VIP. Hope we have listed out everything that might come in handy for those looking for answers. But we do value your feedback! So do let us know down in the comment section below what you think of this post? If we missed out anything, let us know so we can add in those points as well! And before ending this, we wanted to add in a glimpse of what else we have in store for you! If this article was worth a read for you, why not check out some more of our posts that might be interesting for you?


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