6 Best WordPress User Registration & Profile Plugins for 2022

Best WordPress User Registration Plugins

Looking for the best WordPress user registration plugin for your site? Look no more, because in this article, we’ve mentioned the best WordPress user login and registration plugins. 

A WordPress user registration plugin provides you a brilliant way to create stunning registration pages so that website visitors can register and make their profile. On top of that, you can assign custom user roles to the registered users.

That’s not all. There are multiple advantages of custom WordPress registration forms which we’ve discussed below. 

Why Use User Registration Plugins on Your WordPress Site? 

First of all, let us explain a little bit about WordPress default user registration. The default registration form only has two fields: Username and Email. There’s no way to collect detailed information on your users through extra fields without tapping into some coding.

Default Registration Form

That’s why this registration system may not be ideal if you want to collect more user information or want more features like custom user profiles.

And this is exactly why you would want to have a custom user registration plugin installed on your website.

A WordPress registration plugin enables you to add extra fields to a custom registration form to retrieve valuable information on website visitors.

In addition, users can create and manage the ‘My Account‘ page on their own as per their wish. Therefore, a WordPress registration plugin also serves as a WordPress profile builder.

Apart from that, here are some more advantages of installing a user login and registration plugin:

  • With the help of the user registration plugin, you can easily create eye-pleasing user registration pages so that more visitors are likely to subscribe.
  • Since many user registration plugins provide integration with email marketing tools, you can send your latest product, promotional content, discount offers, etc. to registered users.
  • As the website admin, you can carefully organize the new users on your site. You can collect information about the users by creating custom fields.
  • User registration plugins make the user registration process secure as you can use verification links and reCAPTCHA in the forms.
  • If you’re accepting guest posts, a user registration plugin can help you a great deal. You can set the user role as ‘Contributor‘ which allows the users to create a post on their own and submit it for review. 

With that said, let’s move on to the list of the best user registration and profile plugins without further delay.

6 Best WordPress User Registration Plugins

1. User Registration

User Registration Plugin

The first plugin on our list is User Registration by WPEverest. It’s one of the best free WordPress plugins for user registration and login. It allows you to create a stunning registration form in no time. 

Additionally, the plugin has a clean and user-friendly UI (User Interface) so that even beginners can set up and build feature-rich custom registration forms. Moreover, it provides shortcodes that you can use anywhere in your posts and pages

The plugin has a drag and drop interface hence, you can easily drag and drop custom fields as per your requirement. Most noteworthy, the plugin enables you to create grid-like multi-column and multi-row forms easily. 

Key features

  • Create WooCommerce registration forms
  • Email notifications for admins and users
  • Google reCAPTCHA support
  • Export form data as CSV files
  • Prevent core login

Price: Free or $69/year for a Personal Plan

2. Ultimate Member

Ultimate Member User Registration Plugin

Ultimate Member is a brilliant WordPress plugin for front-end user registration, login, and beautiful user profiles.  The plugin has simple yet a powerful user dashboard.  

In addition, it offers advanced features and functionalities in a simple and user-friendly manner. It’s indeed an outstanding piece of work – lightweight and highly extensible at the same time.

Moreover, as you install the plugin, it adds 7 sample pages on your WordPress website (Account, Login, Logout, Members, Password Reset, Register, and User). Therefore, it’s half the work done with just the plugin activation. 

Key features

  • Conditional logic for form fields
  • SEO-optimized plugin
  • Import and export options available
  • Custom user roles
  • Appearance menu in advanced color and design options

Price: Free or $249/year for Extensions Pass

3. Profile Builder

Profile Builder WordPress User Registration Plugin

Profile Builder is yet another powerful user registration and user profile plugin for WordPress. The plugin enables you to add a front-end registration menu on your WordPress website easily with the shortcodes or widgets

Along with the shortcodes, the plugin adds a widget named ‘Profile Builder Login Widget‘ which you can add to your widget areas. 

Furthermore, the plugin features front-end recovery password, admin user approval, email confirmation, minimum password length, strength meter, etc. There are multiple free add-ons available for extending the plugin’s functionalities. You can find more advanced features and premium add-ons with the plugin’s premium plans.

Key features

  • Admin bar setting – choose user roles to view the admin bar from the front-end
  • Edit and manage default and extra fields
  • Bundle of free and premium add-ons
  • Highly customizable user login widgets
  • Choose to log in with only username, email, or both

Price: Free or $69/year for a Single Site License

4. ProfilePress

ProfilePress WordPress Plugin

Perfected with a package of splendid features and a simple user interface, ProfilePress offers a great solution for adding custom user registration forms and user profiles. Additionally, the plugin enables you to create login and password reset forms as well as member directories to manage your users effectively.

Meanwhile, you can replace the default registration and login pages with the custom registration and login forms you built using ProfilePress. The plugin also lets you customize the email templates you send out to admins and users. You can also enable social login and passwordless login through its premium add-ons.

Key features

  • Restrict access to admin dashboard based on user roles
  • Customize pre-built templates
  • Block spam with Akismet
  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
  • Google reCAPTCHA support

Price: Free or $79/year for a Standard Plan

5. RegistrationMagic

RegistrationMagic WordPress User Registration Plugin

Magical and magnificent as the name, RegistrationMagic is a great WordPress plugin for creating user registration, login, and simple contact forms. You can accept payments, enforce registration security, and assign user roles through these forms. You can then replace the default WordPress registration page with your custom registration forms.

Furthermore, the free plugin provides shortcodes for three ready-to-use sample forms which you can simply copy and paste into your custom pages. In addition, the plugin allows you to analyze every WordPress user registration form and submission using built-in graphs, charts, and tables. 

Key features

  • Auto-generate password
  • Magic popup button
  • Google reCAPTCHA keys
  • Powerful user-area and front-end views
  • Set form submission deadline

Price: Free or $89 for a Single Site License

6. Pie Register

Pie Register WordPress Plugin

Pie Register is a WordPress user registration plugin through which you can easily add user registrations to your website. It’s filled with awesome features like membership fees, 2-step authentication, block users, and role-based redirection.

Moreover, this plugin also has a drag and drop interface. So, it’ll be very easy to customize the appearance and the form fields of your registration form. 

Furthermore, it also has an invitation-only registration feature. This can be very helpful to let the users register only if you send them an invitation. So, unwanted spam registrations can be easily prevented on your website.

Key features

  • Conditional logic for forms
  • PayPal standard
  • Customizable login security
  • Email notifications
  • Unlimited registration forms

Price: Free or $29.99 for Advance Plan

Wrapping It Up!

What the default WordPress registration and login forms lack is made up for by a good WordPress user registration plugin. Besides creating custom registration and login forms, such plugins also enable you to accept payments, analyze form submissions, assign user roles, send email notification, block spam, etc.

The plugins we’ve listed include all of these exciting features and so much more. So, pick one and get started!

If you’re confused, we recommend User Registration. You won’t need a line of code to build beautiful user registration forms and user profiles with this plugin.

And if you own a WooCommerce website, it’ll help you set up a custom WooCommerce registration form with shipping and billing address in no time.

Apart from user registration plugins, you can explore other must-have WordPress plugins to create a WordPress website with ease.

If you’re interested, you can learn more about WordPress and all the tools it offers through our blog. Also, follow us on Twitter and Facebook and stay tuned for more helpful articles. 

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