8 Of the Best WordPress Photo Gallery Plugins for 2020


WordPress is a great platform for you if you are looking to create and maintain a great online site. Whether you wish to share your works, or you want to establish an online entrepreneurship, or start your very own blog, or even create a wonderful portfolio WordPress is a great start!

And if you are looking into creating photo galleries on your WordPress site, then it is no more a hefty task reserved for WordPress experts and designers. Because you can now find WordPress plugins that serve the purpose! Tired of scrolling through all the plugin lists finding the perfect WordPress Photo Gallery plugin? Well, we have solved the problem for you with our list of Best WordPress Gallery Plugins hand-picked just for you! Feel free to go through the list and find the one that works perfectly for you!

Why Integrate WordPress Photo Gallery on your Site?

Before we get into the plugin collection, here are some reasons why you should integrate Photo Galleries into your WordPress website! 

  • WordPress Galleries is a great way to integrate your amazing and stunning images into your website for your viewers to see!
  • Photo Gallery can be an amazing addition to make your website look more interesting and intriguing for your viewers!
  • Integrating your works into your sites can make your portfolio website even more approachable and appealing!
  • Your users will obviously be more engaged on your site and increase your traffic with the help of Photo Galleries!


1. Unite Gallery ( Premium)

Unite Gallery - WordPress Gallery Plugin

We are going to start off our list with nothing but the best- Unite Gallery, a stunning WordPress Photo Gallery Plugin! This is the easiest and intuitive way to integrate your photos or videos into a WordPress Gallery! Additionally, with 10 different layouts, lightbox as well as zoom and touch feature, you can easily create the perfect and mesmerizing WordPress galleries with this all in one photo and video WordPress gallery plugin!

Key Features

  • Premium In-built media lightboxes.
  • Over 120 gallery options to choose from.
  • Special Video Gallery theme with three different skins.
  • Responsive and mobile friendly gallery options.
  • Option to mix pictures and videos in any gallery!
  • Powerful WordPress gallery manager.

How to use the plugin?

Here is a guide and a preview of how the plugin can be used once it is installed on your site. You can see that the usage of the plugin is super beginner friendly. The options to edit each gallery as well as integrating your media onto your site is accessible through the newly added option of Unite Gallery! Once you are on the setting page, go ahead and create as many galleries and the media on it as you like!

Our Take on the Unite Plugin is that this is probably one of the best plugins out there. Create the perfect photo or video gallery which is additionally fully compatible with YouTube, Vimeo as well as Wistia Videos and HTML5 in minutes.

Price: $29 RegularLicense  (6 months of  updates & support)

Learn More/ Download

2. Envira Gallery (Free + Premium)


A WordPress Gallery Plugin that is both powerful yet easy to use, Envira Gallery is our another great recommendation! The responsive and mobile-friendly galleries are easy to create with a simple drag and drop builder. Another awesome feature is that you can also organize your galleries using tags and albums and sort them out as you wish!

Key Features

  • Integrated with the social media like Instagram.
  • Responsive and mobile friendly gallery layouts.
  • eCommerce integrated with Watermark and protection features.
  • Option for Slideshow and Fullscreen images and videos.
  • SEO friendly with deep-linking and pagination.
  • Easy to embed videos from YouTube and Vimeo.

How to use the plugin?


Here is a sneak peek into the backend of the Envira Gallery plugin! After installing and activating the plugin, you can see that gives you an easy access to edit your existing gallery or add a new one. The easiest way to integrate gallery to our WordPress, the setting page is really easy to understand.


Our take on the Envira Gallery is that the powerful feature-packed plugin is a great way to integrate galleries into your WordPress site! Furthermore, you can get the premium version now for even greater features!

Price- $29 (Basic Plan)

Download For Free View Premium

3.NextGen Gallery ( Free + Premium)


As the name says it all, this WordPress Gallery Plugin is simply the next generation of it all. Why? Well, the plugin is the standard for all WordPress photo gallery users out there. Additionally, with the plugin, you have the freedom to go as simple as you wish or as complex and demanding as you wish! The powerful Gallery management system allows you to perform these tasks in the simplest way!

