WooCommerce vs Squarespace: Which is Better for eCommerce? (Compared) 

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Confused about which is the better eCommerce platform between WooCommerce vs Squarespace? Then, we must say you’ve come to the right place.

Well, there are several platforms available to create an online store. And, when it comes to the best ones, WooCommerce and Squarespace are often the top competitors. They’re known for providing great eCommerce solutions in the WordPress world.  

So, in this article, we’ll compare WooCommerce and Squarespace and help you pick the one that fits your requirements the most.  

Let’s get started!  

A. Introduction: WooCommerce vs Squarespace  

1. WooCommerce  


WooCommerce has been regarded as one of the most popular eCommerce platforms dominating the WordPress eCommerce market for a long time. It’s an open-sourced solution based on WordPress’s CMS (Central Monitoring System). So, you can install it for free and also make changes if you have coding knowledge. 

Also, you can transform your fully functional WordPress site into an eCommerce store without paying any additional cost. WooCommerce offers great WordPress flexibility with tons of themes and plugins you can choose from. Along with that, it’s super lightweight, and you can even customize designs and shape your site using themes and extensions.  

Overall, it’s an eCommerce solution suitable for both big and small sites that offer features like inventory and order management, shopping carts, payment methods, etc.  

2. Squarespace  


As for Squarespace, it started as a simple website builder that later expanded into building online stores. It’s super easy to use and offers an excellent experience for both beginners and professionals. Also, it’s ideal for those who want to showcase top-notch visuals and add automated image optimization.  

With Squarespace, you can set up your online store without requiring any other plugin. This means you can manage your products, conduct online bookings, and offer services with ease. However, it’s not a free service like WooCommerce, so you have to incur expenses to run your online store with Squarespace.  

B. Overall Features: WooCommerce vs Squarespace  

i) Product Management  

With WooCommerce, you get features like streamlined product management and interactive inventory lists. It allows you to sell physical and digital products with unlimited SKU (Stock Keeping Unit).  

As for Squarespace, it offers an excellent design for product creation modules. You can also sell digital and physical products and create attractive product pages. However, Squarespace has a 100 SKU limit on your product variants.  

To sum it up, Squarespace has an accessible, easy-to-understand product creation page and is ideal if you sell basic products. As for those shops that sell unique products with a wide variety, WooCommerce has better flexibility.  

ii) Templates & Design 

WooCommerce depends on WordPress in terms of design. It lacks a little in terms of the full-site editor compared to Squarespace. Thus, with WooCommerce, you might need to install plugins and use third-party page builders to get into advanced designs.  

But, WooCommerce is fully customizable, and you can even choose from a wide variety of themes.  

With Squarespace, you can choose from their 110 beautifully designed templates, among which some are specifically designed to create online stores. Further, you can use their intuitive visual editor to shape your web design.  

Templates and Design Squarespace
Templates and Design by Squarespace

To add more, it allows you to apply themes to individual layout sections rather than just sticking with a single theme for the entire website. Also, it offers a great image editor to optimize images, and you can even publish your image galleries on your site.  

iii) Availability of eCommerce Features  

WooCommerce doesn’t include any transaction fees and doesn’t limit your eCommerce features. It’s more flexible and offers a more excellent range of integration and payment gateways.  

But as for Squarespace, you need to pay the additional cost to get more advanced features like cart abandonment, discounts, merchandise tools, etc.   

We’ll be discussing both of their payment gateways in detail later in the section below.  

Verdict: To sum it up, WooCommerce has more customizable features with better product management functionality. But Squarespace is quite forward in terms of design and templates.  

C. Extensions & Plugins: WooCommerce vs Squarespace  

1. WooCommerce  

WooCommerce works with the majority of WordPress plugins due to it being part of the WordPress ecosystem. That means your online store is perfectly compatible with renowned plugins like Yoast SEO, Contact Form 7, Jetpack, Akismet Anti-Spam, etc. So, it provides a vast range of free & premium plugins for your online store.  

WooCommerce Extension WooCommerce vs Squarespace

Further, WooCommerce offers its own extensions and plugins from approved third-party developers. Such extensions include Product Add-Ons, WooCommerce Subscriptions, WooCommerce Customer/ Order/ Coupon Export, etc.  

Extensions by WooCommerce

2. Squarespace  

Squarespace doesn’t offer any extra plugins or extensions but instead has each feature built-in with it. You’ll get various eCommerce tools like abandoned carts, email marketing, and inventory management. Despite everything, Squarespace still lacks some advanced tools for an online store.  

Squarespace Extensions WooCommerce vs Squarespace

Verdict: You get more extensions and plugins with WooCommerce, but Squarespace has built-in ones, and you won’t require various third-party plugins.  

D. Payment Integrations: WooCommerce vs Squarespace  

Payment Gateways are a vital feature for any online store. So, let’s explore what payment solutions do WooCommerce and Squarespace offer for your site.  

