13 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins for 2022

Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

Are you looking for the best contact form plugin for WordPress? If yes, this article is for you.

A contact form or contact page on your website is a medium for the audience to communicate with you. The form has common fields like name, address, comments, email address, etc. You can even use it for inquiry, feedback, and other organizational purposes.

And the easiest way to add a contact form to your site is using the WordPress contact form plugin. That’s why we’ll be listing some of the best contact form plugins WordPress has to offer.

For now, let’s begin with a short discussion on the importance of contact forms on your website.

Why Do You Need a Contact Form Plugin For Your Website?

A contact form plugin is simply an extension that helps to build contact forms without using any code. They come with the option to choose from their pre-built form templates or even allow you to make your own from scratch. 

Besides that, there are other benefits of having a contact form plugin on the website. Let’s list them out: 

  • Makes your site interactive: Contact form plugins ensure your contact form is attractive and matches your site’s theme. This encourages users to interact with your business more.
  • Marks better communication: You can use the contact forms to get/receive orders, requests, and inquiries. Also, they provide an easy way to order, apply, or register online. 
  • One plugin, Multiple purposes: Many popular contact form plugins support the creation of various types of forms such as donation forms, survey forms, job application forms, etc. 
  • Saves time & effort: Most contact form plugins have an intuitive drag and drop interface. This helps to add/remove form fields easily with a live preview. 
  • Improved accessibility and website design: The plugins also provide different types of display options. They make your contact form more accessible and it enhances your site’s look as well.  

With that said, let’s head to our ultimate list of WordPress contact form plugins without further ado!

13 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

1. Everest Forms (Freemium)

Everest Forms WordPress Plugin

Everest Forms is one of the best WordPress form builder plugins with an easy drag and drop interface. It helps you create any kind of form like contact forms within a minute. Even better, you get a quick start by using its pre-designed templates, importable with a click. 

Another vital feature of Everest Forms is the unlimited form fields. Thus, you can create a form with as many fields as you need via simply dragging and dropping. Super easy, isn’t it? 

Besides that, Everest Forms offers many more extraordinary features like form entries, Google sheets integration, style customization, etc., making it an excellent WordPress contact form plugin.

Key Features of Everest Forms: 

  • Integration with email marketing tools
  • Spam protection with smart Google reCaptcha 
  • Smart conditional logic
  • Send email notifications to admin and users
  • Multi-step form with multiple file upload 

Price: Free or $49 for a Personal Plan

2. WPForms (Freemium)


WPForms is a crowd-favorite when it comes to contact form builders for WordPress. One of the reasons being how easy it is to make contact forms with WPForms. using this beginner-friendly tool, you can craft beautiful contact forms in a few minutes. Additionally, the plugin gives priority to user experience, so there are fewer chances of mistakes.  

In case you get any confusion while working with WPForms, their responsive support will help you immediately. Their dedicated support is impressive and garners good ratings. Further, you can utilize features like form pages addon, customization, and more. 

Key Features of WPForms: 

  • 100% responsive contact form builder 
  • Instant notifications for incoming queries
  • Supports post submission by the users 
  • Integration with Stripe, Zapier, MailChimp 
  • Provides user’s geolocation information 

Price: Free or $39.50 for a Basic Plan

3. Gravity Forms (Premium)

Gravity Forms WordPress Plugin

Who wouldn’t like to build an accessible and powerful contact form for their website? Gravity Forms is the perfect tool for that.

A major highlight of this plugin is the attractive design of predesigned templates. They give a new look to your contact form, and you can also redesign it by customizing it via its form editor. Not to forget, it features an intuitive drag-and-drop column control. 

Additionally, you can benefit through its robust accessibility improvements. It helps for easy integration with popular web applications and online services like PayPal, Stripe, HubSpot, Authorize.net, Slack, Twilio, and more. 

Key Features of Gravity Forms:

  • Secure data collection
  • Intuitive visual form editor 
  • Email auto-responders for updated notification
  • Advanced calculation fields
  • User-generated WordPress post creation 

Price: Starts at $59 for a Basic Plan

4. Ninja Forms (Freemium)

Ninja Forms

Yet another user-friendly WordPress contact form builder is Ninja Forms. You can create fantastic WordPress forms like any professional with this plugin. And you don’t need any coding skills or tech knowledge. 

