How to Add Reservations in WordPress – 5 Best WordPress Restaurant Reservation Plugins for 2020!


Restaurants and Foods, what is not to like? And coming from a foodie ourselves, the worst thing that could happen is reaching our favorite place only to find it fully booked and reserved. Next scenario, you want to book a place for any event but you realize their online site does not provide the way to do so. While you do have the option to book and reserve the old-fashioned way by leaving an email or calling them, you never know when you might get the response or confirmation.

And that is only the customer’s viewpoint. Imagine how much loss it might cause your business when you lose your loyal customers while they opt for someplace where they can make reservations instantly and online! So instead of heaving a sigh and waiting for your business to grow on their own why not start something different!

So what can you do? Well, don’t worry because we have got you covered and today we bring our users Top 5 WordPress Restaurant Reservation plugins to upgrade your regular WordPress Restaurant sites!

What are WordPress Restaurant Reservation Plugins?

Before we move on to our list, let’s get an introduction to WordPress Restaurant Reservation Plugins or simply WordPress hotel booking plugin. These plugins serve the one and only purpose and that is to make your site more interesting and approachable to your users.

These plugins are developed with a mindset to help your users reserve and book a specific place in your restaurant. Whether they want the place booked for a day or a week the plugins make sure that they are able to do so in a matter of seconds.

How to Use the Reservation Plugin?

For the convenience of our users, we will also deal with the process of using the plugin and getting the desired result!So before moving on with our pick of the Top 5 WordPress Restaurant Reservation plugin here is a brief look at what you can do with these plugins and how to do so! And today for this purpose we will be using the plugin on the top of our list-Online Restaurant Reservation by WPEverest. 

Start off by installing and activating the plugin. Once you do that you will find a newly added menu for Reservations on your Dashboard.

Now for an easier understanding, we have categorized the process into:

Adding Reservation Forms


Because this plugin provides you with default forms that will be used on your site, you can then go ahead and start adding reservation forms right away. Go to Pages and select Add New. 


Once you are redirected to the new Page, give the form a new name. Here, for example, we have named it as Reservation. You can then go ahead to the content section and paste the shortcode [online_restaurant_reservation]


Finally, go ahead and Publish the post on the form to display the Reservation form on your site. You can go ahead and check the changes that have been made.

Customizing the Settings


With this plugin, you also get the option to edit and customize the booking options. To access this, go ahead and click on Reservation and then on Settings.


The first setting option is for General and you can edit the maximum and the minimum party size required for reservation. You can also choose the Time Range for the time interval between each reservation.


The second Setting page is the reservation settings. Here you can edit the time and dates that are available for bookings. You can set the days and time that the bookings are closed.


The third Setting Page is for Emails and notifications. Here you can tick off the option when and who to send an email. There are also options to edit the email templates, add and customize the Sender name and address.

Managing the Bookings

Once your users start booking your restaurant, you will start receiving them on the Reservation plugin. To confirm or manage the bookings, start off by clicking on Reservation option on the Dashboard.


After you are redirected to the page, you will see all the list of all the customers and their details who have filled the form and booked the place. Go ahead and click on any of the users to manage their bookings.


Once you open their form submission, you will see all of their booking details. You can go through each of them and manage the schedules. You can also choose to either confirm or cancel their reservations.

On the bottom of the page, you can see a box to add custom fields if you want to add more details.

Top WordPress Restaurant Reservation Plugins

Now that you have got the idea of what you can do with the plugins, why not get right into our pick of the top plugins? And while we have mentioned our pick, feel free to find one that best suits your requirement!

1. Online Restaurant Reservation (Free)


One of the best and easiest way to add options to create online reservations for your Restaurant websites, Online Restaurant Reservation plugin by WPEverest is top on our list. With options to add unlimited booking easily, you can manually confirm or cancel the reservation.

