ThemeGrill Demo Importer Arrived! Now, Get WordPress Theme Demo Content in a Single Click

ThemeGrill Demo Importer Arrived! Now, Get WordPress Theme Demo Content in a Single Click

One click demo import option is undeniably an amazing feature a WordPress theme can have. I am pretty sure that you have seen all the Premium theme providers boasting of this feature; having it highlighted all along their theme sales pages. But, I doubt if you have seen any FREE WordPress theme having this amazing feature!

Rejoice ThemeGrill users! WordPress demo content is now available for our popular FREE & Premium WordPress themes with ThemeGrill Demo Importer plugin! It is an amazing WordPress plugin which provides one click demo import option for all the ThemeGrill Official themes.

What is One Click Demo Import feature in WordPress theme?

Well, stating it in simple words ‘One Click demo import‘ is a way by which you can import all the theme demo data in a single click. This makes it possible to import all the WordPress demo content including Customizer data, settings, used plugins data etc. in a matter of 5 seconds. Demo import option lets you import the following:

  • It imports all posts, pages, custom post type content, images
  • Imports menus, custom fields, Categories, tags, and comments
  • Imports all the data of the plugins used, widgets, Customizer settings & the front page.

By importing the theme demo content, users get an easy and quick way to customize the theme and build a stunning website using a WordPress theme. Users get complete demo website data with all the settings, Customizer options, plugins and widgets already working.  Now, they can quickly customize the site with their own content.  This way Demo import option is really useful and amazing feature.

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First of all, it’s true that theme demo site is usually the best way a theme can work or look. Theme providers put their optimum efforts to make the demo site look appealing by making the best use of the provided features. It is because the demo site is a major selling point for WordPress themes as users generally pick a theme based on how demo site looks.

But to their disappointment, users find a web page almost blank which looks nothing like the theme demo after activating the theme. It is quite frustrating, especially for the beginners who now have to start with looking for documentation file or theme tutorials. This is when theme demo import option comes handy.

After you have complete demo site imported, you are away from starting with all the settings, installing plugins one by one, customizing, and Customizer options. Website making becomes as easy as replacing the demo content in the demo website with your own custom content.

What is ThemeGrill Demo Importer?


ThemeGrill Demo Importer is a simple and amazing WordPress plugin for adding single click demo import option in the ThemeGrill official themes.  It lets you import WordPress demo content, widgets and theme settings with one click for both FREE and Premium themes created by ThemeGrill (ThemeGrill Official Themes).

We can rightly say that we are pioneers in providing this amazing feature in the FREE WordPress themes as it is mostly seen in the ThemeForest premium themes only.

Well, ThemeGrill team is always committed to providing the users with the easiest and most user-friendly WordPress products (themes and plugins). We always try to provide users with the best level of user-experience using our themes. And, the idea of the ThemeGrill Demo Importer came up with the same motive as it makes theme customization super-easy.

ThemeGrill Demo Importer Plugin supports the following themes:

  • Flash (Free & Premium): Multipurpose, Flexible WordPress Theme
  • ColorMag (Free & Premium): News Magazine Style WordPress Theme
  • Spacious (Free & Premium): WordPress Business/ Multipurpose Theme
  • Accelerate (Free & Premium): Elegant Multipurpose WordPress Theme
  • Himalayas (Free & Premium: One Page Parallax WordPress Theme
  • Radiate (Free & Premium): Beautiful WordPress Blog Theme
  • eStore (Free & Premium): Wonderful WooCommerce Theme
  • Ample (Free & Premium): Multipurpose Responsive WordPress Theme
  • Esteem (Free & Premium): Responsive WordPress Business Theme
  • ColorNews (Free & Premium): Beautiful Newspaper WordPress Theme
  • Freedom (Free & Premium): Responsive WordPress Photography Theme
  • FoodHunt (Free & Premium): WordPress Restaurant & Food Blog Theme
  • FitClub (Free & Premium): Responsive Fitness WordPress Theme
  • Envince (Free & Premium): Responsive Drag and Drop WordPress Theme
Note: All the FREE versions of the above themes are also available in official WordPress Theme repository.

Now, you can install any of the FREE or Premium WordPress themes by ThemeGrill and import ONE or multiple demo sites’ data in a single click with the plugin ThemeGrill Demo Importer. All of the themes are carefully created with the full support to the plugin. And it’s really easy to import WordPress demo content with the plugin which I will explain next. So read on.

How to use ThemeGrill Demo Importer: Step-by-Step Tutorial

ThemeGrill Demo Importer is super-easy to use. It has a really simple interface that fully integrates with all the official ThemeGrill themes. After you install and activate any one of our themes, you’ll receive a notice that asks you to install the required plugins including ‘ThemeGrill Demo Importer’.