The plugin comes with easy row and column layouts, multi-page pre-built forms, etc. Further, it offers other advanced features as well. For instance, it lets users upload files, import or export files as PDF, Excel files, and Google Sheets. 

Also, you get to experience unique and wholly customizable signup and lead generation forms. It will help to reach more audiences, grow mailing lists, and bring new leads. 

Key Features of Ninja Forms: 

  • General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) compliance 
  • Accept donations and payments
  • Regular updates with dedicated support 
  • Unlimited forms and form submissions 
  • Spam protection with Akismet and Google reCaptcha

Price: Free or starts with $49.5 for single-site (Personal Plan)

5. Contact Form 7 (Free)

Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 is one of the best free contact form plugins for WordPress. Despite being a free plugin, it offers outstanding features. For instance, it allows you to manage multiple contact forms. 

Not only can you create and manage but also customize the forms and the mail contents. It follows simple markup for customization, so the process is flexible. Furthermore, the form supports Ajax-powered submission, Captcha, Akismet spam filtering, and so on. 

Key Features of Contact Form 7: 

  • Mobile responsive design and templates 
  • Privacy protection of users’ personal data 
  • Open and helpful support forum 
  • Easily customizable form fields
  • Simple markup to alter mail content 

Price: Free

6. Formidable Forms (Freemium)

Formidable Form Builder

Another powerful WordPress form builder plugin on our list is Formidable Forms. It’s a unique solution-focused plugin that enables you to build a functioning contact form for your WordPress site in a way you imagined. 

The foremost priority of this plugin is to help create the most extendable online forms. So, regardless of the complexity your custom contact forms need, you can craft them easily and quickly. 

Plus, it’s fully optimized for speed and maximum server performance. It also supports advanced email subscription forms, file upload, smart conditional logic, payment integrations, and so on. 

Key Features of Formidable Forms:  

  • Drag and drop solution-focused form maker
  • Complete entry management for contact forms
  • Built-in advanced form styler 
  • Data-driven web applications with formidable view 
  • Extensive integration with WooCommerce orders 

Price: Free or $39.50 for a Basic Plan

7. Forminator (Freemium)


Forminator is an easy-to-use WordPress contact form plugin built for any type of website and situation. It has a powerful drag and drop visual builder that’s easier to install and set up. 

Later, you can add contact forms to your site and tweak the form fields to match your needs. You can make it even more attractive with flexible customizations. Such forms create an interactive interface and generate leads for your business. 

Also, Forminator is a verified partner with Stripe. Thus, it allows you to use additional resources like enabling support questions or requests for custom pricing reviews. Besides, it includes integration with 1000+ apps for email services, storage, and management. 

Key Features of Forminator:

  • Forms with custom login and registration
  • Integration with apps like HubSpot, Trello, Aweber, etc.
  • Advanced date field restrictions 
  • Allows adding an e-signature form field 
  • Supports email routing and pre-populate

Price: Free or $60/year (21-day free trial available)

8. Quform (Premium):

Quform WordPress Form Builder

Quform WordPress form builder is a smart and secured plugin for building contact forms. The best part of this plugin is the innovative features. They include 19 element types, preview while building, an easy theming system, and so on. These features even help to create complex quotes or bookings if needed. 

Besides, the plugin equips your website with all the fields you’ll need for building your ideal form. For example, you can choose from endless options like text area, email, checkboxes, radio buttons, select menu, etc. 

Key Features of Quform:

  • Advanced yet flexible styling features
  • Drag and drop and one-click functionality 
  • Includes CSRF(Cross-Site Request Forgery) protection 
  • Supports Fancybox 2 and magnific popup 
  • Kendo UI time picker and date-picker 

Price: $29 for a Regular License 

9. ARForms (Premium)

ARForms WordPress Contact Form Plugin

If you need the finest responsive contact forms for your website, ARForms is an ideal choice. This WordPress form builder plugin helps you create contact forms without the need for any design experience or coding.

Moreover, ARForms gives you visitor analysis too. You can craft any type of contact form with multi-column, multi-step conditional logic, and more. Furthermore, it comes with lightning-fast loading. Also, it implements JS/CSS minification to boost website speed significantly. 

