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With the flexibility and ease of access, it’s not surprising to see WordPress being used in advertising and directory listing platforms. Managing Address books, Indexing websites and Classified Ads is a tough task that can be quite a time-consuming. However, WordPress’ easy management system allows you to manage entire directories with barely any problematic. This task is simplified even more if you decide to use a WordPress Business Directory Plugin.

It’s no revelation to say that WordPress lets you install and use user-friendly business directory plugins easily. In the same vein, these WordPress Business Directory listing plugins are designed to be easy to use. Streamlining the process of managing the directories is an essential function of these plugins.

Furthermore, why not add in tons of nifty options for listings. For instance, we can use galleries, reviews, Google map embeds and more in our directories using plugins. In a sense, these plugins are designed to cover the entire ground when it comes to WordPress Directory listings.

Why should we use WordPress Business Directory Listing Plugins:

While managing a Business directory listing without using a plugin is possible, it is arguably much more difficult. There are plugins designed to simplify tons of complicated tasks that involve managing a business directory. This includes category and sorting management, search and filtering options, payment features, featured listing management and much more.

Moreover, business directory plugins also smoothen the process for users themselves to enter new listings from their side. Enable user-side listings submission, image options, payment systems, sticky and featured listings, captcha and much more. These plugins are designed to give users as much autonomous control for their listings as possible.

Similarly, it’s an important thing to remember that WordPress has a great categories management feature. This can be used in a similar but distinct from using Business directory plugins. This can be extremely helpful considering that proper arrangement of the categories is a strong point of well-managed directories.

Additionally, creating and managing front end submission pages for listings can be quite a hassle. Furthermore, for user friendliness, you might be required to set up user accounts and profiles so that users can manage their own listings and keep track of them. Enabling them without the help of any 3rd party plugins can be quite a difficult task, especially for beginners.

Therefore, if you’re a beginner, do consider using one of these plugins to make your task easier. These plugins come with their ways of helping users to create a listing perfect for their website. Whether it be simple employee indexes, large Classified ads websites, Real estate listings or Location-based indexes for a large population; You can do them all using these fantastic plugins.

So let’s go ahead and take a look at some of our best recommendations for WordPress Business Directory listing and Classified Ads plugins:

Best Free WordPress Business Directory Plugins:

1. Business Directory

wordpress business directory plugin - business directory plugin

Business Directory plugin is one of the most popular directory plugins available for free on WordPress. This amazing plugin lets you create an easy to use listing service and integrate them with amazing search, sorting and filtering features. Renting cars, Real estate, housing services and much more; this free WordPress business directory plugin provides service for them all. Moreover, enabling revenue sources using Featured listings are also an option if you were to use this plugin.

Business Directory provides you with fully customizable forms for listing various purposes. These include image customization and ordering features, payments based listings and more.  Business Directory plugin also supports popular payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe, Furthermore, the plugin fully supports various features for paid ads and Classifieds as well as Multiple fee plans and more. And last but not least, you can also enable captcha features to disable any form of botting or spamming.

Key features:

  • Listings with fully customizable form fields.
  • Listing images can be well customized.
  • Lets you setup Stickied or Featured listings.
  • Easy to enable Sorting features.
  • Payment feature using PayPal and other gateway services.
  • Supports reCaptcha.

Download + Demo + Details

2. GeoDirectory

wordpress business directory plugin - geodirectory

Geodirectory is a complete directory listing package for your business listings requirement. The plugin is extremely easy to enable and as well as to scale off as you keep building your website. GeoDirectory is also designed to work with any WordPress theme so that you don’t have to change your theme. Simply, install the plugin and use your current theme as is with minimal changes. Creating a Business directory listing doesn’t have to be a difficult task anymore!

Geodirectory provides your users with a front-end form for adding their listing. This form can be easily customized using GeoDirectory’s amazing drag and drop form builder.  Furthermore, GeoDirectory also provides you with built-in forms for purposes such as User reviews, Business inquiries and more. The free WordPress business directory listing plugin is also completely multilingual as well as multisite compatible. Moreover, Geodirectory also ensures maximum speed on your website as it is very lightweight and well coded.

