14 Best WordPress Block Themes for Full Site Editing in 2022

WordPress Block Themes For Full Site Editing

Are you searching for WordPress block themes for full site editing? Do you want to replace your current theme with the best WordPress block themes? Well, you’ve arrived at the right place because this article lists the best WordPress block themes for full site editing. 

With the introduction of WordPress full site editing, block themes have caught the attention of all WordPress users as it plays an important role to take complete advantage of full site editing. The number of block themes introduced until now is very few, and only some are satisfying. 

But don’t worry, with our deep research and efforts, we have been able to find some of the best WordPress full site editing themes; you won’t regret using any of them. 

So, let’s start by knowing what WordPress block themes are and why you need them.  

What are WordPress Block Themes and Why do You Need Them? 

WordPress block themes are those themes that have templates made entirely of blocks so that they fully support full site editing. At the same time, WordPress full site editing is a collection of features that WordPress introduced with its version 5.9. You can read about all the important features from our WordPress full site editing article

The main idea behind the block theme is to make everything (from header to footer), customizable with the block editor, while previously, you could only edit the page/post content. They are also called WordPress FSE themes in short.  

WordPress now provides many blocks as Theme Blocks, explicitly made for WordPress block themes. If your WordPress theme is one of the block themes, you can easily take all the advantages of full site editing. You can use global styles, block patterns, customize blocks, and so on without depending upon the developers and the page builders.  

However, you can still get into WordPress 5.9 with your current theme if you don’t require to use the features of full site editing. For instance, the latest version of the WordPress themes like ColorMag, Spacious, Cenote, etc. is fully compatible with WordPress 5.9. 

With that said, now let’s get into the list of WordPress full site editing themes.  

14 Best WordPress Block Themes for Full Site Editing 

1. Twenty Twenty-Two  

Twenty Twenty Two Wowmall Default WordPress Block Themes

Twenty Twenty-Two is the default WordPress block theme, launched alongside WordPress 5.9, designed to be flexible structurally and functionally. The theme is inspired by the bird’s diversity and versatility. It has a wide network of templates, templates parts, headers, footers, and patterns, making it easy to design and edit the theme for users on their own.  

Additionally, this theme provides a range of color schemes so that you can change the appearance of your WordPress site. Being one of the WordPress FSE themes, it uses as little CSS as possible to let users configure all the theme styles. 

Key Features 

  • Includes dozens of WordPress block patterns 
  • Large opportunities for customization 
  • Professionally designed layouts 
  • Supports single-page site, blog, business websites, or portfolio 

Price: Free 

2. eStory

eStory WordPress Theme

eStory is a free WordPress block theme suitable for blogging. With this theme, you can easily customize any feature via the Gutenberg editor. It offers beautifully designed patterns specifically for blogs, news, magazines, and small business websites. 

Furthermore, essential components like blog social icons, search bar, CTA, icon boxes, author box, gallery, and advertisements are designed elegantly. With eStory, you don’t have to worry about your site being slow. That’s because it’s search engine optimized and optimized for speed. 

Key Features:

  • Drag-and-drop feature
  • Loads under 1 second
  • 2 starter sites are available
  • Compatible with major page builders 
  • 3 different template parts are available

Price: Free 

3. Aino    

Aino WordPress Full Site Editing Themes

Aino is another WordPress full site editing theme, designed by keeping in mind that not everyone prefers the default appearance. So, it allows you to create advanced layouts for the pages using pre-defined block patterns. Besides, it’s the perfect theme for building WordPress sites for magazines

Further, the magazine theme includes Query patterns for column post sections that you can place anywhere on your site. On top of that, it offers blocks with details and a high degree of tuning. Moreover, you can also convert your site into an online shop as the theme supports WooCommerce. 

Key Features 

  • Growing pattern library 
  • Simple and elegant typography and fonts  
  • Over 40 block patterns  
  • Developer-friendly 

Price: Free 

4. Catch FSE

Catch FSE Free WordPress Block Theme

Catch FSE is a free WordPress block theme with a minimal and responsive design. Built with the help of a popular theme Twenty Twenty-Two, it lets you create your content with an easy-to-use drag and drop interface. Further, it also allows you choose from the different block patterns to make your site unique.

Catch FSE theme is fully based on the Full Site Editing features meaning you’ve got complete freedom to customize every aspect of your site without any restrictions. From the colors to typography or the layout and design of the pages and posts, everything is customizable as per your need.

Key Features

  • Light and Dark color schemes
  • 15 different FSE templates
  • Multiple block patterns
  • Clean typography and simple design

Price: Free

5. Tove     


Tove is a multi-purpose WordPress block theme built entirely around the features of full site editing. Although it’s made for cafes and restaurants, you can adapt it for any type of site; one of the flexibilities that WordPress full site editing provides.  

The theme offers over 40 block patterns for you to get started. Further, these block patterns include six different header designs, seven different footer designs, and other useful patterns that you can use to construct the pages. Besides, the theme is lightweight, weighing just 200 KB, so it doesn’t slow down your site.  

Key Features 

  • Flexible to use with various sites 
  • Optimized for speed 
  • Multiple custom user-selectable styles 
  • Easy customization  

Price: Free 

6. Ona    


Ona is a clean and minimal full site editing WordPress theme with multiple pre-defined block patterns. The theme is easily customizable with colors and fonts through global options. Along with this, it perfectly suits those websites which have an immediate impact on core web vitals performance. 

With its intuitive drag and drop interface, you can enjoy building the content quickly and easily. You required the Gutenberg plugin to activate the theme previously. But after the release of WordPress 5.9, you don’t require it anymore to use the theme.  