Key Features of ARForms: 

  • 50+ Pre-designed form templates
  • Designed to give real-time experience 
  • Fully featured multi-column facility and resizable facility
  • 34+ form elements and advanced fields 
  • Built-in popup forms feature  

Price: $39 for a Regular License 

10. NEX-Forms (Premium)

NEX-Form the best contact form plugin for WordPress

NEX-Forms is the ultimate WordPress form builder that helps build not only beautiful contact forms, but quizzes, surveys, and booking forms as well.

What’s great about this WordPress contact form plugin is you get all 13-premium add-ons free after its purchase. So, it saves you from the hassle of buying add-ons like PayPal Pro, PDF Creator & Export, Super Selection Fields, etc. separately. 

Other highlights of this plugin include 30+ form fields and elements. They contain important fields like radio buttons, unlimited nesting, HTM, Panels, file/image uploader, and more. 

Key Features of NEX-Forms: 

  • User-based conditional and math logic 
  • Form analytics with geolocation stats
  • Pre-populate form fields with URL parameters 
  • Live form field validation 
  • Cross-browser compatible

Price: $39 for a Regular License 

11. Form Maker by 10Web (Freemium)

Form Maker by 10Web

Everyone likes a form builder that saves you time and effort, right? Form Maker by 10Web is that plugin for you. It eases the process of building lengthy and advanced contact forms if needed. Even in its free version, you can add 43 different form fields to create the form you desire. 

Further, it offers easy embedding of the forms that are ready to be placed on your site. You can display them as popups, top bars, scroll boxes, or even embed them into blog posts. Also, this plugin makes sure all of these processes are easy and beginner-friendly. 

Key Features of Form Maker by 10Web: 

  • Captchas and IP blocking to remove spam 
  • Forms with complex conditional logic 
  • Multi-page forms 
  • World-class customer support 
  • 15 customizable themes

Price: Free or $30 for a Basic Plan

12. weForms (Freemium)


weForms is an easy-to-use drag and drop WordPress contact form plugin. It’s user-friendly and adaptable, enabling you to build any type of contact form imaginable. It offers a wide range of customizable pre-defined form templates. You can use them instantly or customize with more than 20 custom fields the plugin provides.

Likewise, the form you built works super fast, is SEO-optimized and gives better responses. weForms comes packed with many other advanced features like one page submission via AJAX, making it a great all-in-one contact form builder for WordPress. 

Key Features of weForms: 

  • Minimalist yet modern design of form templates 
  • Geolocation statistics
  • Great flexibility with the rest API
  • Hassle-free form redirection with page/custom URL 
  • SMS notifications for form submissions

Price: Free or $49 for a Personal Plan

13. WP Fluent Forms (Freemium)

Fluent Forms

Last but not least, we have WP Fluent Forms next on our list. It’s indeed one of the best contact form plugins for WordPress. After all, the plugin gives you fast performance, is user-friendly, and offers unique features.

Similarly, their contact forms are 100% mobile responsive and look good on every device. Also, the forms are super flexible when it comes to customization as the plugin comes with powerful tools. 

Likewise, you can enjoy conversational forms with WP Fluent. This feature helps you build next-level converting type-styled WordPress forms. And it’s totally free. It even features built-in data analysis, multi-column form layout, conditional confirmation, etc. 

Key Features of WP Fluent Forms: 

  • Automated real-time email notifications 
  • Placeholder customization for contact forms   
  • More than 66 pre-built forms 
  • Advanced data filtering by status and date
  • Integration with Zapier, Slack, MailChimp, etc.

Price: Free or $59 for a Single Site License 

Wrapping Up

We’ve come to the end of our article. We hope you found our list of the best contact form for WordPress helpful. Also, we hope you made your choice on which WordPress contact form plugin to go with. 

If not, we highly recommend you go with Everest Forms. This freemium plugin is one with unique and incredible features like drag and drop builder, unlimited form fields, multiple integrations, smart notifications, and more. So, you won’t regret giving this amazing plugin by WPEverest a try. 

While using the Everest Forms plugin, you might need some help to build contact forms from scratch. So, we recommend you go through our article on how to add contact form in WordPress. Also, if you’re interested to learn how it compares with other contact form plugins, read our comparison articles on Everest Forms vs WPForms and Everest Forms vs Formidable Forms.

Till then, keep following us on our Facebook and Twitter. And don’t forget to share the article on your socials too.

Disclaimer: Some of the links in the post may be affiliate links. So if you purchase anything using the link, we will earn affiliate commission.

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