Key features:

  • Designed to work on any WordPress theme.
  • Lets you create a localized WordPress Business directory listing.
  • Includes 15+ Widgets and 12+ Widget areas.
  • Widgets include Google maps, Yelp-like ‘Best of’, and more.
  • Includes a drag and drop form builder.
  • Extremely lightweight and efficient.

Download + Demo + Details

3. Advanced  Classified and Directory Pro

wordpress business directory plugin - advanced classifieds

Advanced Classifieds is a business directory listing WordPress plugin built for flexibility and adaptability. The free WordPress business directory plugin lets you create directory listings and Classified ads websites with unlimited category and category levels. Furthermore, you can also provide your users with an infinite number of form fields for listing submissions. Let users create detailed classified ads using tons of adaptable field formats such as radio, checkbox, text area, and input box.

Additionally, advanced classified also lets you create detailed categories for better sorting and filtering features. Moreover, Advanced classifieds provides a highly intuitive search tool. The tool is capable of searching based on keywords, categories, and specific tiny details. The WordPress business directory listing plugin lets you customize the layouts of your listings grid and also define the number of details to show. Likewise, you can also let users place videos and images on their listings which can also be limited. This ensures that only a given amount of images or videos can be uploaded for each listing.

Key features:

  • Easy backend management features.
  • Easy to set up locations and regions.
  • Unlimited categories and custom fields.
  • Intuitive Search widget.
  • Includes payment and revenue options.
  • Supports Video and Image functionality for the listings.

Download + Demo + Details

4. Connections Business Directory

wordpress business directory plugin - connections

Connections business directory is a complete business directory listing package that is built to be simple and easy to use. It features a wide range of features all catered towards developing an efficient and easy to use business directory listing website. It is also quite important to note that Connections is complete WordPress 5.0 friendly. Furthermore, it supports the WordPress block editor and also provides you with custom blocks such as the directory block and the upcoming list block.

Connections not only supports all popular WordPress themes but is also compatible with all popular page builders. Rather than a Classified Ads listing, Connections is made to be a business directory and address book based website. Create a business directory with all the important details of each member with this fantastic plugin. Additionally, Connections comes with a nifty Hierarchical category feature that lets you build categories on top of each other for higher quality of indexing. Likewise, Connections is also highly scalable and the administrators can add in and manage new categories with barely any difficulty.

Key features:

  • Business member listing and address book plugin.
  • Completely WordPress 5.0 compatible.
  • WordPress Gutenberg Block editor friendly.
  • Multiple entry types for different types of listings.
  • Hierarchical category support.
  • Easily scalable.

Download + Demo + Details

5. Classified Listing

wordpress business directory plugin - classified listing

Classified Listing is a great choice if you’re looking for a fully responsive classified ads listing website. The plugin provides both frontend and backend listing features for both admins and users. Using Classing listing, you can enable tons of features for your directory listing. This includes listing duration on individual listings, no. of image per listing, currency control, unlimited categories and more.

You can provide users with the tools to manage their listings, delete them, manage pricing, add to favorites and report abuse for individual listings. Classified listing not only provides you email messaging and notification features but you can also earn revenue from your directory listing website using the Offline and Paypal payment system provided by the plugin.

Key features:

  • Unlimited custom fields and locations.
  • Awesome frontend dashboard.
  • Listing threshold, duration and Image size control.
  • Re-Captcha features.
  • Provides pricing options.
  • Social media sharing features.

Download + Demo + Details

6. Name Directory

wordpress business directory plugin - name directory

Name directory is a great WordPress business directory listing plugin made to help you create detailed glossaries and business indexes. A strong point about this free plugin is that it lets you create multiple directories on a single WordPress installation. This lets you create indexes built for different purposes on the same website and customize them individually.

Create huge business directories, address book, category, and location-based indexes and more using Name directory. Name directory also lets you embed the directory search on top of the default WordPress search engine. The search engine enables you to combine the rest of your website with your business directory in an accessible fashion.

Key features:

  • Supports multiple directories.
  • Individual customization for each directory.
  • Lets users Show/Hide listing details.
  • Great filtering features.
  • Easy to use, AJAX-enabled administration UI.
  • Provides embed function to the default WordPress search engine.

Download + Demo + Details

7. LDD Directory Lite

wordpress business directory plugin - LDD directory lite

LDD directory lite allows users to create a customized directory listing on your WordPress website without any hassle. The plugin is designed to be flexible and fully functional without much trouble at all. Just install the plugin and configure your submission forms. Then, make your website a business directory ready webpage in a matter of minutes. In addition, LDD directory lite is also well optimized. Ensure maximum page speed all over your website by using LDD directory lite.

