11 Best WordPress Email Marketing Plugins for 2022

Best WordPress Email Marketing Plugins

Looking for the best WordPress email marketing plugins? Then, you’ve landed in the right place.

It’s the year of digitalization and everything is now done online or through digital media. When it comes to businesses whether small or on a large scale even promotions and advertisements are now preferred to be done on the go.

That is through online sources like emails and updates. But what is the best way to help promote your WordPress business as well as keep your viewers engaged and updated?

Well, one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to do so is through email marketing. In this article, we’ve mentioned the best WordPress email marketing plugins for your website. So, let’s get started.

What is an Email Marketing Plugin?

So what exactly is email marketing and how does it help us with promoting our sites? Email marketing simply means sending out commercial messages or updates of what’s going on your website through emails to one or a group of your users.

WordPress Email Marketing Plugin

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? But if you jump to decisions and decide to do it all by yourself and send out thousands of messages to your users daily, it might be a hefty task. That is where email marketing plugins come in handy. 

Well, these plugins work to simplify the process of sending out emails to your users and increase subscribers by taking over the responsibility as a whole. You get full control over what you want to send, and to whom. In a matter of minutes, you can set it up to your preference and send out thousands of newsletters and emails to your users.

But wait, there is yet another daunting question? Which email marketing WordPress plugin works the best? To answer the question, below, we’ve mentioned the 11 best WordPress email marketing plugins for you.

11 Best WordPress Email Marketing Plugins for 2022

1. Everest Forms

Everest Forms WordPress Booking Plugins

To make it to the top of our list is Everest Forms by WPEverest. It’s one of the best WordPress form builder plugins. This plugin has over 100,000 happy customers as of today.

With its drag-and-drop feature, creating a form is a piece of cake. You can create any type of form such as contact forms, survey forms, and much more. Along with that, it offers pre-designed templates to save your precious time.

Moreover, Everest Forms provides various premium add-ons such as Mailchimp, Mailerlite, Email Templates, and so on for more functionality.

Key Features of Everest Forms:

  • Unlimited form fields
  • Easy payment gateways
  • Drag and drop builder
  • Pre-designed templates
  • Seamless integration with email marketing tools

Price: Free or $69 for a Single Site License (Upto 30% Off)

2. Mailchimp for WordPress

MailChimp WordPress Newsletter Plugin

When it comes to email marketing, Mailchimp for WordPress is a name that has certainly left a mark. It’s one of the best email marketing plugins that lets you connect with your Mailchimp account in seconds for effective performance. Don’t worry if you are not a Mailchimp user because creating a new account is absolutely free.

The plugin enables you to create stunning and mobile-optimized sign-up forms. You also get full control over the form fields. Besides, you can even pull any of the form fields to your Mailchimp account.

So why wait? Get this awesome email newsletter plugin that will help you send out email campaigns to your users easily and in no time.

Key Features of Mailchimp for WordPress:

  • Mobile-optimized sign-up forms
  • Add-ons available for better features
  • Seamless integration with other popular form plugins
  • Well-documented & developer friendly
  • Friendly and dedicated support

Price: Free

3. OptinMonster

OptinMonster WordPress Plugin

Marketing as a whole, OptinMonster is another name that is renowned for its great services. With their plans ranging from basic to professional, you can get the one that best suits you and your subscribers. Integrated with the best of website platforms and contact form plugins, all of your needs will be answered once you try it out!

The plugin requires minimal setup yet delivers impressive results with its top-notch features like beautiful lead capture forms, A/B testing, and more. It also comes with Exit Intent Technology to personalize your campaign based on your audience’s behavior.

The lead generation software is sure to double the number of your subscribers and email lists. Best for starters to even professionals, OptinMonster is yet another platform we know that you won’t regret investing in!

Key Features of OptinMonster:

  • Over 97 pre-made templates to choose from
  • Powerful targeting and segmentation engine
  • User-friendly drag and drop builder
  • Advanced and actionable analytics option
  • Easily integrate with other websites & eCommerce platforms

Price: Free or $9/mo. for Basic Plan

4. HubSpot

HubSpot WordPress Newsletter Plugin

Whether you want to enhance your email marketing campaigns, build engaging forms/popups, or improve the relationship with your customers (CRM). HubSpot is the answer to all. It’s a powerful one-stop solution for building relationships with your audience and taking your business to a next level.

With HubSpot, you can create professional emails using its pre-designed templates and send them to your contact list in no time. Further, you can also enjoy different email automation features offered by the plugin.  

That’s just the tip of the iceberg for it also enables you to track your email open and click rate. Hence, you can use that information to improve your email campaigns. Besides, it also features A/B testing. 

Key Features of HubSpot:

  • Drag and drop email builder
  • 20+ pre-designed email templates
  • Beautiful and high-converting email campaigns
  • Built-in email marketing analysis
  • Integration with CRM, email marketing, & marketing automation

Price- Free or $45/mo. for the Starter Plan

5. Mailster

Mailster WordPress Plugin

Looking for a premium plugin to help you promote your site through email and newsletter? Then, Mailster is a WordPress email marketing plugin that is loved by thousands.

You can build campaigns that are mobile-ready, easily with the drag-and-drop builder of the plugin. Also, you can get all the help you need from their super friendly and useful customer support for the best experience on your WordPress.

Don’t think twice because this premium plugin is certainly worth the investment and thus we’ve included it on our list of the best WordPress email marketing plugins out there! It’s a standalone WordPress plugin that handles everything from the WordPress dashboard.

