Top 9 Types of Websites You Can Create With WordPress! Beginner’s Guide!

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WordPress, as we all know, is one of the largest CMS platforms out there. With billions of users all over the world, WordPress now powers 30% of all the websites. This sums up to almost 75 million websites created with more than 409 Million users. It began as a simple blogging platform nearly 15 years ago but that’s not the case today. It has outgrown the blogging roots and has expanded its possibilities to power digital experience for almost anyone.

One of the main reasons for its massive popularity is probably the flexibility and the endless possibilities of what you can create. Another reason is also the huge theme and plugin selection you get. Although difficult to master at the first try, WordPress is easy as a breeze when you start getting the hang of it. So if you are someone new to this, today we wanted to talk about what you can do with WordPress. Although there are so much more possibilities, we have enlisted the 9 major types of websites you can create with WordPress.

9 Amazing Types of Websites You Can Create With WordPress!

1. Blogs WordPress Websites

Let’s start off with the basic and the most widely used website type usually created with WordPress. To create an amazing Blogging platform was one of the major reason that WordPress was developed in the first place. Although it has broadened the horizon of possibilities you can end up with, WordPress is still an amazing blogging platform compared to most popular sites like Blogger, Joomla, and Tumblr. In fact, our blog, for example, is the perfect example of WordPress Blogging website.


Whether you wish to start a personal blog or a professional one, WordPress has plenty of features and options that help you along the way. Compared to how WordPress functioned at their starting days, it is now more polished and sophisticated. This includes the addition of blogging themes and SEO and blogging tools over the years that have enhanced the functioning. If you want to take a look at the blog theme collection we have, we have other articles that you can go through!

2. Business or Corporate WordPress Websites

After blogging, WordPress is also widely used to start Business or corporate websites. WordPress is one of the easiest websites creating platform, most people have opted to use it for a professional and promotional purpose. No matter how small or large your corporation is, having a professional platform to share your ideas and visions does wonder. With WordPress creating a standard and competent business website is a piece of cake. You can even customize the elements with the WordPress Business Themes and further improve the performance with plugins, widgets, and themes developed especially for the purpose.


Talking about the business niche, it is also possible to create a fully effective and functional business directory websites with WordPress. But like we have mentioned before, the possibility is endless, which means that these directory websites do not need to be limited to businesses alone.

3. eCommerce WordPress Websites

Now that we have mentioned business and corporate sites, let’s talk about eCommerce websites. Just as the name gives away, these types of websites let you easily buy or sell products online. Incorporated with the features that enable an easier transaction method, building an online store is almost a child’s play.


You can get tons of WordPress ECommerce template variation and niche-based concepts as well as helpful plugins that you can use. Thus, WordPress is gaining popularity to become one of the top solutions to create an eCommerce website. No matter which niche of products and business you deal with, an online shop with WordPress can get you great results!

4. Portfolios WordPress Websites

If you are a designer, developer, photographer or a creative individual wishing to showcase your works of art in an impressive manner, then WordPress has the solution. You can easily create a website based on galleries and portfolio sections to create the ideal platform.


These types of websites feature stunning galleries, hero sections, sliders and more that effectively focuses on showing off your skills. What’s great is that these websites can also integrate eCommerce features so that you can buy and sell your items on display.

5. Podcast WordPress Websites

With podcasts gaining more popularity over the years, many people have opted for it to gain a stable recognition and social presence. Podcast basically means a series of audio or video files to share your stories, ideas, and visions you share with your audience. And while there are plenty of platforms that you can choose from, WordPress is one of the best choices for thousands of users.


Easily create a social presence, manage your files, add subscriptions, and grow your audience. You can also share your works and make it available for download right through your WordPress website. There are also plenty of WordPress podcast plugins that help you throughout the process.

6. Knowledge Base WordPress Websites


Everyone is familiar with the Wikipedia, one of the largest knowledgebase websites out there. And if you wish, WordPress also gives you the option to create a site similar to it. Usually, it is used for documentation purpose and you can extend the contents as much as you like.

7. News and Magazine WordPress Websites

With the age of advancements and digitalization taking over, more people are online than offline. This is why most news and magazines have taken their step further and now are available online. With WordPress, even you can easily start your news and magazine website with ease.  The content-focused type of website is now so popular that even huge names like New Yorker, Vogues and People Magazine have opted for WordPress.


Incorporate articles alongside photos and videos is sure to make your news and story come to life. It is even more efficient than actually printing out thousands of copies and is effective when reaching out to a larger audience. The theme market is also filled with tons of WordPress Magazine and News themes to help you get started!

8. Jobs Board WordPress Websites

In the budding age of modernizing, even job searching and listing is as easy as ever. Think about it, whenever you are in need of a new job, where do you go? Online on Job boards of course. And if you are looking to create one of those job listing sites like Career Builder or Indeed then now you can with ease.


With WordPress, another type of website you can create is the job directories or job listing sites. Managing the contents and listing is also so much easier. What’s great is that you can even profit from creating a platform where professional users can apply for jobs and the employers can list what they are looking for.

9. Online Communities and Forums WordPress Websites


Taking a major example, Facebook Newsroom is created with WordPress. And now you can do the same! Online communities and forums are a great way to discuss any topic, display queries, get answers and more. And if you want to create something similar to this, and build a community where similar minded people can communicate and share their ideas; WordPress lets you do exactly that.

Wrapping It Up!

While we have enlisted the top most websites created with WordPress, this is not the only possibilities. With billions of users all over the world as well as innovative ideas, you can build almost any type of website with WordPress. You can endorse yourself, create an amazing platform to share your ideas and work, promote your business, grow your followers, join communities, start a charity, create amusing and entertaining websites and so much more!

We hope we were successful in highlighting the key uses. We are always open to feedback, so let us know down in the comment section what you think of it. If you found this article helpful, why not check out more of our WordPress based articles below?


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