Moreover, the plugin is also friendly with almost any kind of theme, so you don’t have to install a business directory specific theme on your website. Additionally, Provide grid or compact viewing features to your viewers as well as tons of sorting and filtering options. While managing the directory itself is quite easy on the backend, the front end listing management for individual users is also straightforward to use and manage. LDD directory lite is also social media ready. Your users will be able to easily share individual listing on Twitter, Google plus, Facebook and more.

Key features:

  • Lightweight and easy to configure.
  • Provides sorting options.
  • Provides full visual customization.
  • Easy backend management.
  • Social media integration ready.
  • Provides Google map integration.

Download + Demo + Details

8. BePro Listings

wordpress business directory plugin - bepro

BePro listing is a plugin that provides an absurd number of pro-like features for no price whatsoever. This business directory listing plugin is a complete business directory and classified ads management platform. While it contains tons of features and has tons of customization options, it is also equally easy to install and use on your website. It has a very clean interface for both backend admins and front end users.

Moreover, the free WordPress plugin provides exclusive features such as CSV based listing uploads, Search and filter options, clustered google maps, gallery features, ajax results and much more. BePro listing also lets you enable user profiles using BuddyPress. This along with the front end submission management feature provides users with a more comfortable platform to manage their directory listings. For instance, you can allow users to create their profiles, complete with links to all their listings.

Key features:

  • Easy to use and customize.
  • Provides Payment features for your listings.
  • Clear and responsive interface.
  • Clustered Google map feature.
  • Tons of widgets and add-ons.
  • Custom templates for Search and Filtering.

Download + Demo + Details

9. Directorist

wordpress business directory plugin - directorist

Directorist can be used to create friendly and impressive directory listings for a wide variety of purposes with minimal difficulty. Its customization and settings are clean and comfortable to use/understand. The design itself is completely responsive and is also compatible with mobile devices. Directorist also lets you enable basic customization features for the frontend user. You can even enable an automated email notification system for your users’ convenience. Using Directorist, you can enable listing expiration as well as listing renewing features. Moreover, this ensures that old listings don’t boggle up your website over time.

Using Directorist’s payment functions, you can also enable a featured listing section that will be distinctly shown over other listings for better exposure. Furthermore, Directorist also lets you use custom slugs for various listing pages. Change the slugs for your categories, tags, location, listings and more. Additionally, your listings can feature Review ratings as well as comments. Finally, the plugin is also optimized well and is coded to be friendly with almost every WordPress theme out there.

Key features:

  • Monetization features with Featured listing.
  • Easy front end listing submission and management.
  • Add-ons support.
  • Translation enabled Email notifications.
  • Easy to set up and manage.
  • Customizable slugs for each directory page.

Download + Demo + Details

Wrapping Up:

Thus, you can use any of these plugins for your business directory features. Most of these plugins provide enough flexibility so you can use them for multiple purposes. These include classified ads listing, real estate housing, employee indexes and much more. While some of them might be difficult to get used to and understand, all of these plugins come with tons of helpful support tools and documentation for your benefit.

For the benefit of your Business directory listing, always make sure to manage your categories well. This helps you create a more organized index for your website. Furthermore, you can ensure that all these tools are not only highly accessible, being free, but are extremely easy to set up and manage. However, in the end, it is up to to the administrator the decide whether your directory listing is friendly to users or not.

Moreover, if you want to learn how to make your entire website friendly to any viewer or visitors, why not consider checking out some of our other articles:

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  1. Hello Sijal

    Thanks so much for the recommendations. I need to setup a WordPress membership site for different PLR suppliers as it’s very hard to find the info on the web.

    I really like the “Business Directory”, number 1 in your list, it looks really simple and I see there’s a free option. I’m going to give it a try now.

    But I’m just a bit scared about whether it will be compatible with my existing theme.

    Keeping my fingers crossed.

    Thanks again for your help!


    1. Hello Mozie,
      The compatibility of the themes and plugins depend on both the themes as well as plugins. But we hope that the Business Directory plugin for WordPress would be compatible with our existing theme. 🙂

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