1. WooCommerce  

With WooCommerce, you get offline payment methods by default. The offline payment options include cash on delivery, bank transfer, and cheques. You can also accept your payments via Apply Pay, credit, and debit cards if you’re based in the USA.  

WooCommerce Payment Extensions

Further, it allows you to choose from 46 extensions like PayPal, Stripe, WooCommerce Payments, Amazon Pay, Afterpay, and much more to add a suitable payment getaway to your site.  

2. Squarespace  

Squarespace offers simple payment gateway options, and you can also integrate renowned payment options like PayPal, Apple Pay, and Stripe. And as for Afterpay, it’s available in the US, New Zealand, and Australia.  

Squarespace Payment Integrations

Verdict: WooCommerce and Squarespace offer great payment integrations required in an online store, but WooCommerce has more options than Squarespace.  

E. SEO: WooCommerce vs Squarespace  

While shaping an online store, another essential factor you should look for is to improve your store’s ranking in search engines. Along with functionalities like drag and drop builder and ease of use, you also require tools that help your SEO.   

So, let’s compare what each site builder has to offer in terms of SEO tools.  

1. WooCommerce  

WooCommerce mainly relies on WordPress features for SEO that can be adjusted for your eCommerce site. Besides that, you can access varieties of free and premium plugins through your WordPress site. This includes Yoast SEO, RankMath, and other popular SEO plugins which fulfill your SEO needs from incorporating keywords to adding meta descriptions.  

Yoast SEO

Plus, if you have coding knowledge, you can also build your site using HTML and CSS to include SEO elements in the back-end of your site.  

2. Squarespace  

Squarespace offers a vast range of built-in SEO tools that includes access to customizing descriptions and adding meta titles. Furthermore, you get to add custom URLs and image alt texts to improve your SEO.   

Squarespace SEO

To add more, Squarespace also offers features like the ability to control the visibility of images on social media, page redirects, hide a page, and automatic sitemaps.  

Verdict: WooCommerce’s SEO tools are primarily based on WordPress plugins, whereas Squarespace comes with built-in SEO tools to improve your site’s ranking.  

F. Customer Support: WooCommerce vs Squarespace  

1. WooCommerce  

WooCommerce is an open-source and free platform, so its customer support is primarily via WordPress community forums. Thus, you’ll get active help with its self-help documentation and online community with tons of guides and helpful peers. The extensive documentation also comes with videos to solve queries on your own.  


But, if you’re using additional services and tools to run your online store, you can get access to dedicated support teams from respective services. Further, you can easily find third-party service providers if you need help solving complex store management issues.  

2. Squarespace  

Squarespace offers support via live chat from 3 am to 8 pm EST from Monday to Friday. You can also communicate with them via email, that’s available 24/7.  

Squarespace Customer Support

 Besides this, they also offer a wide range of online self-help resources and an active user forum. To add more, you can also solve your queries with their variety of videos, webinars, and workshops.  

Verdict: You get more detailed help with Squarespace’s support via emails and live chat. But, WooCommerce’s support is equally active via the WordPress community.  

G. Pricing: WooCommerce vs Squarespace  

1. WooCommerce  

As WooCommerce is free, you can easily install and use it without paying if you already own a WordPress site. However, you’ll still need to pay for additional premium extensions or themes for your eCommerce site. Also, if you’re setting up your site from scratch, you’ll need to pay for your domain registration, web hosting services, and SSL certificate.  

2. Squarespace  

Squarespace doesn’t have a free version, so it has different pricing plans as follows:  

  • Personal: $14/mo. (Billed Annually) 
  • Business: $23/mo. (Billed Annually) 
  • Basic Commerce: $27/mo. (Billed Annually)  
  • Advanced Commerce: $49/mo. (Billed Annually) 

Final Verdict 

There’s no doubt that both WooCommerce and Squarespace offer a variety of eCommerce solutions. But in this battle, the right choice for you mostly depends on your platform’s needs.  

WooCommerce is best for big stores that want flexibility and customization options. It’s much easier to run a large store with WooCommerce than with Squarespace.  

But Squarespace is best suited for small to medium businesses with a wide range of functionalities in one place. It’s much easier to build a smaller site with Squarespace, and not to forget, its beautiful themes are equally handy for eCommerce sites.  

Despite everything, Squarespace entirely can’t level up alongside WooCommerce in terms of eCommerce needs. 

You can even edit WooCommerce’s code source if you’re familiar with technical knowledge.  

So, if we had to pick one, we prefer WooCommerce more than Squarespace to run an operation for an eCommerce site.  


Now, that’s all for our comparison between the two eCommerce solutions, WooCommerce vs Squarespace. This article covers every detailed comparison you need to know to choose between two very renowned eCommerce site builders.  

Each one has a positive side and some weak ones, so make sure to identify the one that’ll suit your site’s interest.  

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