What’s more? You can manage, block, schedule all the reservation all through your admin panel with ease! Manually confirm or cancel each of the bookings from your users. You can also add specialties and reservation exceptions for holidays and festive occasions.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited Booking options.
  • Option to block reservations on the closing date.
  • Option to allocate min and max party size.
  • Choice of various reservation status.
  • Attractive and easy to fill booking forms.
  • Email Notification for admin and customer.

Price: Free

Learn More/Download   Live Demo

2. Calendarista (Premium)


Another awesome WordPress Restaurant Reservation plugin we recommend to our users is Calendarista. Not only does this premium plugin feature the option to create online reservations, it also has a ton of amazing featured that will make it much more easy for you. It allows for two-way sync with Google Calender, on top of the email reminders so you’re going to have an easy time keeping in touch with your users.

This premium quality plugin also comes with custom form fields, membership, booking cancellation, cost calculation by distance, and much more. It is all tied together in an easy to use package that is also ultra responsive.

Key Features:

  • Custom Form fields available.
  • Syncs with Google Calender.
  • Membership.
  • 10 Different booking modes.
  • Limited seats, group booking, and seasonal costs.
  • Beautiful and ultra responsive design.

Price: $69

Learn More/Download   Live Demo

3. Booking Calendar (Free)


Looking for something worth installing to perform similar features but with no cost? Well, Booking Calendar is the perfect plugin for you! This WordPress Hotel booking plugin is an awesome option to show availability and booking for the services that you provide.

Extremely user-friendly, this plugin follows the calendar system to make sure all of your dates and reservations are scheduled accordingly. Customizable and flexible to match the level and style of your site, Booking Calendar is another great plugin that we recommend not only for your restaurant sites but for any other event managing sites out there!

Key Features:

  • User-friendly and calendar-based interface.
  • Flexible and customizable calendar style.
  • Booking admin panel for easy management.
  • Calendar Overview and Listing Table.
  • Easy installation and integration.
  • Email Notification for customer and user.

Price: Free

Learn More/Download   Live Demo

4. Restaurant Reservation


Just as the name says it, this plugin is developed with restaurant users in mind and serves the purpose to access customers to easily book and reserve. Restaurant Reservations is yet another free WordPress hotel booking plugin that we recommend! Advanced options to create reservation forms you can easily manage each of the bookings, cancel, confirm or block it.

One of the best free WordPress Restaurant Reservation plugins, we definitely recommend this to our users. Another awesome thing about this plugin is that you can also opt for premium add-ons for more advanced features!

Key Features:

  • Easy booking and cancel options.
  • Email notification option for users and customers.
  • Custom user role to manage bookings.
  • Multiple place booking options.
  • Automatic block option for holidays or closed days.
  • Add forms to any page, post or widget areas.

Price: Free

Learn More/Download   

5. easyReservations


Another great free WordPress Restaurant Reservation that we recommend is easyReservation by Feryaz Beer. The perfect plugin for making, receiving, managing as well as handling all of your bookings online, you can use this plugin for any business online sites as well.

Quite flexible and reliable, this plugin is intuitive and makes it really easy for you and your customers to operate. And the best part about this plugin is that it is multilingual with 15 different languages included! Best for managing events and appointments as well as reservation of any place, why not try out this plugin today for Free?

Key Features:

  • Interactive and flexible overview.
  • Group, filter and search reservations easily.
  • Unlimited customizing options.
  • Live price calculations as well as error handling.
  • Property management and Invoice generation
  • Option to add calendar as a widget or shortcode!

Price: Free

Learn More/Download  

Wrapping It Up!

And this sums up our list of Best Restaurant Reservation plugins out there! These plugins are developed with a mindset to help your users reserve and book a specific place in your restaurant. Whether they want the place booked for a day or a week the plugins make sure that they are able to do so in a matter of seconds.

So why limit your website to the old-fashioned booking way? Go ahead and increase customer interaction and booking rates with an online reservation! Add a touch of professionalism to your site and get great ratings!

Liked this post? Why not check out more of our WordPress plugin listings to help you upgrade your site right away!


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