Key Features

  • eCommerce integrated for easy access to your site.
  • Social Media integrated for easy image sharing.
  • Over 10 different gallery layouts to choose from.
  • Responsive and Mobile-friendly design.
  • Open Graph with image deep linking.

How to use the plugin?


This is a view into the backend of the NextGen Gallery and how you can use the plugin! With the plugin, you can easily categorize your galleries using the tags and categories. You can access the gallery settings through your Dashboard once you activate and install it!


Our Take on NextGen Gallery is that this plugin is definitely worth spending on! We can totally see why this one of the most popular WordPress Photo Gallery Plugins with all of its great functionalities!

Price- $79 (Plus Plan)

Download for Free View Premium

4. Modula WordPress Photo Gallery (Free + Premium)

Modula Image Gallery – WordPress Gallery Plugin

Modula Photo Gallery takes pride in its creative design and easy to use features. Unlike a lot of gallery plugins, Modula tries to present a dynamic view of your gallery with added effects and customizations. With a randomized smart grid present to preview your images and features such as hover effects, vertical/horizontal slider, individual image filters, Modula gives that ‘Wow’ factor to your gallery.

Key Features:

  • Randomized smart grid for a dynamic gallery view
  • Filter, effects and hover effects for image customization.
  • Individual effects for separate images in the same gallery.
  • Vertical/Horizontal slider support.
  • Custom CSS and Scripts support for further modifications.
  • Social media integration

How to use the plugin?

Once you are done installing and activating it, you can access the Modula plugin through your dashboard.

The add gallery option allows you to create a new gallery, and upload your images instantly. Once you are done creating it, the plugin gives you the shortcode to insert it into your post.

create-gallerywordpress-photo-gallery-plugin Modula lite

After creating it, you can edit the gallery, its grid and image effects by clicking on the edit button on your gallery.

wordpress-photo-gallery-plugin Modula-lite-editgallery

Our Take on the Modula Plugin is that it is a great plugin to use if you want your gallery to have a unique feel and design to it. Its UI makes it easy to use for users of all levels and adding effects to separate images is much easier. The premium version adds support for even more effects and having larger sized galleries of 20+ images. Definitely, a great choice if you want a cool looking profession design for your photo gallery.

Price- $29 (Starter Plan)

Download for Free View Premium

5. Global Gallery ( Premium)

Global Gallery - WordPress Responsive Gallery

With the option to handle unlimited image sources and galleries, this WordPress Photo Gallery plugin is yet another that is listed on our list of only the best ones. Global Gallery designed to display with the fully featured slider and carousel, this plugin definitely helps users creating a stunning portfolio or photo galleries on their site!

Key Features:

  • Three different Gallery layouts to choose from.
  • Unlimited Image Sources including- Tumblr, Facebook and Pinterest.
  • 10 Lightboxes that are fully configurable.
  • Deep linking image engine.
  • Image Sliders and Carousel.
  • Option to group galleries into collections

How to use the plugin?


With the Global Gallery plugin, you can create stunning galleries in minutes! Here is the view of the backend and you can see how it gives you the option to edit each media in the gallery as well as add titles and tags! Choose from the option of layouts available and you are done!


Our Take on the Global Gallery is that this plugin’s unique feature of image carousel and slider makes it one of the best way to integrate WordPress Photo Gallery. Moreover, with options to choose the layout as well, we hope users can easily get the best out of this plugin!

Price- $29

Learn More/ Download

6. Photo Gallery (Free + Premium)Photo Gallery by 10Web – Mobile-Friendly Image Gallery – WordPress Image Gallery plugin

An advanced plugin to integrate photo galleries on your website, Photo Gallery is a fully responsive WordPress Photo Gallery plugin. Upload an unlimited number of pictures as well as have the control to organize your galleries with different albums! Furthermore, you can even include videos that come with audio and video support!

Key Features

  • Different galleries layouts to choose from.
  • Dynamic Photo Gallery Tags cloud.
  • Fully responsive and mobile friendly layouts.
  • Detailed album and compact album view.
  • Photo Gallery Slideshow widget.
  • Option to resize pictures after uploading them.

How to use the plugin?


After installing and activating the plugin, you will see a newly added menu for the Photo Gallery plugin that you can access from your Dashboard. From there, as you can see the backend view, you can easily add photos and videos to integrate on your site. You can also integrate Watermarks onto your pictures for more security on your images!

