Best WordPress Testimonial Slider Plugins to use for 2020


There’s nothing that sets a positive status for your websites like a good user comment or review. Whether you’re selling products or services or blogging or working on Freelancing, it’s important to highlight your previous customer’s experiences with your website, especially if it’s a positive experience. Essentially, this is the job fulfilled by a WordPress Testimonial slider plugin.

A Testimonial slider is simply an interactive slider that compiles all your user quotes and reviews in a single place in an enjoyable fashion. This slider is often accompanied with ratings, additional comments and contact details of the reviewer. This essentially provides you with a minimalistic way of showing that your product has worked well with different users and what various customers think about your products.

It’s important to understand that user reviews can almost be essential these days for any kind of product. Furthermore, since the market has become so competitive for any commodity or service on the planet, people won’t generally trust any organization or business without finding out what other customers think about them. A Testimonial showcase plugin eases up the task for your users to find reviews about your products and essentially works as a marketing tool for you. Moreover, there are so many great plugins available on WordPress that it would be just a shame to not try them out.

Thus, we’ve compiled you this list of the best WordPress Testimonial Slider plugins available for free. Feel free to check them all out and choose the one that fits you perfectly. Moreover, if you have any recommendations or addition to our list, feel free to list them out on our comments section!

Best WordPress Testimonial Slider plugins in 2020

1) Testimonial Rotator

wordpress testimonial slider plugin -testimonial rotator

Testimonial Rotator provides an easy to use interface to help you setup impressive testimonial displays without any trouble. This free WordPress testimonial slider plugin works by creating custom post types complete with WordPress admin fields for easy customization. Enable intuitive sliders all over your website using dedicated shortcodes and widgets.

Similarly, The rotator itself can be fully configured and can be customized with call-to-action buttons, alignment and size properties, star ratings and more. Use tons of personalization options for the quotes slider. This includes transition effects, randomizations, and more. For better management of your website, you can also choose which roles can access the rotator menu too.

Key features:

  • Fully manageable slider settings.
  • Customizable buttons and alignment management.
  • Star ratings and author information fields.
  • Widget ready and shortcodes enabled.
  • Role-based features for adding more sliders.

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2) Easy Testimonials

wordpress testimonial slider plugin - easy testimonial slider

Easy testimonials, like its name suggests, is an easy to enable WordPress testimonial slider plugin that is very flexible. Made to be Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0 compatible, this excellent plugin is sure to work for your website without any issue at all. Easily enable an intuitive WordPress slider all over your website using dedicated widgets and shortcodes. Using Easy testimonials you can preview quotes random user reviews or sliders which are all easy to customize and embed.

Customize your quotes with various effects; Easy testimonials lets you add in fading or sliding animation to your testimonials as well. Similarly, you can also enable your customer testaments with specific images, page links, and more. Additionally, you can also create Testimonial categories to make adding and editing them even easier.  Furthermore, The sliders created by this plugin are all responsive and adapt easily to any kind of display size and resolution.

Key features:

  • Responsive, easy to enable Review slider.
  • Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0 compatible.
  • Customizable sliders with transition effects.
  • Dedicated testimonial categories features.
  • Easy to embed on various site elements and pages/posts.

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3) Testimonial Add

wordpress testimonial slider plugin - free testimonial slider plugin

Testimonial Add is a free to use WordPress tool made to help you create modern testimonials and review sliders for your website. This easy to use WordPress quote slider plugin that is extremely lightweight, touch-screen friendly and responsive. Moreover, the sliders can be fully customized using various color choices and layouts. Add more beauty to your user reviews using cool slider transition effects and pre-design layouts that make setting up your testament sliders an easy task. Furthermore, you can set up an unlimited number of carousels with your chosen number of quote count and enable them all over your website using this excellent plugin.

Additionally, this WordPress Testimonial slider plugin also comes with a frontend Submission form so that you can directly gather user reviews from the frontend. Allow users to drop their review and use them for your review carousels without any hassle. Similarly, you can also edit and manage your quotes from the backend as well. It’s user-friendly, drag and drop interface makes your task much easier. Additionally, this user-friendly plugin also provides you with dedicated categories for your quotes and customer reviews too.

Key features:

  • Pre-built layouts built specifically for Testimonial carousels.
  • Frontend submission form.
  • Easy to use Drag and drop backend interface.
  • Unlimited number of sliders with sorting features.
  • Mobile and touch screen friendly sliders.

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4) Genesis Testimonial Slider

wordpress testimonial slider plugin - genisis testimonial slider

Genesis Testimonial slider is another simple, easy to use WordPress testimonial plugin that does its job really well. The plugin lets you easily enable testament sliders using custom posts, complete with author names, images, and text. Its simplicity is the key factor here. Embed your customized slider onto widgets or theme areas without worrying about it looking jarring or out of place. In addition to this, you can also easily set various settings regarding the slider. This includes autoplay features, transition/fade effects, slider speed, next/previous button. Moreover, you can even enable Pause on Hover feature, setup Slider loops, and more nifty features to make your sliders more interactive.