Key Features of Mailster:

  • Mobile and retina-ready designs
  • Easy drag and drop campaign builder
  • Easily integrated with other WordPress plugins
  • Advanced analytics to help you keep the record
  • An auto-responder that you can control

Price: $89 for a Regular License

6. Newsletter

Newsletter Plugin

Newsletter is an awesome free WordPress email marketing plugin that is just as great as any other plugin on the list! Perfect for list building as well as sending out emails headache-free, this plugin goes out of the box to give you the best experience with promoting and adding subscribers to your website!

It has redesigned its drag-and-drop composer to deliver a smooth campaign-creating experience like never before. Besides, it even allows you to check for subscription spam using Akismet, captcha, and domain/IP blacklist.

Thus, with advanced features integrated within the plugin, you can create unlimited great-looking emails and campaigns for your users. Further, you can add in extra features if you wish with their free add-ons!

Key Features of Newsletter:

  • Easy installation and usage
  • Helpful and friendly user support
  • Unlimited subscribers and newsletters
  • Integration with the WordPress Registration
  • Free and premium add-ons for a better experience

Price: Free or $69 for the Blogger plan

7. Email Subscribers & Newsletters

Email Subscriber and Newsletter

Just as the name defines it, Email Subscribers & Newsletters is yet another awesome WordPress email marketing plugin that helps you to email your subscribers and create newsletters.

With the help of this free yet feature-packed plugin, you can easily collect leads and send automated new blog posts as well as emails, create stunning newsletters and even manage them through a single click!

Perfect for all of your newsletter and email needs, this plugin specializes in the requirements of a blogger, website owner, and marketers and developers. Keep your users engaged and updated with a single-click installation of this awesome plugin.

Key Features of Email Subscribers & Newsletters:

  • Easy setup
  • Friendly and helpful customer support
  • Option to schedule emails
  • Ability to control user access
  • Automatic Welcome Email option for new users

Price: Free or $6.5/mo. for the Starter Plan

8. MailPoet

Mailpoet Plugin

With the newer and better version of MailPoet, you can now get the best experience. This free WordPress email marketing plugin is perfect to send out unlimited emails for up to 1000 subscribers without leaving the WordPress platform. Further, the advanced features that have been upgraded surely take your marketing to a whole new level.

Using MailPoet, you can segment your subscribers based on their interests and behaviors. On top of that, you can also expect reliable email delivery with MailPoet Sending Service.

Further, the flexible and easily configurable options add ease of usage. The best part? You can switch to the premium version once you have more than 1000 subscribers in minutes. Sign up for one of their sending plans and you will be set up!

Key Features of MailPoet Newsletter:

  • Easy configuration
  • Designer and responsive templates to choose from
  • Helpful and responsive customer support
  • Automatic Welcome email sending option
  • Option to send emails with the MailPoet’s sending service

Price: Free or €8/mo. for 500 Subscribers

9. WP Subscriber Pro

WP Subscriber Pro

Just like the name, the WP Subscriber Pro does the job of email marketing for your WordPress websites. Boost your conversion of traffic to subscribers with this creative and innovative piece of addition. Further, this plugin also supports FeedBurner, Mailchimp, and Aweber. Thus, making it a must-have plugin for your WordPress site.

Optimized for speed, get only the best of the user experience with this plugin. Grow your subscribers and keep them hooked to your site and send thousands of emails in a matter of minutes!

The plugin works in integration with the email marketing services including Mailchimp, Aweber, Benchmark, etc. so the subscription of these services is independent of the plugin’s pricing.

Key Features of WP Subscriber Pro:

  • Optimized for speed
  • Built-in widget support
  • Fully responsive and mobile-friendly design
  • Pop-up animations to choose from
  • Integrates with popular email marketing services

Price- $19 for a Single Product

10. SendinBlue

Sendiblue Plugin

SendinBlue has earned its name through its awesome service as an email marketing service provider. And when it comes to WordPress it’s now easier to connect it to your site than ever with the addition of a WordPress plugin SendinBlue.

Easily send thousands of emails and newsletters through SendinBlue directly through your WordPress without any hassle connecting. Grow and segment your target audience with no limits to stop you at all!

It’s the official WordPress plugin for SendinBlue. The plugin helps you integrate your SendinBlue account with the WordPress website and do email marketing.

Key Features of SendinBlue:

  • Easy integration with SendinBlue
  • Auto-installation of the automation script
  • Powerful statistics and analytics feature
  • Drag and Drop email design tool
  • Advanced segmentation for easier access

Price- Free or $25/mo. for the Lite Plan

11. FluentCRM

FluentCRM WordPress Email Marketing Plugin

FluentCRM is a complete WordPress email marketing plugin for WordPress. The plugin comes with all the features required to build your subscriber list, send campaigns, and manage customer relationships. Thus, it takes care of all your email marketing needs to improve conversions and enhance profits. 

You can send and schedule email campaigns to unlimited contact lists using this email list plugin. Best of all, FluentCRM lets you build a beautiful email body using the Block editor-powered email builder.

Additionally, it’s possible to add columns, images, and dynamic content to make your emails simple or fancy as per your need. Besides, you can also check the data matrix of opened and clicked emails based on which you can take more actions or segment your customers further. 

Key Features of FluentCRM:

  • Easiest and fastest email marketing plugin and CRM solution
  • Import existing WordPress users or upload them as CSV files
  • Set automated funnels and sequenced emails
  • In-detailed campaign reports
  • 30+ tools and plugins integration

Price- Free or $129/year

Wrapping it Up!

Having a WordPress email marketing plugin on your site surely does help out if you want to increase and update your subscribers. Whether you are looking for a plugin to design beautiful email or subscription forms or eye-catching pop-ups and newsletters to keep your viewers engaged we have it all lined up just for you!

Feel free to check out our list of awesome WordPress email marketing plugins to help you and your site grow to the fullest! We hope we’ve solved your dilemma on which plugin works the best for you!

If not, here’s a recommendation – Everest Forms is the best plugin for this job.

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