Our Take on the Photo Gallery is that this plugin is a brilliant way to make your WordPress site photo galleries look awesome. Added their features and unique layout designs, this is definitely worth the splurge!

Price- $40 (Basic Plan)

Download for Free View Premium

7. Gallery Factory ( Premium)


Efficient and easiest way to integrate your images into galleries on your WordPress website, Gallery Factory is another premium WordPress photo gallery plugin that we definitely recommend. Why? Well, this plugin designed and built with a large number of galleries in mind. Take it to the next level with professional looking galleries with the Gallery Factory WordPress plugin!

Key Features

  • Structures Library for all your images.
  • Interactive layout editor for ease of access and utility.
  • Responsive as well as fast loading galleries.
  • Integrated Lightboxes.
  • Multiple layouts to choose from.
  • Regular and advanced updates.

How to use the plugin?


Once you have installed and activated the plugin, you will see a newly added menu for Gallery Factory plugin. You can access the gallery editing and setting page where you can add new images or media to integrate into your WordPress site! Choose from the unique layout designs and create mesmerizing galleries as easily as you wish!


Our Take on the Gallery Factory is that this plugin comes with all the advanced and unique layouts and structures will probably make it easier for you to integrate images and videos to your site! With the plugin, create stunning and professional looking galleries in minutes!

Price- $24

Learn More/ Download

8. Foo Gallery (Free + Premium)

FooGallery – Image Gallery WordPress Plugin – WordPress plugin

The last but definitely not the least, FooGallery is another of our recommendation for great Photo Gallery WordPress plugin. Stunning Gallery layouts, retina ready and responsive designs, as well as lightning fast speed, are the main highlights of this plugin. Moreover, built for extensive and highly configurable developers and designers to use on their site, this is definitely one powerful plugin if you are looking into integrating images on your site!

Key Features

  • Retina Ready and responsive layouts.
  • Built-in Albums as an extension.
  • Video support with the FooVideo Premium extension.
  • Live Previews in admin.
  • Visual shortcodes integrated into the rich text editor.
  • Multisite Support.

How to use the plugin?


FooGallery is a plugin that is easy to access and beginner friendly! The easy to use menu can be accessed through your Dashboard once you install and activate the plugin. You can add as many galleries as you wish and edit each image on it! You can see the examples of the backend view of the plugin here for reference!


Our Take on the Foo Gallery is that this plugin is definitely worth splurging on if you want a great WordPress photo gallery plugin. Moreover, along with the premium add-ons, this plugin is even fit for complex designs of developers and designers.

Price- $59 (Personal Plan)

Download for Free View Premium

Wrapping It Up!

This sums up our list of WordPress Photo Gallery Plugins! We hope you have found the perfect one that suits your needs. Furthermore, each one of the plugins we have hand-picked for you has great features which enable users to easily create stunning photo galleries on your WordPress.

We hope this article was helpful for our users! Do let us know down in the comment section what do you think of our article. Also, check out our articles down from the link which feature our other WordPress collections!

Disclaimer: Some of the links in the post may be affiliate links. So if you purchase anything using the link, we will earn affiliate commission.

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  1. Hello, I’m the author of 2 popular gallery plugins. None of them are listed here but I’d like to mention the latest gallery plugin created by me recently (third one). It is really great gallery plugin called WoowGallery which is super user friendly and multifunctional and have a lot of free features which are usually paid in other gallery plugins. The admin panel is inspired by Envira plugin but WoowGalery have a lot more free features right from the box. I’ll be very thankful if you take a look at WoowGallery plugin when you’ll have a time.

  2. Great list and no doubt all the plugins are really great.

    But I feel WP-UPG (User Post Gallery) wordpress plugin to be the best fit.

    As I can let my visitors to submit image and can display it in many available layouts.
    The best part is, I can build my own styled gallery using their layout editor. 🙂

  3. Nice listing of plugins. Thanks to the entire team for your great research. Keep sharing.
    I also found one amazing WordPress gallery plugin named Portfolio Designer. It is SEO friendly and can be used to build a portfolio in any desired layout. This plugin comes with Grid Layout, Masonary Layout, Slider Layout etc. to present your photo galley in a much eye-catchy way.

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