For making your Testimonials more informative, Genesis Testimonial also provides you with areas for adding Company name as well as ratings. Customize the image position and size however you like and ensure that your sliders show up perfectly on any kind of web browser and mobile/pc platforms.

Key features:

  • Adaptable to any theme without any change in settings.
  • Input fields that include fields such as author name, ratings, and images.
  • Autoplay, Transition and interactive buttons.
  • Customize sliders with looping, pause on hover and additional features.
  • Completely free and easy to set up.

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5) Strong Testimonials

wordpress testimonial slider plugin - strong testimonials

Strong testimonials is one of the most popular testimonial plugins available on the WordPress market. This WordPress Testimonial slider plugin provides you with a huge catalog of features built over a span of 4 years, all tuned perfectly to be easy and effortless to use. Use dedicated carousel options that are easy to customize and powered by drag and drop features to make building your sliders much easier. Furthermore, Your user quotes can be further improved using images, excerpts and read more links, social media links, featured images and gravatars. The addition of sorting and Testimonial categories makes managing your user reviews even easier. Moreover, Strong Testimonials is also designed to blend perfectly with your theme settings so you don’t have to manage layout and personalization options to make sure your slider looks fit on your frontend.

Speaking of the Frontend, Strong Testimonials also comes with a frontend review submission form with anti-spam and captcha features. Readily insert your customized sliders using Views and widgets. Finally, Strong Testimonial is also GDPR ready and does not store any data from your users so you can ensure that the data of anyone that creates user testimonials are kept secure and protected.

Key features:

  • Use unlimited views for inserting sliders.
  • Tons of form options with star ratings, Social media links, read more links and more.
  • WordPress 5.0 ready, GDPR compliant.
  • Doesn’t require shortcodes.
  • Developer friendly.

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6) Testimonial Showcase plugin

wordpress testimonial slider plugin - best testimonial slider

Testimonial Showcase plugin provides you an easy way to display quotes and reviews for your business in a spectacular manner. Make use of a unique showcase that can be customized to a large degree using Testimonial showcase. Your sliders are enabled using easily customizable shortcodes and can be enabled all over your website. Furthermore, these quote showcases are also very lightweight and won’t affect your website’s loading speed at all. It’s responsive coding and mobile-friendly design makes it a perfect choice for any website owner.

You can also customize various properties regarding your reviews and quotes. This includes autoplay features, pause on hover, looping, pagination speed, and more. Make use of varying different input fields that include Images, Ratings, User identity and more. Moreover,  Each field can be customized even more with color settings and more. You can also enable an unlimited number of sliders as well as control the total no. of testimonials in a slider. In essence,  Each slider is built to touch responsive, translation and widget ready and more.

Key features:

  • Easy to set up and customizable shortcodes.
  •  Responsive and touch-friendly.
  • Customize input fields with color settings.
  • Unlimited number of sliders.
  • Translation ready, Mobile friendly, and Cross-browser compatible.

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7) Testimonial Basics

wordpress testimonial slider plugin - testimonial basics

Testimonial Basics is a complete user review and quote management tool. This means that you can manage all your user responses, quotes and testimonials in a single place and use them however you want. This not only includes making quote carousels but also creating and providing front-end user submission forms for quotes. In addition to this, your user quotes can be enabled with User name, text fields, images, 5 star ratings and more. Similarly, the plugin also lets you enable sliders and excerpts for your quotes. You can insert these excerpts and sliders all over your website, however you like. This free plugin is made to be compatible with any kind of design, web browser and even mobile devices.

Moreover, you can also enable captcha for your submission forms and customize text color, background colors, input fields, gravatars and more. As for displaying your quotes and sliders, you can choose between 4 content display layouts and 6 widget layouts. Rather than just helping you create Review sliders, Testimonial basic lets you receive and manage them without any effort. The plugin is also GDPR friendly and comes with a nifty opt-in option for submitting reviews. Another GDPR ready link lets users request for the removal of their quotes too. Protect your users’ privacy using this excellent WordPress plugin. Additionally, the plugin is also translation ready and supports RTL languages too. This means users can read your customer quotes in their native language without any difficulty.

Key features:

  • User-friendly front-end review form.
  • Complete testimonial management tool.
  • Tons of custom layouts for widgets and post/page content.
  • GDPR compliant design and features.
  • Translation ready, Lightweight sliders.

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Wrapping up:

Thus, this concludes our list of WordPress Testimonial slider plugins. All of these plugins are completely free and are accessible by people around the world. Similarly, they are also beginner friendly so you should be able to use these plugins easily without any effort. However, if you find yourself lost in the process, we highly recommend you check out the plugin’s documentation if necessary. Moreover, you can also comment about your issues and we will be glad to help you out with your issues.

Additionally, if you have any noteworthy additions to this list, feel free to list them out in our comments and we’d be completely glad to consider these additions to our list. Furthermore, if you want to learn how to add in more unique elements to your website, why don’t you check out some of our other articles:

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