To let you know how ThemeGrill Demo Importer plugin works, I will discuss the steps of using it with the ‘Flash FREE theme’ here:

First, install and activate Flash freeWordPress theme. After it is activated, you will receive a notice that reads ‘This theme recommends the following plugins: Flash Toolkit, SiteOrigin PageBuilder, and ThemeGrill Demo Importer. Begin Installing plugins, Dismiss this notice‘.


Click on ‘begin installing plugins‘.

Note: It is necessary to install the required plugins because Flash theme works full-functionally with the two plugins Flash Toolkit and SiteOrigin Page Builder. You need these plugins to create a demo like site as well as importing the demo content.

Next, you’ll land in ‘Install Required Plugins‘ page as shown in the image below.


First, check the box next to ‘Plugin‘. It will check all the three required plugins. Second, click on the drop down icon and select ‘Install‘. Third, click on ‘Apply‘.

Then, you’ll see a page like in the screenshot below.



It suggests that all the three required plugins are successfully installed.

And, at last, is a text link that says ‘Return to Required Plugins Installer’. Click on it.

Then, you will see a page to activate the installed plugins as in the screenshot below.


First, check the box next to ‘Plugin‘. It will check all the three installed plugins. Second, click on the drop down icon and select ‘Activate‘. Third, click on ‘Apply‘.

Then, you’ll see a page like in the screenshot below.


It shows a notification which says that the plugins were activated successfully. It means that you are now ready to import WordPress demo content of the Flash theme with ThemeGrill Demo Importer.

Now, you can click on ‘Return to Dashboard’ or simply refresh/reload the page. After reload, you must be able to see ‘Demo Importer‘ option in the Appearance menu. Click on it and you’ll go to Demo Importer Page like shown in the image.

Demo Importer at first has two tabs: Welcome and Theme Demos.

If you click on the ‘Theme Demos’ tab, you’ll be able to see all the available demos there. Besides, it has a search box that lets you search a theme demo you want.


As you can in the image above, the Flash theme has 6 demo sites in the FREE version.  There are 7 beautiful demo sites for the premium version and more will come soon.

Now, you can live preview each of the demo sites, and choose any one you like the most. Once you choose it, click on ‘Download‘.

Now, the demo (.zip) will be downloaded to your local device/ computer.

Then, click on the ‘Upload Demo’ button which is next to the page name Demo Importer. Then, you will see a demo upload interface like in the screenshot below.


Now, click on ‘Choose File’ and upload the downloaded demo file (e.g: as shown in the image. Next, click on ‘Install Now’.

Next, you will see a page like below.


It tells you that ‘Demo installed successfully’.

The last line has a text link that reads, ‘Return to Demo Importer’. Click on that and you’ll see a page like below.


Now, you can see a new tab ‘Installed Demos’ added between ‘Welcome‘ and ‘Theme Demos’.

You can see the installed demos in the tab. Now, I have installed only one demo so it shows just that.

You can once again live preview the installed demo before importing it. Then, click on ‘Import‘ button. Also, you can delete it if you don’t like and install another one.

It will take a while importing the demo data to your website.

After it is successfully imported, you will see ‘Live Preview’ button. Click on the button, you’ll see your website with the complete WordPress theme demo content.

Then, go to Appearance menu> Customize and start customizing.


Now, you will be able to change the elements you like and insert your own content.

If you get confused about anything whilst changing the anything, you can consult documentation and knowledgebase. We have detailed documentation ready for each WordPress theme and knowledgebase with various useful queries answered.

Also watch the YouTube video tutorial here:

If you still have issues despite the efforts of sorting out, you can contact our support team via live chat, email or support forum.

Wrapping Up

That’s all about ThemeGrill Demo Importer Plugin! It’s simple but amazingly useful!

You can create a complete website like our demo site within minutes. It takes just a single click to import the complete theme demo data. And, few more minutes to customize the theme with your own content. We are pretty sure that this plugin will prove to be an immensely helpful plugin.

Well, we introduce it and leave it at our users’ disposal NOW.  View plugin here.

And, please do not forget to provide feedbacks and comments about this plugin.

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4 thoughts on “ThemeGrill Demo Importer Arrived! Now, Get WordPress Theme Demo Content in a Single Click

  • November 12, 2017 at 5:22 pm

    Themegrill themes are one of the best lite themes in WordPress. Thank you for incorporating option of one-click demo installation and that too for free themes.

  • December 30, 2018 at 6:13 pm

    Hey, thanks for the guide. I have an issue however. After importing the demo and ‘live preview’ it, my preview page doesn’t have a slider working, i.e. all images and their captions stack on top of one another when they’re supposed to be sliding.

    Any ideas?

  • March 12, 2019 at 8:15 pm

    Its awesome experience i have installed it,as a beginner i couldnt afford premium theme so installed free theme and later i would definately upgrade it to pro version.


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