Key Features 

  • Pre-defined styles available 
  • Extremely simple to use 
  • Includes pages and patterns 
  • Takes care of inner pages like about, contact, and 404 

Price: Free 

7. Bricksy    


Bricksy is a free block-based WordPress theme that combines classic design elements with modern layouts. Its features are easy to use and exclusively built to let you take full advantage of the WordPress full site editing. Likewise, it includes many block pages that help you create professional layouts within a few clicks. 

Additionally, you can also adjust the theme colors, line height, typography, and much more from the Global Styles panel. At the same time, you can also adjust those elements individually directly from the block editor. 

Key Features 

  • Fast and lightweight 
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly design 
  • Supports WooCommerce 
  • Includes all the elements seen in the demo as block patterns 

Price: Free 

8. Elyn   


Elyn is an outstanding block theme supporting the full site editing. You can get familiar with WordPress full site editing features using the theme. Furthermore, the theme is packed with ready-to-use block patterns making it easy to create content from scratch with a drag and drop experience. 

Likewise, it’s lightweight and optimized for speed loading at breakneck speed. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the speed of your site. However, if you still want to optimize your site’s speed using some techniques, there is no harm in doing so. 

Key Features 

  • Easy to create and add submenu 
  • Fully responsive design 
  • Compatible with the majority of WordPress plugins 
  • SEO-friendly 

Price: Free 

9. Hansen     


We have Hansen on the 8th position of our list of best WordPress block themes for full site editing. It’s one of the block themes that has gained a high amount of appreciation in the short interval of its release. That’s why we’ve added it to our list after analyzing all of its features. 

As one of the FSE themes, you can edit or change the template and template parts of the theme and use them on your WordPress site without any fuss. At the same time, the changes you make on the templates or template parts are never overridden even after updating the theme. 

Key Features 

  • Powerful blocks available 
  • One-click demo import 
  • Customizable header and footer 
  • Regular updates  

Price: Free 

10. Wowmall    

Wowmall WordPress Block Themes

Wowmall is one of the experimental WordPress themes for full site editing built especially for WooCommerce. It includes various block styles and block patterns for headers, footers, and page layouts. As a WooCommerce theme, it’s much cleaner compared to other themes. 

Using this theme, you can take advantage of every piece of the block editor or the block system. On the other hand, it ships with over 30 WordPress block patterns that you can use instantly on your site. Meanwhile, as the theme is still being developed, we might witness many other features. 

Key Features 

  • Ships with several block styles 
  • Block patterns are unique specially designed for online store 
  • Excellent call-to-action layouts  
  • Easy setting to get started with FSE 

Price: Free 

11. Allele  


Next, we have Allele, a modern and clean theme with full site editing support. It offers a large number of pre-defined WordPress block patterns and full-page templates. Once you insert the block patterns, you can add or modify the content and configure them. 

Further, the theme has a responsive layout to let you design your site for any device. As it supports full site editing, you can easily preview the layout on mobile and tablet from the Site Editor. Similarly, you’ll also get the DesignOrbital Blocks plugin in the premium version to support extra features. 

Key Features 

  • Cross-browser compatible 
  • User-friendly 
  • Lightweight and superfast 
  • Detailed documentation 

Price: Free or $79 per year 

12. Emulsion     


Emulsion is one of the most loved WordPress block themes. It’s a universal theme that you can use to enjoy full site editing, block editor, and block templates. Thus, classic theme and classic editor plugin users can easily migrate their content. 

Besides, it also allows you to view the traditional sidebar by selecting the FSE Transitional Theme. You can efficiently go back and forth between the present and the future of WordPress. Moreover, it has reached over 300 active installations after the release of full site editing in just the first two months. 

Key Features 

  • Support FSE child theme 
  • Dark mode available 
  • Tab navigation capabilities for accessibility 
  • Social menu supports phone and email links 

Price: Free 

13. Alara     


Yet another best WordPress full site editing theme on our list is Alara. It impresses you with the vintage styling, though it’s a modern block theme. Keeping that aside, the theme provides a plethora of WordPress block patterns suitable for various websites.  

In addition, it also releases child themes every week that have new patterns; you can use them as an alternative optional site design. At the same time, it promises to release the child theme every week for one year. Isn’t that amazing? 

Key Features 

  • Continuous updates  
  • Supports PHP version 5.6 or higher 
  • Completely free 
  • Reliable documentation 

Price: Free 

14. Avant-Garde    


Avant-Garde is an experimental WordPress theme or block theme built especially for those who love the minimal and simple design. You can dream, think out of the box and give life to your idea through the theme. Besides, it opens the door for you to explore every power of the WordPress block editor and assists you in creating the best digital experiences.  

As of now, the theme provides 14 block patterns that you can insert into your site and customize. Amongst them, one of the most loved patterns of this theme is the block pattern for building a portfolio. 

Key Features 

  • Offers alternative Query patterns 
  • Full-height styles available for Group block 
  • Attractive footer designs 
  • Elegant and minimalist typography 

Price: Free 

Wrapping Up! 

That wraps up our list of best WordPress full site editing themes. You can choose any of these themes to use on your WordPress site without any worries. Besides all these themes, the WordPress theme community is currently focusing on producing dozens of other best WordPress block themes.

Meanwhile, you can consider the upcoming new block themes as experimental WordPress themes because you shouldn’t trust the new theme as soon as they get released. Since block themes are completely new in concept, take your time to choose the best theme. 

Before you leave, we’d like to recommend you some other themes like Zakra, Flash, and Radiate as some of the best WordPress themes you can use if you want to upgrade to WordPress 5.9 without using a block theme. They’re all updated and are compatible with the latest WordPress version. 

Also, you can explore free minimalist WordPress themes for your WordPress site and more in our blog.  

Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get updates on every article we publish about WordPress. 

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